From a reader this morning.

Perhaps in response to my post.

Dear Professor Jacobson:

I’m not sure quite how or when I discovered your excellent blog, but I am certainly glad that I did, and that you are writing it. So, thank you.

As an interested reader, I appreciate the timeliness, relevance and clarity of your entries; and their humor!

As a lawyer, I also appreciate the diligence and circumspection with which you make your points. You went after the fraud and hypocrisy of a certain political candidate and you did it brilliantly. Every assertion was backed up.

No need for inflammatory rhetoric (although there was a fair portion of quiet scorn). No grandiose demands, but well-formed arguments that point inexorably to conclusions and actions that should follow: do not vote for this person. Investigate these flagrant and continuing impositions and possible crimes.

I can’t speak for the rest of the blogoverse, but my daily must-read list now includes you, right next to Instapundit, Powerline, Belmont Club and a few other worthies. I think you will get ever-wider attention and respect.
And I hope that by working at such a high level of integrity and professional skill, you will make a real difference in the political discourse of the country. Because, Lord knows, we need it.
Again, thank you.