There is something seriously wrong.

Via The Boston Globe (h/t NRO)(emphasis mine):

As Elizabeth Warren walked through the marble corridors of the Capitol on Tuesday, she tried assiduously to keep a low profile. Walking arm in arm with Senator-elect Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin, Warren passed paintings of historic politicians, busts of former vice presidents, and the doors to the Senate floor they will enter once sworn in.

A small gaggle of reporters awaited one of the rising stars in Washington, and Warren knew it. She leaned into Baldwin and was overheard saying, “Pretend you’re talking to me.”

She answered no questions, and strolled into a luncheon as reporters from the biggest news organizations in the country scolded themselves for not getting more information.

I’m not sure which is worse, that Elizabeth Warren acts like she’s in high school, or that The Boston Globe treats the dodge as peachy:

It was a completely different feel from the day 2½ years ago when the last new Massachusetts senator entered the building. Legions of reporters awaited Scott Brown, who seemed happy to accept the mantle of stardom that Washington was offering. He shook hands with nearly everyone who extended one. Reporters and camera crews fought for space and congressional aides applauded and snapped photos as he walked the hallways.

Warren seems eager to avoid any type of similar atmosphere….

Yes! These fake reporters treat the fake conversation by the fake Indian as a good thing — she’s not going to fall into the same trap Scott Brown fell into … taking real questions from real reporters.