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Fake Indian has fake conversation to avoid fake journalists

Fake Indian has fake conversation to avoid fake journalists

There is something seriously wrong.

Via The Boston Globe (h/t NRO)(emphasis mine):

As Elizabeth Warren walked through the marble corridors of the Capitol on Tuesday, she tried assiduously to keep a low profile. Walking arm in arm with Senator-elect Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin, Warren passed paintings of historic politicians, busts of former vice presidents, and the doors to the Senate floor they will enter once sworn in.

A small gaggle of reporters awaited one of the rising stars in Washington, and Warren knew it. She leaned into Baldwin and was overheard saying, “Pretend you’re talking to me.”

She answered no questions, and strolled into a luncheon as reporters from the biggest news organizations in the country scolded themselves for not getting more information.

I’m not sure which is worse, that Elizabeth Warren acts like she’s in high school, or that The Boston Globe treats the dodge as peachy:

It was a completely different feel from the day 2½ years ago when the last new Massachusetts senator entered the building. Legions of reporters awaited Scott Brown, who seemed happy to accept the mantle of stardom that Washington was offering. He shook hands with nearly everyone who extended one. Reporters and camera crews fought for space and congressional aides applauded and snapped photos as he walked the hallways.

Warren seems eager to avoid any type of similar atmosphere….

Yes! These fake reporters treat the fake conversation by the fake Indian as a good thing — she’s not going to fall into the same trap Scott Brown fell into … taking real questions from real reporters.



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And yet we’re the party that needs to do the soul searching. Go figure.

    george in reply to Mary Sue. | November 15, 2012 at 8:03 am

    I think something changed in Warren post election . She now seems on the verge of a mental breakdown. She looks very old, gawky, and extremely unsure of herself. She was probably one of the most scripted candidates ever. Now that the scripts – hammered! – are gone she seems positively lost. Maybe the men in the white jackets will appear soon

Having surmounted the unfortunate necessity of getting the unwashed masses to vote for her, she can now treat them with the distain they so richly deserve.

She’s a “rising star”? WTF? Could they really be intending to run her for president in 2016?

The division in this country is not really left vs. right anymore, it’s sane vs. insane.

As I recall, she was hired by Harvard because of her teaching credentials. Given that she must be able to stand in front of a classroom of law students, I wonder why she can’t face a few scruffy reporters?

Crawford: yes.

    AmandaFitz in reply to stevewhitemd. | November 15, 2012 at 10:47 am

    Warren is exactly my age and went to the University of Houston when the University of Texas took just about anyone who could read and write and was from Texas or Oklahoma (her home state). Tuition per a full semester of classes was under $500 and housing in Austin was WAAAY cheaper than in Houston. At the time, the University of Houston was called “COUGAR HIGH” because it was such a joke and was where kids went who FAILED OUT of the University of Texas. In other words, Warren was not the brightest bulb in the box, or she would have gone to the University of Texas or Oklahoma University for undergraduate work. Then, she went to RUTGERS Law School!!! She HAD TO have the “affirmative action” bonus points to go beyond “trailing spouse” status in seeking a job as a law professor. Her academic credentials were NOT top ten law school friendly.

Vacuous, vapid. Her brain is voting ‘present’. It doesn’t take much to qualify as a Democrat Senator from Massachusetts. I’ll bet that she won’t come up with a single original idea in the next 6 years.

After deferring to a Governor regarding a question on federal defense spending, probably a wise move to keep her mouth shut.

Warren seems eager to avoid any type of similar atmosphere,


My opinion, she’s ashamed of the soiled, underhanded way she “won” the right to sit in the people’s seat. Her embarrassment is perhaps a little teeny shred of evidence that the black hole known as the Democrat Party hasn’t been able to capture and eliminate the human conscience. Respect has to be earned and Granny knows she has failed on that score. There’s no substitute for prevailing in a clean contest, fought well and honorably. Lizzie will never enjoy that feeling. This little incident is evidence.

Lizzie’s in for some tough sledding if she thinks she can escape the spotlights.

    jakee308 in reply to pfg. | November 15, 2012 at 4:41 am

    Sorry, she’s not embarrassed. To be embarrassed, one has to be able to feel shame.

    No liberal progressive feels shame. NO. Never.

    She may be afraid her ancestors will decide she’s parlayed those cheekbones one pow wow step too far and call her back to the happy hunting ground.

TrooperJohnSmith | November 14, 2012 at 9:00 pm

How long until the batsh!t crazy woman shows up in her Indian Princess attire?

Well, there weren’t any real reporters. (and you knew that)

Until conservatives can bypass, overcome, stifle, counteract the Mass Media, (or it dies of oxygen) talking about this or that being the answer to winning anymore elections or getting the “message” out is just blather.

Stop buying the entertainment industry’s and the infotainment industry’s products. Until you do that, don’t keep complaining about how conservatives have to modify or expand or contract or include anyone.

We’ve been isolated, made a target and attacked.

It’s like high school. The media is the “in” clique because everyone listens to and believes what they say. They are assisted by Academe having been also subsumed by the progressives. Our current citizens were never fully taught history, critical reasoning or economics. What they were taught is one sided false and misleading with little opposing views accepted.

Until that changes, it will only get worse.

She is terrified of being asked THE question repeatedly: “How does it feel to be the first female U.S. Senator who is Native American? How do you think you will be able to help your people?” Unlike Obama, she knows she’s in over her feathers.

    persecutor in reply to gasper. | November 15, 2012 at 9:31 am

    I wonder if she’s going to ask the Senate dining room to have receipes from her “Pow Wow Chow” submissions on the menu?

This has turned into playground hair pulling…

If this is venting, fine. No problem.

At some point, after all the hair pulling, one must ask one’s self “Now what?”

…..Feel free to start asking anytime….when you feel comfortable.

    Browndog in reply to Browndog. | November 14, 2012 at 9:43 pm

    SPEAK, Ye, that gave this a thumbs down. Think, did you, or an emotional reaction?

    Take time to think…

    Take time to think.

      gasper in reply to Browndog. | November 14, 2012 at 9:54 pm

      Browndog: I hear you, but I can pull hair, vent and figure out “What now” pretty much all at the same tiem. Right now I’m venting and pulling hair. I plan on doing all three for the next six years, God willing. And no, it was not I who gave you a thumbs down.

      jakee308 in reply to Browndog. | November 15, 2012 at 4:36 am

      It’s an emotional reaction to your intended incitement. No one likes a smarta$$ and being snide and superior about it just makes it more offensive. You got my down thumb because of that not so much what you might have been referring to.

      Got a solution? Tell us. Got a complaint? Spell it out, don’t hint around like some coy cocktease expecting us to figure out what you want us to say or do.

      Take time to think about THAT.

    persecutor in reply to Browndog. | November 15, 2012 at 9:30 am

    Now what? I think I’m going to go have some Okalahoma Land Crab dip and laugh my as& off.
    BTW- I’m a thumbs up vote.

We live in an age of wickedness, brutality, and falsehood.

“Vanity of vanities,” saith the Preacher, “vanity of vanities; all is vanity.” –Eccles. 1:2

My gut tells me the Globe is less concerned with giving false glory to Warren than to continue a negative message about Brown. The goal is most likely much more targeted at his future than hers. Especially with all the John Kerry scuttlebutt, you can imagine The Globe wants to get out ahead of any chances for another Brown election. Or any future election he may attempt beyond that.

VetHusbandFather | November 14, 2012 at 11:12 pm

One of the most encouraging things to me is to hear the left refer to Elizabeth Warren a ‘Rising Star.’ If she’s the best they have then conservatism certainly isn’t dead.

    No, it’s very bad news. Because it’s how they foist these cult-figure leftist zealots on us.

    This is how Barack Obama started. I lived in Chicago, and I saw it.

    Be afraid. Be very afraid. There’s a good chance this fraud (as opposed to the current fraud in the White House) will be elected President in 2016.

Senator-Elect Dog Bowl still in shock she was actually elected. (OMG! What have I gotten my cheekbones into? woof)

Just spout campaign one liners and look straight ahead.
Reid will tell you when to vote yea or nay.



A term that describes exactly the state of the nation with regard to a second term for the anointed one as well.

Warren ‘n O’bammy should suit each other just fine as they are both adept at deception…

As I have commented elsewhere on this blog, the main problem are the partisan operatives formerly known as the media. If anyone has any practicable suggestion how to deal with them, please let us all know. We can’t win if we can’t get the message out.

Does Lying Lizzy need a law license in Mass to be appointed to the Supreme Court? Her previous boss Elana Kagen will gladly hold a seat open for her.

Can’t wait to get my backside out of this ridiculous farce of a Commonwealth. New Hampshire or Texas?

    Texas for sure. New Hampshire is nothing more than North Massachusetts. The state motto should change from ‘Live Free or Die” to ‘Pay Taxes, Don’t Die’.

First breast feeding lawyer being smart. She follow advice of Great Chief Abraham Lincoln : “better remain silent and be thought fool than speak out and remove all doubt.” Princess forget origin of name of state she represent – in Algonquin, Massachusetts translate to “messatossec” or “great hills mouth” Suspect she will soon earn title of great hills mouth in coming months. UGH!

I love this. As a MA resident, is it too early for me to get a “Don’t Blame Me, I Voted for Scott Brown” bumper sticker?

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