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Gaza Updates

Gaza Updates

Some headlines.  Also check out our Israeli blog friends, and the Twitter feed below.

Anonymous’ escalates cyber-war against Israel and pro-Israel groups

Cabinet OKs 75,000 reservists for possible Gaza operation

Senior Hamas terrorist Ahmed Abu Jalal killed in an Israeli air strike in the Maghazi district in central Gaza.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards overseeing Gaza missile fire

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I pray for Israel. I’m Catholic and of Mexican descent. I have begun to examine websites that cater news to Hispanics and was disgusted to find the leftist talking points.

At – Their headline is:
¿Por qué ahora Israel hace la guerra contra Hamás en Gaza?

Tranlated: “Why does Israel go to war with Hamas in Gaza now?”

I’m frustrated. My suggestion that conservative media and the blogosphere translate themselves into Spanish have fallen on deaf ears.

I’ve started a business and will be self publishing my novel. I was hoping to delay my attempt to gain input in Hispanic culture via a website portal of some sort. Leftist messaging is not going away and it’s ugly messaging continues. This angers me as they attempt to demonize Israel. I’m livid.

    ASR in reply to ASR. | November 16, 2012 at 10:40 pm

    I did a little digging and found this:

    La Opinion has gained the reputation as the leading Spanish language print media outlet in the United States receiving such awards as “Best Hispanic Daily Newspaper” from the National Association of Hispanic Publications. Monica Lozano CEO serves on the Board of Directors of the Walt Disney Company and Bank of America Corporation. In February, 2009, she was appointed as a member to the President’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board by President Barack Obama.

    Its ugly to find how entrenched and incestuous this relationship between leftists politicians/journalists. Their bias against Israel is sickening. Israel has every right to defend itself.

Anonymous ain’t.

They are in over their heads.

KPFK Pacifica Radio is reporting demonstrations at the Israeli embassy (?) in Los Angeles, and they are trying hard to pretend that the Palis haven’t been bombing the Israelis.

    Great link Valerie. I love the Jawas. Love their line:

    “Welcome to the big leagues #anonymous. You didn’t even bring a knife to this gun fight. You brought the cannolis.”

    I love the Godfather.

These development may well end up with Israel facing its moment of truth… Her enemies understand only one thing, complete victory.

This equation is so lopsided as to who the real villains are and their determination to exterminate the Jewish state. As Israel’s only ally, (and that seems questionable at times), the US must be prepared to assist should it become necessary.

This could be the fuse that sets off a much wider conflict…

    Juba Doobai! in reply to GrumpyOne. | November 17, 2012 at 11:41 am

    Israel doesn’t understand total victory, and never has from the beginning back when God told them to go take the land and rid it of the infidels. Right now, Israel wants to be loved by the world. It ain’t gonna happen, not right now. In the eschaton, yes. A lot of those bigots will never forgive Israel for changing Jews from being victims in many countries to proud citizens of their own country.

JackRussellTerrierist | November 17, 2012 at 2:37 am

We are no longer an ally to Israel. Please get that straight. For the moment, the relationship is one of detente, diplomatically.

obastard is clearly hostile to Israel at the geo-political level, even while he speaks of friendship and peace in the region. His remark about the pre-’67 borders, his diplomatic insults and rudeness to Netanyahu and, most glaringly, his support for the overthrow of Mubarek for an Egypt run by the Muslim Bro’hood openly hostile to Israel should tell any sentient being that the US is decidedly NOT an ally of Israel’s.

Baruk Hashem Adonai Israel is forever
Reports says that after the hamas leader was killed, there were 500 rocket attacks into Israel, that killed 3 Israelis.
And the tv news showed the rockets landing into the ocean, into empty spaces, fields etc.
500 seems a lot of firepower in ratio to the number killed. Seems to me that, those dummies can’t shoot straight or are too dumb to aim OR could it be that the G-d of Israel is protecting His own? Of course, I have great condolences for the families of the three who died unnecessary deaths and pray for the peace of Jerusalem. I just see a supernatural protection over that land like the days when the Tanakh was written down.
Do you know strategists at military colleges like West Point, Annapolis do not teach military strategy using the military history of Israel because there are so many unexplainable miracles and supernatural interventions. Michael Greenspan did a video series called “Against All Odds” interviewing veterans of Israel’s wars to record first hand accounts of the unusual happenings during the wars. Even Arab p.o.w.s talked about supernatural things that happened such as seeing the patriarch Abraham who told them to flee, seeing 9 foot shining beings riding shotgun on Israel’s tanks, a supernatural wind that blew the dirt off a minefield showing the Israeli soldiers where to walk across. G-d is on their side and woe to America if the government does not bless them.

President Bush detested & loathed the mass butcher, Saddam Hussein. He loved the Israelis and was Israel’s strongest, most steadfast friend.

B.Hussein Obama was utterly ambivalent about the mass murdering Saddam and hates, loathes and despises Bibi Netanyahu and is, at BEST, ambivalent about the strong, democratic, prosperous state of Israel.

Character in a leader is important. No?