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Chris Christie and Jeb Bush win conservative blogger poll

Chris Christie and Jeb Bush win conservative blogger poll

Of the person conservative bloggers would LEAST like to see nominated in 2016.

Via John Hawkins at Right Wing News, which has results as well of more positive questions.

(Guess who I voted for)


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Interesting that Gov Sarah Palin, a true conservative and enemy of the GOP establishment, was NOT listed as a viable candidate.

Appears we have another leftwing biased, amnesty-lovin’, RINO-infested poll to create news.

legacyrepublican | November 26, 2012 at 8:13 am

No more GOP machine frilly nonsensical candidates.

I want one with the backbone and eloquence of Nigel Farage but with an American accent.

Be sure to read the linked article..much more there.

Those who are conspicuous by their absence on this “least desired candidate” list is telling.

That Jeb Bush and Chris Christie tops this RINO dog list does not surprise me in the least.

Who did you vote for as least desirable, Professor?

We usually think pretty much alike, I have found.

Toss up between Jeb and Chris…

First of all I never heard of 3/4s of those bloggers so their collective opinion is not very earth shaking and B…4 years from now might as well be a century from now.
Why are they wasting out time with this nonsense…?

What does Nate Silver say? A wee bit less than scientific with such a low voting pool.

I know this much, Christie better stay in New Jersey.

I noticed after the election Jeb’s “bipartisan” education “reform” group announced that John Podesta of the Center for American Progress would be the keynote speaker at this week’s Annual Meeting of the group.

CAP is a comprehensive view of Reaching Out.

I campaigned for and donated to both Bush 41 and 43 campaigns. However, I am so sick of the Bush Family in politics and their belief that we need their family to govern us. Please Bush Family — Leave Us Alone!! And I promise you that if the Republicans nominate Jeb Bush in 2016 I will leave the Republican Party.

    jimposter in reply to Liberty. | November 26, 2012 at 10:07 am

    GWB’s nephew George P. Bush moved to Fort Worth not long ago, and as I understand it, already has filed paperwork with the Texas Secretary of State as a prelude to running for statewide office.

    Since he is also of Hispanic lineage I am sure he is poised to “rescue” the GOP if Rubio doesn’t do it.

    Please-no more Bushes.

      Liberty in reply to jimposter. | November 26, 2012 at 2:21 pm

      I read the same thing and guess which direction my blood pressure went while reading that article. However, I knew he was setting himself up for politics sometime ago when I read that he was teaching in a public school(giving back to the downtrodden credentials) and then attended law school (law making credentials). And, if my memory serves me well, didn’t he join the National Guard (military credentials)? I guess when you grow up breathing the air this kid did at family gatherings it can definitely fill one with a sense of entitlement to leadership.

Every time Jeb’s name comes up I cringe. Thankfully he appears in his proper place on this list.

The media (and the DNC, but I repeat myself) would LOVE to see another Bush hanging around the 2016 election. I doubt they’d even use his first name…just use the name “Bush” and let the fevered ignorance among Democrats do the rest.

If the RNC grants him an audience you’ll know the fix is in.

I see it’s never too soon for the GOP/RINO powers that be to begin conditioning us to accept their 2016 chosen guy. I’m not going to participate in their indoctrination process.

Instead, I’ll be interested to see if a true conservative wants to run, one who’s willing to put their family and friends through the meat grinder.

No Palin? No interest.

No one on that list appeals to me. All are career politicians which is exactly what this country does not need.

Bah Humbug!

Forget names. Yes, we need an attractive messenger, but it’s the message that should be primary. Top issues: fiscal responsibility, restoration of 1st amendment rights, deal with the illegal immigration problem, and scale back unnecessary government agencies (like Education–local gov’t handles it fine). Bush and Christie are repulsive, but if they embraced the above agenda, they would have my support. If Hillary embraced the above agenda, I’d support her.

Dear God! This list is enough to make a grown man cry. If you took a poll of Karl Rove and the GOP establishment, I guarantee you’d get the same top two. But I guess it’s been two weeks, so let’s not only forgive Christie for so royally screwing Romney, let’s reward him.

    This “win” was for who the bloggers would LEAST LIKE to see. So, Christie and Bush lost…

      Jingo in reply to kimsch. | November 26, 2012 at 3:39 pm

      Oops! My bad. I guess I need to work on my reading skills. Anyway, yeah, those are the two I’d least like to see. (And I suspect those are the very two that Rove and GOP, Inc. will be pushing).

1) I’m disappointed to see so much Rand Paul dislike-itude from the bloggers. I’d be curious to hear the reasoning. Just lack of belief in him as a credible national candidate (possibly legitimate, but not the poll to really worry about that), or real issues with his policy (disheartening)?? .

I’d get behind him wholeheartedly.

2) I was really disappointed to hear that the least liked candidates got nominated the last two times out, that’s a killer.

Ah well, 3 more years to go before the process starts anew.

A lot of opportunities to drive the bus deeper into the ditch between now and then!

Well thats it then…The Establishment will select jeb bush as potus & Crispy Cream as vp

RNC & RCNP will send out money request soon, rove on TV telling the TP how they must yield…itsd ALL over

Looks like RINO cheerleader coulter will have to redouble her efforts to get her two favorite leftist RINOs nominated.

Please do not start talking about Jindal for high office. Here in Louisiana, we can’t stand the guy. He is most definitely not a conservative. He does not understand the concept of less government. He came to fame as a result of his “genius” actions on Medicare. It turns out that this was the current system we have and it is killing medicine and is the reason for sky high doctor and hospital bills. A popular radio personality that does conservative radio has actually advocated the return of a Democrat politician that went to jail to get us out of the difficulty caused by Jindal.

Paul Ryan?

The way I see it, these are the rules:

1) Anyone that physically resembles a white male is automatically disqualified.

2) Anyone who is not is simply a “token” minority, and is automatically disqualified.

Good luck finding your next candidate.

Jacobson likely voted for anyone of the following:

1. Scott Walker – Fiscal conservative who stared down unions and survived recall in WI.
2. Rand Paul – a physician that will lead charge against Obamacare + bring over the libertarian vote
3. Marco Rubio – Grassroot appeal. Telegenic, articulate and easy sell to minorities.
4. Susan Martinez – see #3 and will really short circuit the narrative that GOP is anti-minority and anti-women.
5. Paul Ryan – Telegenic, articulate, fiscal conservative…who don’t know how to throw a punch in debate.

And the rest? Only if you want Republican voters to stay in this purgatory of election defeat.