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Another item for The Elizabeth Warren File

Another item for The Elizabeth Warren File

LETTER: Warren didn’t stand up for low-income Harvard employees

When I was a guest on Nightside with Dan Rea (audio of last appearance — no audio of show mentioned below) shortly prior to the election, a caller brought up an incident in 2009 when Elizabeth Warren and other Harvard Law faculty did nothing, and did not offer up their own pay cuts, to help save staff positions, including in the Harvard Law library, in the wake of the 2008 market turmoil which caused Harvard to seek to reduce overhead.

I did a little research on the subject, and confirmed what the caller said.  But in the crush of events and issues in the days before the election, I never got around to posting about it. 

Not that it would have made a difference in the election.  If voters were willing to ignore Warren’s ethnic fraud, among other things, a little hypocrisy when it comes to saving law school staff jobs wasn’t going to sway them.

Nonetheless, I regretted not posting about it because getting the truth out about Elizabeth Warren is important given her demeaning rhetoric towards people who disagree with her.  Which is why I’m hoping (I said hoping, not guaranteeing) to have The Elizabeth Warren File live by the day she is sworn in in early January.

Getting back to the staff jobs, The Cambridge, MA, Wicked Local just ran a letter to the editor which sounds like it was from that caller, LETTER: Warren didn’t stand up for low-income Harvard employees

Cambridge — Posted Nov 26, 2012 @ 12:56 PM
Senator-elect Elizabeth Warren says she is a “fighter” for moderate-income Americans (“Warren wins U.S. Senate seat,” CambridgeChronicle, Nov. 8). When given the opportunity to stand up for low-income employees at Harvard three years ago, however, where she has been a tenured professor for almost 20 years, Warren did nothing of the sort.

In 2009, at the depth of the recession, Harvard’s endowment, because of its high-risk investing, decreased 30 percent. The university proclaimed it needed to cut costs and warned low-paid staff of layoffs. Many on campus asked the administration to follow the example of institutions like Beth Israel hospital and request faculty and other high earners to take pay reductions as a means to save jobs.

Several employees at Harvard Law School circulated a petition asking all law school members, who could, to make such a sacrifice. Warren and her husband (also a Harvard Law professor) have combined yearly incomes in the $1 million range and she earned another $200,000 for work she called “part-time” in Washington. During this uneasy period when across campus staff feared for their livelihoods, Warren remained silent.

Harvard president Drew Faust — whose own salary is close to $1 million — and university administrators ignored requests for pay reductions. Ultimately 275 lower-income employees lost their jobs and many more were persuaded to retire. Harvard professors, ever fond of inveighing against “corporate greed” and voicing slogans like “shared sacrifice,” suffered no inconvenience.

Warren now vows to go to Washington to fight for the middle class. But, like so many academics, she is more adept at feathering her own nest than truly helping Americans in need.

–Stephen Helfer, Crawford Street

Helfer served as a library assistant at Harvard Law School for 22 years and retired in 2009.

Thank you Stephen for getting the word out.


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Damn! Now where did I put that “surprised” face this time…

Like I noted the other day, when Collectivist talk about being champions of “working people” it is all just cynical chin-music.

They hold “working people” in contempt. See Country, Fly-over.

    legacyrepublican in reply to Ragspierre. | November 27, 2012 at 9:53 am

    My poor mother in law called us yesterday to let us know that she had been invited into a book club.

    She arrived and was sickened to find them all bragging about being liberals plus bragging about travelling and visiting the rest of the world and being well educated more than the masses.

    So, “See Country, Fly-over” is a perfectly accurate statement.

The link to the letter won’t open.

Good stuff. I hope we see some coverage (or did i miss it) aboutt the DEMS pushing “Elizabeth” to be on the Banking and Judicary Committees.

Here is a fun image created by a Harvard Law blog ripping into Warrren.

Demeaning rhetoric? If only. Her actions are immeasurably worse. Half the members of our national legislatures should be hounded from office and run out of town—every town.

If only we could create a “File” for each member of our esteemed legislature. The combined content would rival any biography, history, or fiction ever written for sex, violence, treason, corruption, thievery, lawlessness, underhandedness, ignorance, and just plain stupidity; plus smatterings of altruism, heroism, and sacrifice. The bastards would still get elected.

Paul Newman once noted that its producers misjudged the response to “Hud.” Expecting the character to be disliked for being the cad he was they were concerned for the movie’s success. It developed that many found him mysterious, exciting, and attractive for that reason. But then, someone like that could never be elected to public office…not even in Arkansas.

Warren will claim ignorance of such matters because she was living in another time – at the time. She has only recently been reincarnated as a breast-feed-at-will-faux-Cherokee law professor with high on the hog cheek bones who works for the likes of Travelers Insurance against the victims of asbestos ingestion and does so without a law license but claims to indeed help the middle class by telling them to “look over there” while earning a seven figure income.

What’s to worry? Miss Elizabeth just joined an exclusive club where Patty Murray is one of the senior members. Miss Elizabeth and Miss Patty (former pre-school teacher) will now provide the light that guides us to a new tomorrow.

We are so blessed and so screwed.

Requesting again. Is there any evidence that Elizabeth Warren has actually helped anyone in the middle class? I cannot find a single example.

Jack The Ripper | November 27, 2012 at 10:52 pm

Enough already!

She is going to be the Conscience of the Senate, and that’s that.

You see, “you people” are judging her based upon her actions instead of her intentions and feelings.

You may have weak to strong evidence that she gamed the racial spoils system, plagiarized Cherokee Indian recipes, got overpaid for teaching one class, falsely (or worse, accurately) claimed to be the spiritual godmother of Occupy Wall Street (OWS), demonized oil companies while investing in oil companies, had a major paper that was picked apart by a deceased law professor at Rutgers (Philip Shuchman sp?), failed to actually have lunch with people “like her,” criticized Scott Brown for not being as supportive of extending student loans as she claims she would be/have been (which loans, by the way, are very difficult to discharge in bankruptcy, even under the “protest Wall Street for a year in a public park and have all your debts discharged provisions of 11 U.S.C. 666), practiced law (and genealogy and phrenology) without a license or even a business license and was downright niggardly (look up the definition) when it came to looking out for Harvard’s low-paid employees and (probably) charity because she “gave at the ballot box” and is a member of a “noble profession.”

All of that is not relevant. What is relevant is that she has good intentions/believe she serves a noble purpose and spoke the coda of a liberal, academic, elitist fraud, which is what it takes these days.

Just ask Allen West.

And so, if “you people” would kindly get out of her way, Chief Teaching Bull needs to ascend to her higher purpose of serving as the conscience of the Senate, where we will make sure she is honored with a resolution proclaiming her the first Native American female U.S. Senator/lawyer/phrenologist/genealogist/conscience.


Winning the election is a depression-wrought anxiety-filled punishment for someone like Warren.

This has turned her low-effort-for-return cozy little cocoon existence upside down and destroyed her comfort zone.

Now she will actually have to work every day and actually produce a return on her party’s investment in her. She will be judged on her performance in the court of public opinion.

Reporters will give her videoed verbal tests and the public will grade her accordingly.

She wasn’t careful what she wished for and now it has her locked in its inescapable embrace and will it not let her go.

Warren is now the face of the fraud-excusing Massachusetts Democrat Party who is now the victim of the fraudster they got elected. That monumentally embarrassing Democrat punishment will last for 6 long years.