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From a reader this morning.

Perhaps in response to my post.

Dear Professor Jacobson:

I’m not sure quite how or when I discovered your excellent blog, but I am certainly glad that I did, and that you are writing it. So, thank you.

As an interested reader, I appreciate the timeliness, relevance and clarity of your entries; and their humor!

As a lawyer, I also appreciate the diligence and circumspection with which you make your points. You went after the fraud and hypocrisy of a certain political candidate and you did it brilliantly. Every assertion was backed up.

No need for inflammatory rhetoric (although there was a fair portion of quiet scorn). No grandiose demands, but well-formed arguments that point inexorably to conclusions and actions that should follow: do not vote for this person. Investigate these flagrant and continuing impositions and possible crimes.

I can’t speak for the rest of the blogoverse, but my daily must-read list now includes you, right next to Instapundit, Powerline, Belmont Club and a few other worthies. I think you will get ever-wider attention and respect.
And I hope that by working at such a high level of integrity and professional skill, you will make a real difference in the political discourse of the country. Because, Lord knows, we need it.
Again, thank you.


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Well Writer, let me suggest another must read for you each morning if you haven’t found it already and that is American Thinker (AT). AT was where I was first introduced to Professor Jacobson in one of Clarice Feldman’s articles and, like you, once discovered, I have been a daily reader since.

I concur a 1000% percent with the reader’s remarks and add my sincerest appreciation to your family for allowing you the immense time you must spend for all of us.

You are a beacon whose light is making a difference.

Thank you.

All I can add to the accolades is “ditto.” A friend in Japan introduced me to your writings and I have been an avid follower ever since. As for American Thinker, it is up there with Instapundit and others as a must read whenever possible. Your work is superb, Professor, and the comments section too. Thank you.

Since I discovered the Professor through’s site, this has become my first a.m. ‘go-to’ place. I TRUST him.

Agree 100%. Prof Jacobsen is one of the few ‘must-read’ sites I have marked. Anyone of the conservative/libertarian mindset who doesn’t make this site a regular feature is doing themselves a great disservice.

Keep up the good work, sir.

The writer has defined you well. You are principled, thorough, accurate, and passionate. You also show good judgment in choosing those who assist you. All are a joy to read. Your articles also invite good commentary, unlike the childish rants and crudity seen at so many other sites. You are my fist visit of the day and I come back again and again throughout the day.

Bookmarked you after finding you. Ditto to what “writer” said. You’re a sane voice in an insane world, and as long as there are people like you, I won’t give up hope. The night of the election I felt despair and burn out. While I am still weary, the despair has receded somewhat.

Yes, you are my first and last read of the day. What I appreciate is that your writing is understandable for me, an aging grandma with just a high school education and yet I don’t feel you’re talking down to me. That is an art form in itself, Prof Jacobsen. Thank you – I know this blog takes a good portion of your day. I’m glad you share it with us, your loyal readers.

Completely agree with letter, and this is certainly your “calling”. A special shout out to Mrs. Insurrection and the little Insurrections for allowing for the time you must spend on these insightful, thoughtful and splendid posts.

    LukeHandCool in reply to Bruce. | November 27, 2012 at 1:21 pm

    I dunno if I ever said this before, but Mrs. Insurrection is the kind of lady you gladly slay a dragon for.

    Beautiful lady proud of her beautiful kids (the little insurrections, as you say).

I also agree with the writer. Your site is a cut above. Because of your impressive work the Left will increasingly come to fear and despise you. A note on the “strawman” issue — this is perhaps the Left’s favorite tactic. They use it with abandon because it works in our lazy-thinking and emotional culture; it effectively intimidates and frustrates many into silence. If every republican who appeared in the media identified, isolated and tracked down the strawmen raised in and around their own concerns (as you just did), we would do real long-term damage to the Left.

I always go to this website second. My first stop is the obituaries. If my name does not appear, I then go directly to LI. If my name does appear, there is no point in going further.

legacyrepublican | November 27, 2012 at 2:26 pm

This is censorship. If Ms. Coulter had said that she would show up for free as a statement, the circumstances of her being uninvited would still remain.

This was an act to silence her from being heard and not an issue of pay.


Completely agree. Found you through Michelle Malkin and been hooked ever since. Hello my name is Yujin and I am an LI addict.

Since were piling on with some overdue praise Ill add mine. Prior to finding this spot..more or less my new home of sorts I was Instapundit/Powerline/American Thinker/Spectator and Volokh Conspiracy (which pointed me here). What I appreciate more than anything is the various threads arent presented by some sterile analyst type that never gets around to his personal input. In other words the material is far more “real” than Ive found at say National Review post Buckley.
It gets to a measure of authenticity when I can tell our Prof J is genuinly irritated with some issue. Same goes to the readers here that post responses. I like genuine folks that arent so wrapped in political correctness they seem cookie cutter if that makes sense.
And I dont mind the occasional difference of opinion…Im used to it having been part of the management of a tech site with an extremely active forum for politics etc.
This place is simply chocked full of really well informed folks who never cease to amaze really with the depth of understanding on topics.

Grrrrr… And yet the dumbed down MA electorate elected Warren.

I guess that the saying, “No good deed goes unpunished,” might have some basis in fact..

You’ve earned the accolades Professor. I can’t break my Drudge habit, but you have quickly vaulted to stop #2.

The best! Married?:(

Just kiddin, –I knew the married part!

TeaPartyPatriot4ever | November 27, 2012 at 11:49 pm

Most everyone has the same opinion and platitudes of appreciation for Professor Jacobson and his truthful, insightful, intelligent, clear minded perspective interpretations of what is transpiring in the world around us, via his Web Blogs, but we are the many little people of non-attorney colleagues..

Private platitudes of adornment, flattery, etc, should be kept to oneself, for many us are his fans of appreciation.. and of course should not be alienated..

That said, congratulations Professor Jacobson.