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Supporters of Scott Brown taunted as “field” and “house” blacks

Supporters of Scott Brown taunted as “field” and “house” blacks

First it was union members being fined for not picketing for Elizabeth Warren.  Then it was Warren supporters taunting a gay staffer with Scott Brown’s campaign.

Now black supporters of Scott Brown have received the sort of racially based taunts that we have seen directed in the past at Republicans and Tea Party members who are black.

Via Boston Herald (emphasis mine)

A group with the startling moniker “Obama Supporters for Brown” showed up in Dudley Square yesterday — and were hit with an apparent racist slur from a group of Warren backers — while organizers acknowledged they were paying modest “per diems” to homeless people and others to wear the T-shirts in an area where civic leaders have come out strong for Elizabeth Warren.

Benjamin Thompson, 65, a former city elections commissioner under former Mayor Raymond L. Flynn — who recently endorsed Brown — is running “Obama Supporters for Brown” out of a storefront on Blue Hill Avenue.

“We want to let black people know that they actually have an option. This state is controlled by the Democrats to the extent that before we came here on Thursday the Warren office was closed every day,” Thompson said….

Last night, people held Warren signs across the street from the Brown campaign office, and one shouted: “You know those field people and those house people. This election is about that.”

Thompson, who is black, commented, “Sometimes it gets nasty.”

The man, holding two Warren signs, refused to identify himself. Warren’s campaign condemned the man’s statements….


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There is a simple, elegant test for racism these days, which I affectionately call the “Smelly Fart” test. It uses a rule of thumb in which racism originates from the first person to make the distinction. I.e. “Who smelt it, dealt it.”

Imagine if these people had power over life and death, as in the fascist government they so passionately seek to head:
What concentration camp would these field and house blacks be in? What concentration camp would YOU be in? (I’d personally prefer a concentration camp close to the water, in a moderate climate, near horseback riding trails. Maybe something in Hawaii or San Diego.)

legacyrepublican | October 16, 2012 at 1:19 am

If Brown were Jewish and the people with the signs were Nazis, would there be any difference in the nature of the hateful rhetoric we have seen recently in MA?

The difference in the photos between the Washington Mall in DC between Obama’s people and the Tea Party speaks volumes.

It’s just the, “Attack your opponent because you have no real issues to stand on,” practice of today’s democrat party.

OTOH, Scott Brown has been bringing forward credible questions along with others that have exposed Warren for what she is, a two faced lying self serving nobody of substance.

It’s repulsive that she’s still in the game because that what she thinks it is. It’s certainly not serving the people of MA with integrity. Yet she continues to run closely in the polls that in turn reflects on the intellect of the MA electorate.

The stench is deafening…

Jack The Ripper | October 16, 2012 at 8:45 am

This dovetails nicely with:

1). Farrakhan’s exhortations to the president and Farrakhan’s audience in Charlotte,
2). The racial profiling / academic apartheid from the Florida State Board of Education,
3). Harvard and Penn’s exploitation of Elizabeth Warren’s Native American claims,
4). The University of Texas – Fischer case before the Supreme Court,
5). Faux accusations of racism against anyone who criticizes the Obama administration,
6). Ditto anyone who criticizes Obamaphones,
7). Professor Jacobson’s quest for a unified theory of faux accusations of racism, and
8). My previous post on this blog satirizing group identity politics.

Jack The Ripper | October 16, 2012 at 8:49 am

Meant to include:

Heightened threats of violence and rioting if Mitt Romney defeats the black half of president Obama, but not if Mr. Romney defeats the white half of the president or if Romney flat out loses.

Being a mindless drone for the liberals isn’t racist, but thinking for yourself and making an informed decision is.

Only in the Bizarro world of liberal logic.

    Or a world manipulated by the hard-core left at Harvard and the NY Times, with politically ignorant and emotionally childish people to do their bidding. (And and handful of big fat ones to do all their eating.)

If you want to see real racial nastiness, look at the treatment of black Republicans by the Democrats. I got a ringside seat to this in Maryland, the Land of Good Gummint, during the election campaign for Senate between Michael Steele and Ben Cardin.

I was raised in Texas among working-class people, and I didn’t encounter real race prejudice until I moved to the East Coast, in the Washington DC area. The last holdout of race prejudice in this country is in the Democratic Party, on the east coast, among the people who think they are entitled to run this country. If you want proof, just read Michelle Obama’s thesis. She saw the same thing I did. The people she wrote about are still alive, and still jerks.

The democratic party is indeed the last bastion of racism. I see it played all the time where I live in the South.

Revealing their true nature, one bounced check at a time. I wonder how many people will betray their dignity, deny other people’s dignity, and repeat their vote for redistributive or retributive change. Some people seem incapable of escaping their past and are determined to withhold our future.

TeaPartyPatriot4ever | October 16, 2012 at 10:09 pm

When blacks taunt Republican / Conservatives blacks for being uncle toms / house blacks, they are truly showing their ignorance of not just US history, but of political history concerning blacks after the Civil War til today, as falsely rewritten by Democrats, as indoctrinated by Democrats-

Waking up to the Truth about Democrats Enslavement & Indoctrination- Emancipation Revelation Revolution 1: