The video of Obama from 2007 will not itself change the election. At that level, it was over-hyped.

But it is a reminder of the nasty side of Obama, the side well-hidden, the side which does not hesitate to play racial and class politics when convenient and to his advantage.   The side which incessantly pits people against each other and plays on historical grievances and resentments, all the while claiming to do the exact opposite.

Just ask the Clintons, who were smeared as racist.  “I think they played the race card on me” said the man who a month ago gave Obama a much needed boost.

For those of us who prior to the 2008 election understood how Obama used race as a polticial weapon, or who came to understand that unfortunate reality in the ensuing years, the tape will be confirmation of what we always knew.

But for many people who do not follow politics closely or who get their news from the mainstream media, the connection between Jeremiah Wright and Obama will come as a surprise, just as most people probably have no clue as to Obama’s political association with anti-Israeli academics and activists.

So much of the media’s attention since 2008 has been devoted to snuffing out Obama’s political past, to creating a fairy tale based on a self-serving composite history fed to the media by Obama himself.  Even in 2012, Obama’s actual past will come as a surprise to many.

So consider the tape an educational tool to help expose the fairy tale of Obama as a uniter, not a divider.

Obama’s political roots explain so much of why this country is divided and at each other’s throats.

It’s not an accident, it’s the way Obama plays politics in real life.


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