Pivot Point Washington Super PAC is making waves by running anti-Obama ads on BET television in Cleveland and Seattle.

The Super PAC is run by Dave Shemwell:

The thing is, this Super PAC really is a mini-PAC as it hasn’t raised that much money.

The rise of Mini-PACs has taken off:

Shemwell would not say exactly how much Pivot Point had raised to date, but he said it was in “the tens of thousands” of dollars. (Pivot Point, like other super PACs, must report how much it raises, but it had raised only $600 by the most recent filing deadline, in June.)

Pivot Point is not the only miniature super PAC to pop up this election cycle….

Pivot Point, however, seems to be the only super PAC supporting President Obama or Mitt Romney at the state level; other presidential super PACs are national.

“I can’t think of another one that’s been formed at the state level in the presidential race, although it’s not really surprising, and I expect we’ll see more of this as the race goes on,” said Anthony Corrado, a professor of government at Colby College in Maine and a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution who is an expert on campaign finance.

“In this new era of super PACs,” Corrado added, “you’re no longer dependent on party decisions on spending.” Groups like Pivot Point can spend money wherever they see fit.

While Pivot Point started with Seattle, it’s founder tells me that it has shifted its focus to the black community in Ohio via BET cable television.  The cost is relatively low.  Here are the two ads running:

Someday everyone will have a Mini-PAC.

I was thinking of starting a Legal Insurrection Super PAC, but then that damn fake Indian came along and sucked up all my spare time.

But we did manage to create a video without outside help, pass it along if you haven’t already.  It’s over 22,000 YouTube views.