I previously posted about the pro-Republican  television ad being run by Thomas Peterffy with his own money.  I also posted about the Mini-PAC running ads on cable television in black areas of Ohio.

I’ve noticed a number of people taking direct action, putting their own money where their mouths are directly, rather than (or in addition to) donating to campaigns or other people’s SuperPACS.

It takes place in other ways as well. 

We produced a video documenting Elizabeth Warren’s false claim to be Cherokee which has over 26,000 YouTube views so far, and will be running on computers throughout Massachusetts via video ads from now until the election using our own money.

It’s also taking place on signs and billboards throughout the country, as reflected in this photo sent by Cat from Sanford, Florida:

Saw lots of anti-Obama billboards on I75 northbound (around seven) between Wildwood and Gainesville this weekend which was interesting. One large pro-Romney signs that had been defaced outside of Leesburg too.

I’ve never experienced an election like this were private citizens or groups such as on this billboard are willing to pay this kind of money to get their message out. Wow.

It’s getting so ugly out here. People are more fed up than the polls indicate.

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