There are a number of flip opportunities, just check out the Operation Counterweight Final List.

But this one would be special, getting rid of David Cicilline in my home District in favor of Brendan Doherty:

The latest polling showed Cicilline with a single digit lead within the margin of error and a vote for an “independent” candidate which exceeds the gap.  If the “independent” voters are anti-Cicilline voters, that would bode well for Doherty on election day.  This polling also was before Brendan Doherty started his air war and aggresive attacks on Cicilline’s abysmal record.

It also was before their debate last night (full video here):

Voters in Rhode Island’s 1st Congressional District watched two debates on Tuesday night: Brendan Doherty versus David Cicilline, and David Cicilline versus U.S. House Republicans. Which message will resonate?

Congressman Cicilline, the Democratic incumbent and the smoothest talker in Rhode Island politics, worked to bring every answer back to the policies of the House GOP majority and reminding voters of his longstanding support for core Democratic priorities – a potent appeal in a district that already elected him once and has gotten more Democratic since.

But Doherty, the former state police colonel, held his own and grew stronger as the 90-minute exchange wore on, displaying a familiarity with federal issues that was in stark contrast to his first major television interview, a botched appearance on Newsmakers last March. The Republican cast himself – if not his political party – as moderate and reasonable

This is a race where a last minute donation could help.

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