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The wisdom of his age. Profoundly so.

Maligned by those who failed us so badly. Profoundly so.

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Inquiring mind wants to know….maybe this Petraeus scandal what Newt was talking about that maybe coming out last week? Too bad came out too late.

Article 1, section 2 reads in pertinent part, “The House of Representatives shall choose their speaker . . .”

Significantly the text does not state that the Speaker must be chosen from among their own members. Other House officers are not members, such as the Architect, the Parliamentarian, House Clerk, Chaplain, Legislative Counsel, plus others. The text certainly reads that the Speaker is just another House “officer.”

With that understanding, those of us who have GOP representatives should push their rep to choose Gingrich. He’s a kick ass guy, knows the job of Speaker (for obvious reasons), knows what’s at stake with this horrible President and this bile-laden Democrat Senate. We, the country, need true confrontational government.

    imfine in reply to pfg. | November 13, 2012 at 12:53 am

    Would never fly. There are 220+ republicans who wake up every morning seeing themselves as the next speaker. Newt was awesome in his day, but if he isn’t President, the office is beneath him.

I know why Newt was my guy to run for president this year. Certo!

    JimMtnViewCaUSA in reply to ASR. | November 13, 2012 at 11:35 am

    I love Newt too, he was my first choice this season. He would make a terrific President.
    But let’s be honest.
    1) he does go off on hair-brained tangents from time to time. (examples: global warming while sitting on the sofa with Nancy Pelosi, taking money from Fannie/Freddie while decrying cronyism…and there are more)
    2) if squeaky clean candidates like Mitt and Sarah are ripped apart by the MSM buzzsaw, what snowflake’s chance in H*ll did Newt have, with his checkered past?

He and other good leaders have been vilified not only by the opposition and the MSM, but by our own. What a loss for us and I doubt very much that our people have learned a lesson. It’s all about power, and behind the scenes they are already making deals. As long as the “old guard” pulls the strings, we have very little that is good to look forward to.

Yes, he would have kicked touche!!!

Funny, I was just thinking about that rank hitpiece National Review ran on Newt, with him as Marvin the Martian on the cover.

I’d have FAR preferred him to be our candidate!

    Aarradin in reply to Aarradin. | November 12, 2012 at 7:40 pm

    Speaking of which, we didn’t hear jack about Obamacare here in VA from either Romney, the SuperPacs suporting him, or from either candidate in the Senate race (which we also lost).

    How is it that the defining issue of our time was completely absent from the campaigns of virtually every candidate from both parties? The D’s, of course, distanced themselves from it. But, the R’s? The RomneyCare!

    The #1 reason I was an “anyone but Romney” in the primaries bit us big time in the general.

    All the pundits talking about why we lost. Have you seen a single one point out the fact that we couldn’t run against Obamacare because we had Romney at the top of the ticket?

You want outreach?

I got your outreach, right here hanging.

Reach out to this:

–1980 Jimmy Carter, 56% Ronald Reagan, 35% +21

–1984 Walter Mondale, 61% Ronald Reagan, 37% +24

–1988 Michael Dukakis, 69% George H.W. Bush, 30% +39

–1992 Bill Clinton, 61% George H.W. Bush, 25% +36

–1996 Bill Clinton, 72% Bob Dole, 21% +51

–2000 Al Gore, 62% George W. Bush, 35% +27

–2004 John Kerry, 58% George W. Bush, 40% +18

–2008 Barack Obama, 67% John McCain, 31% +36

–2012 Barack Obama, 71% Mitt Romney, 27% +44

Maybe Newt should challenge Mark Warner in 2014.

So. Keep him on the media speaking circuit. But let’s start assembling a new crop of candidates in 2016. Help get Mia Love elected in 2014.

Interesting take of what happened during the primaries. Newt was my choice.

“There Is A Brutal Civil War In The GOP, And It Looks Like Karl Rove Will Be The First Casualty”

NC Mountain Girl | November 13, 2012 at 12:29 am

I seem to recall that back in the late 80s and early 90s Newt was quite active in recruiting and educating candidates on how to run for Congress. If the national campaign committees were smart they would recruit Newt to train their candidates on how to deal with the media. Newt doesn’t accept questions with false premises and he knows how to deflect the gotcha question back onto the person who asked it. Rumsfeld was also good at turning around the questions based on false premises.

legacyrepublican | November 13, 2012 at 1:02 am

I would love him back as Speaker of the House. Boy would that upset Obama Claus.

I’m MORE than a little confused by something Newt said…

that part about inclusion versus outreach.

BOTH those ideas are bogus, IMNHO. I have not known a time when Conservatives were NOT inclusive, NOT inviting, NOT eager to have people join us.

Coming to a TEA Party event is a wide-open affair, if there ever was one, and people of all races have been to every one of the several I’ve attended.

Republicans did poorly among Hispanics last week. How to address that problem? The answer, they’re told by Washington savants, is to back an immigration reform that … increases the number of Hispanics! It’s a plan so crazy it just might be crazy.

How very true.

I really can’t believe that so many think Newt was the answer! His “food stamp nation” comments were somehow less damning than “47%”? His personal life would not have been a huge target for the vicious EvilAxel? Moon colony for goodness sake? Does anyone remember his TV ads with SanFranNan and the RevAl? What are you people thinking?

I personally held my nose to vote for Mitt! Not sure I could have voted for Newt!If turnout was the answer, I believe it would have been lower for Newt!

How many primaries did Newt win, one? SC? Come on folks?