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Elizabeth Warren says has photos showing Indian heritage but “they’re not for you”

Elizabeth Warren says has photos showing Indian heritage but “they’re not for you”

Does it never end?

Elizabeth Warren is sticking by her claim that she is Native American despite the mountain of proof otherwise and the near-complete debunking of her family lore..

In this recent interview with a Local ABC affiliate at her home, Warren was asked about whether there was anything reflecting her Native American heritage:

I asked Warren if she had anything in the house that reflects her Native American heritage.

Warren responded tersely:

I have plenty of pictures, they’re not for you.


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And pictures of any kind would still not satisfy the regulatory requirements of the forms she apparently filled out to claim to be a minority hire…

Oh, for heaven’s sake. Is this woman even mature enough to hold public office?

nordic_prince | November 3, 2012 at 4:04 pm

I hope this woman shuts up and crawls back under her hole after she loses the election. Enough nonsense already.

Warren could be performing a public service.

Her candid snaps of herself with the authentic Cherokee feather boa…

well, let’s just leave it right there.

Halloween and Thanksgiving pagent costumes don’t count, Liz.

Hello. This creepy woman makes my blood run cold. She is the type of liar who could easily pass a polygraph test, either by being a stone sociopath who is untroubled by mendacity, or a deeply delusional zealot who actually sees herself as an apostle of leftist dogma. I don’t know which is scarier.
Anyway, keep up the good work. I fear that the battle has been lost and Warren will take Brown 55/45. If you have time please read my latest piece where I liken Warren to famous American gangsters of the past:

    creeper in reply to lcdlover. | November 3, 2012 at 6:33 pm

    Aw, c’mon gang. I know you didn’t like lcdlover promoting his/her own blog here but there’s nothing in the “Terms of Use” prohibiting it.

    A simple “Please don’t do that” would be better than downrating the comment with no explanation. Downrating a comment which is clearly not trollish without explaining why is poor form.

    lcdlover, some blogs don’t care if you link your own blog but it’s always best to check out the posts on a blog before you do or ask the blog owner. (Bill, how do you feel about this?) Insurrectionists are a little more strait-laced than many blog denizens. Take it from someone who has occasionally run afoul of them herself.

      ALman in reply to creeper. | November 3, 2012 at 6:54 pm

      What?!? “Insurrectionists are a little more strait-laced than many blog denizens”? Why wasn’t I told this sooner? Certainly explains alot. I thought all those cricket sounds meant something was wrong with my hearing. I’m glad you set the record straight.

      Oops. Sorry, kids, about the above maladroit, I guess even boorish, use of this awesome site for self-promoting my own little blog. I won’t do it again.

        J Motes in reply to lcdlover. | November 4, 2012 at 3:38 am

        I wouldn’t worry about about it, lcdlover. Evil Blogger Lady touts her own blog in comments here and on every site all over the internet, and I’ve never seen this crowd (or anyone else) try to shout her down.

        I followed your link and was pleased that I did. I like your writing style, and you made your point very effectively. I was disappointed to see that you have so few posts on your blog so far as I would enjoy reading more of your work. I bookmarked your page and will check back in, hoping to see that you are posting more frequently in the future. You are doing a great job!

        As for the comment scolds here, why not check out a link before condemning it? Here is a beginning blogger with a well-done post that deserves a compliment and encouragement to be more prolific. Over the years, I have found many bloggers who were new to me within the comments pages here at Legal Insurrection, and I now regularly visit their sites. Prof Jacobsen has not banned anyone for linking their own sites (afaik), and I consider it a great service. We are mostly like-minded people here, and I am glad to find an easy way to expand my reading list of blogs that discuss topics of interest to me.

        lcdlover: Keep up the good work!

          Thank you, Motes. I really, really appreciate the notice and encouragement. As an abecedarian blogger, I am in awe of guys like Prof Jacobson who have daily updates of quality stuff. Two other crack conservative correspondents you should look at (if they’re not already on your screen) are Lubos Motl, (a physicist, but his political memos are pure gold) and James Pethokoukis, the economy number cruncher for AEI’s wonderful site. Oh yeah and WSJ’s James Taranto’s “Best of the Web Today” for takedowns of the liberal media, good grammar, and hilarious headlines.

          Anyway it’s great to know I have a reader. Thanks again.

    creeper in reply to lcdlover. | November 3, 2012 at 6:37 pm

    Whoa there, Nellie! A little high-handed, wouldn’t you say?

      creeper in reply to creeper. | November 3, 2012 at 6:52 pm

      The above comment re: high-handedness should be at the bottom. It does not refer to mine above or lcdlover’s above that.

      Note to self: Check for “Reply to” info before hitting “Submit”.

      I shall now go enroll in a remedial commenting course.

I have questions:

1. I have plenty of pictures, they’re not for you.

Was Warren rude because she is confident that the election is sewn up, or did she make the gaffe because she is worried?

2. That response shows Warren to obvious disadvantage. It’s interesting that ABC chose to run it instead of suppressing it like the MSM routinely does for leftist politicians.

She’s still working on her Photoshop skills.

Hey! Come on now!
Photohontas HAS “photos reflecting her (faux) Native American heritage.” I saw them in MAD magazine!

Big-ticket litigator thinks she can open the door, and then close it. Wow.

I was listening to Howie Carr a couple of weeks ago when former B.U. president John Silber passed away. If you’ve never heard of him, he ran for governor against William Weld back in the ’90’s before Mitt came along.

Silber was an incredibly smart man, but also a ruthless dictator as president. What he said was the law on campus, even if it was politically incorrect which it almost always was.

The debates between Weld and Silber were epoch – both of these guys were as smart as Obama would like to think he is but is not.

At the close of the campaign, Silber invited a local TV reporter, Natalie Jacobson, to sit down for an interview at his home. Jacobson was a fixture in just about every home in the Boston area – truly an icon (same station that Brown’s wife, Gail Huff worked at). Jacobson asked an innocuous question, I don’t remember what, but Silber let Jacobson have it with both barrels, really lambasted her. He was leading in the polls at the beginning of the interview, by the end of the interview he was out of the race. His poll numbers went straight to the basement.

Hopefully, this will be the case with this interview with Warren as well.

Couldn’t happen to a nicer squaw.

A buckskin dress, with fringe, highly beaded, in typical Cherokee patterns. Moccasins well beaded also. She won first prize in the Santa Fe Indian Market costume division. And she also is an expert on the Cherokee language and alphabet.

I see something else that she has in common with obama: dog.

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Warren is the blonde lying down on the floor, right?

Henry Hawkins | November 3, 2012 at 5:30 pm

In a sane world, the people of Massachusetts say to Warren:

“We have votes. They’re not for you.”

Pictures that were likely taken at an angle to accent those high cheek bones she has spoken of before.

What? Of her wearing a head feather and moccasins? Dancing around a totem a la Grandma Annie in “The Proposal”?

Yeah, I can see what that’s not for you.

As I have a BS degree in Biopsychology (The study of brain and behavior), I believe Elizabeth Warren is clinging to her world view, because her entire life is dependent upon it being true. The moment she might begin to realize her entire life has been built upon a foundation of lies, she goes into denial of reality. Her entire life depends upon her being a native american, therefore she refuses to give in to the mountain of evidence that it is not. She is a sham, but she won’t admit it to herself. It’s much easier to rationalize a lie as being part of one’s self-identity than to admit you have been a lie and a cheat all of one’s life.

    Hepcat in reply to Paul. | November 3, 2012 at 6:27 pm

    Liz is nothing special. Many lefties are like that. They can’t admit they are wrong about anything political.

    She’s no different than Harry Reid, Pelosi, Obama. No matter what evidence you show them, they will deny it. If they are wrong about just one thing, their whole world view could crumble.

    Facts don’t matter. It’s all about intent. Don’t show them facts that affirmative action hurt the people it’s supposed to helped. That’s not important.

    Liberalism trumps everything.

    Oh … and you’re a racists or a fascists for even questioning them.

At least the media asked the question…

Jack The Ripper | November 3, 2012 at 5:49 pm

ragspierre and I appear to be on the same page when someone says they have photos “that are not for you.”


“Home Movies?”

I don’t want to see anything starring Elizabeth Warren, not even a TV ad, but here are some film names:

Lust of the Mohicans
Last Tango with Wolves
One Flew Over the Bar Exam Breast
Liar, Liar Panties on Fire
Tail of Tears
The Song of Lie-A-Watha

Having trouble figuring out how to spoof Windtalkers.

Did you check out the link to the longer video?

I was hoping Liz would share her recipe for Cherokee Acorn Pancakes.

That animal on the floor behind the interviewer is a dead coyote Liz just killed. She was about to skin it and turn it into moccasins for her grandchildren when the interviewer come over.

Typical day at the Warren wigwam.

A Native American interesting take on not voting.

“Age: 29
Hometown: Tuscarora Indian Nation, N.Y.
Occupation: Teaching assistant

Reason: “As a Native American, specifically a citizen of the Iroquois/Six Nations Confederacy, I have always chosen not to vote as an assertion of our tribal sovereignty and nationhood. Native American nations have their own governments, languages, cultures, traditions, etc., that long precede the existence of the United States.””

We were up in Cherokee, NC, two weekends ago.

//No one up there looked remotely like Lizzie.

These people are only becoming more unhinged & brazen. Did you see where Jim Messina said today that Romney’s message was revenge and Obama’s was a plan for the middle class? It really is like living in bizarro world. And it’s all because the media allows it that they can say & do basically whatever they want. We have 3 days left…

She has pictures alright — family pics of her dressed up as a lil Indian squaw for the elementary school Thanksgiving pageant and naturally — she’s got a death grip on the Horn of Plenty.

My goodness she is a repulsive LIAR, cheat, and thief. How she can manage to rate even a single percentage point in the polls is a testament to the vast multitude of Fools who make people like her their Prince — Prince of Fools.

I’m starting to suspect that if Warren gets the job of Senator, she’s going to hate it.

Being a full professor at Harvard U where everybody kisses your butt is a very, very different working situation from the U.S. Senate. Warren’s going to have to wait her turn in line to speak, she’s going to have to wait for the committee assignments, she’s going to have to clear draft legislation through the party leadership – compromise and detailed paperwork are not strong points for her. She’s not going to be the queen bee anymore.

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