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MSNBC confuses Jesse Jackson Sr. and Al Sharpton

MSNBC confuses Jesse Jackson Sr. and Al Sharpton

Yesterday it was Condi and Susan Rice.

Today it’s Jesse Jackson Sr. and Al Sharpton in the past as well.

I see a pattern here, don’t you?


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“I see a pattern here, don’t you?”

A culture of work-place use of intoxicants…???

That would (partly) explain both Matthews and Schultz…

BannedbytheGuardian | November 29, 2012 at 5:06 pm

When she saw a black face , she knew she would not be dealing with a Duke double economics honors grad.

the relief …….It lowers the adrenalin & mistakes are made .

all black people look the same to some people there ?

Today it’s Jesse Jackson Sr. and Al Sharpton.

That tape appears to be from October 21st, Professor.

Mr. Keck, I don’t even believe the tape’s from Oct. 21 of this year. I remember seeing it quite a bit longer ago than that.

I fell off my chair panicked that footage was from today. Why? Look at the Dow on the screen….10064.91.

If you have ever listened to Jackson and Sharpton speak you would be able to understand MSNBC’s confusion.

Thanks to the eugenics movement, its follow-on “Roe vs Wade”, and ultimately the euphemistic “reproductive rights” policies, they are disposable. Thanks to selective human and civil rights, they are interchangeable. They are, in fact, disposable and interchangeable from conception to grave, when they are capriciously deemed undesirable or inconvenient.

I’m sorry, Rev, I wasn’t paying attention. I was only reading my script.

She must be Ron Burgundy’s daughter.

Al and Jesse are like Air Supply lyrics: interchangeable.

I think the news reader is a racist – all blacks look alike to her. ROFL

Honestly, they (Jackson and Sharpton) do share several personality quirks, but I’ll censor myself since I don’t want to be banned from this blog!

Someday in the near future there will be a National Obama holiday, celebrating our Dear Leaders birthday. It will probably be sandwiched between the Martin Luther King holiday and the National Black Hero’s holiday. I can see where Jackson and Shakton will be fondly eulogized in song and drama during the BH holiday.

It’s Ok. MSNBC is MSNBC, right NAACP?

Where’s the confusion?

We all look alike, doncherknow?