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Okay, sure, I’ll fall for it and link to An October Surprise website

Okay, sure, I’ll fall for it and link to An October Surprise website

A reader writes:

Good morning! Any guesses as to what this referencing????

The tweets for the website (private to protect their sources) say the campaign knows about it and is scared. “It has the potential to change the election into a landslide.” This will come out right before the last debate on Monday and I would guess if it is truly something, it will shake the guilty one to the core (fingers crossed it is Obama).

I can’t see anti-Obama voters suddenly voting for him en masse after we have documented his illegal moves for the last 4 yrs (they would stay home if anything) but I could see some Obama voters seeing the light. Some, alas, will NEVER see the light even if he killed Hillary on the White House lawn in broad daylight by chewing off her head high on bath salts, as long as they get their freebies.

The link is to An October Suprise, which promises a game changing document release on October 22,  just before the final debate:

One of your presidential candidates isn’t being honest with you. Stay tuned to find out which one it is.

The webite even has a countdown clock:

The game changer is being teased on Twitter with tweets like these:

Update 10-19-2012: In the An October Surprise hoax there was a truth.


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to the full extent allowed by law.


Having read so many things about Obama that tinge on the word conspiracy – but truth has a funny way of escaping when the ship is about to sink and I believe Obama is leading from behind the sinking ship of his administration.

Yep, I saw the original post and link and clicked on it and saw the countdown…Intriguing, yes, but then again one sees so many, “Hey! Come check out my website! I wanna be the next big thing!” posts and links…I guess we’ll see.

I wouldn’t read too much into it. Since there is a fuzzy page posted on Buzzfeed (won’t link those people) I suspect that it is more dirty tricks from the Chicago crowd.

Probably another forgery like the Bush National Guard memos that brought down Dan Rather.

It could be the most ingenious GEICO ad yet.

    I should clarify that. I’m not just being a smart alec. A friend is a real estate agent and during every election season, he places a roadside sign in the middle of the political signs that says “Elect [insert name] your real estate agent.” It’s brilliant, standing out from the other ads, and capitalizing on their efforts. Someone may be doing something similar here.

    ironghost in reply to windbag. | October 17, 2012 at 12:11 pm

    My money is on Pizza hut.

I have been waiting all campaign season for the Dems to drag out a female who will claim she had an affair with Romney. Possibly a former Ma. government employee.

casualobserver | October 17, 2012 at 10:47 am

This has an ‘Anonymous’ or ‘WikiLeaks’ feeling to it.

I won’t visit the page, but it is common for those who have nefarious Internet intent (spammers or worse) to simply use a page landing as a means to gather information for later use. They rely on those Windows users (and to a growing extent Mac’s newer OS) who aren’t utilizing robust enough protection. I’m not saying I have any knowledge, but this ominous tease certainly has similar traits to other tactics and schemes. Just beware.

theduchessofkitty | October 17, 2012 at 10:58 am

I wouldn’t touch that site with a ten-foot pole!

It smells like someone is threatening to release a tax-related document on Romney. What ever happened to that group that claimed to have hacked into his private tax records at an accounting firm and threatened/extorted to release stuff if he didn’t pay up?

    The image released does appear to be a tax form. Blurry, to be sure, but my best guess is that it’s page one of a completed f1065 “US Return of Partnership Income” form.

    It could alternatively be a modified 706 “Generation Skipping Transfer Tax Return” form. The structure seems to be wrong for that form, though.

    If this is in regard to Romney’s taxes, this is probably some yahoo who doesn’t have the slightest clue about how tax laws work and thinks he’s got something because it shows that the partnership paid no income taxes. If that is the case then we are going to have to have a discussion on the minutia of tax law and why “partnership” income is reported as personal income because of pass-through taxation.

StrayYellarDawg | October 17, 2012 at 11:33 am

I’m in agreement with the prof. There is no revelation that could even remotely result in a landslide for Obama. Romney, yes… there is plenty.

I was starting to ask, after last evening, if Obama is “throwing it.” Are the Dem party heavyweights pressuring him to lose?? (Still trying to figure out this Hillary “buck stops here” statement. And the MSM’s admission that their own candidate is not doing so well.)

    This is the third place I’ve read this theory:
    Did Obama Stage Benghazi Attack?

      I’ve also seen this in a couple of different places now, and I’ve seen a couple of critical analyses of it.

      I tend to agree with the critical analyses, though: there are just too many moving parts necessary to do this without someone, somewhere leaking the fact that it was done. That person would be able to name names of who was directly involved in the negotiations. There are security contracts to change, contact with embassy officials, contact with foreign officials, contact with terrorist couriers and/or management. It would be a really big black-op to keep under wraps.

        tdarrington in reply to Chuck Skinner. | October 17, 2012 at 5:59 pm

        It wouldn’t have to be a two way conspiracy. If Obama knew the attack was coming, he, being the superior super-genius that he is, would assume that they would take the Ambassador hostage. He could then look all presidential by negotiating the ambassador’s release or sending in “seal team six” to rescue him. But the terrorists were all terroristy and killd Stevens instead.

Let’s face it – the Democrats want to win. They don’t care how. They’ll win dirty more than likely if they so. I’m sure whatever they have up their sleeve, it will be coordinated with their lapdog media in the final stretch on the campaign.

Romney and the RNC have to be prepared. Period. Buy half- or full-hour blocks of television time if need be to counter it. Yes we have cable and satellite television, as well internet, whether owned or through using hot-spots. But a good portion of the American people still get their news from the broadcast networks, and their local and state metropolitan newspapers. They’ve got to buy blocks of television time a la Ross Perot if it comes to it.

First, there’s nothing on Romney. So if there is “something”, it’s spurious and won’t hold up. Therefore it would be released a few days before the election, not October.

As for Obama, what more could possibly become public knowledge and matter? He shouldn’t even have security clearance to visit the White House; that he’s our president is the scandal of all scandals in American history. But we’re all seemingly innured to this by now.

If there is a surprise, it will be the first week in November. At the least, more cooked labor statistics. At the most — let your imagination run. A Libyan bombing? An Iran bombing? A cyber-security scare that forces shutdown of the internet (remember, Panetta was seeding the cyber-threat recently).

I felt a strong intuitive reaction to this website and twitter account.

That being… It has the hacktivist group Anonymous’ forensics all over it.

“Be sure to drink your Ovaltine.”

meh… site bait

Well, lets look at the clues…
1. Release will be prior to the Foreign Policy Debate
2. Image looks much like an official government memo (notice the blurred logo in the left hand corner, and format)
3. It will refute what has been publicly said.

All signs point to Benghazi. Obama has said he didn’t know it was terror, nor were they aware of security requests. He has publicly said this several times explicitly. Releasing an official memo that clearly shows the White House knew both of a planned attack and security requests will play best right before a foreign policy debate. I am betting on an official White House memo exposing Obama’s lies on Benghazi and revealing what he knew from day one.

    imfine in reply to jd88. | October 17, 2012 at 12:47 pm

    Or even better, arming of the mexican drug cartels ordered by Obama

      Now THAT would be something. Direct evidence linking #OccupyResoluteDesk to Fast & Furious, that he had both direct knowledge AND a hand in direction would be DEVASTATING to the Obama reelection.

      With that, there wouldn’t be a single border county that would go for Obama, and it would likely result in a sweep of the lower state and county races down ticket from the backlash (individuals are still being shot in cross-border gunfire where I live in El Paso, TX).

        Even more devastating, if the President had a hand in the cold blooded murder of innocent people including US Law Enforcement Officers, it could easily turn into a 50 state sweep.

Or a direct wire from Benghazi Consulate to the State Dep. or White House prior (days prior) to the attack noting terrorism or urgent security needs.

    JackRussellTerrierist in reply to jd88. | October 17, 2012 at 1:54 pm

    Even if this isn’t a hoax, it isn’t about obastard. Anybody with anything on obastard would just hold it and shut up until the most opportune time, like a grownup. If somebody has something on someone, it’s lefty hacker-punks with something on Romney. Most likely it doesn’t add up to a hill of beans, if it actually exists. But I think it’s a hoax to draw traffic/get info. It’s bait.

The blurred image looks more like a tax return than a memo, so it’s probably something on Romney, but I don’t know if something like that will hurt him. After all, the press will withhold judgement until the document can be properly vetted – right? Oh, wait…

As far as the October Surprise site is concerned – not going near it. Sounds malicious to me.

Interesting. The teaser image that they posted in their twitter feed ( looks different than the document they link to at Buzzfeed (

All the WHOIS info on the octsurprise website is private because they appear to have used a third party to register the domain (, but I wanted to follow what trail there was, if any, with the Buzzfeed poster.

The buzzfeed image appears to have been posted by a person with the handle WIOPSA which appears to stand for “What Is Occupy Wall Street About” ( Their profile links to WHOIS info doesn’t reveal the name of the individual that registered the (now expired) domain, but it does have an email address ( This same email address is associated with another domain name registration ( that does list the account owner who appears to live in the Chicago area. A Google search did turn up a result for a person by that name who worked in that area ( who is or was an IT creative director for a TV channel, but I don’t know that they’re the same person. You can do a Google search yourself to see what other results come up – there were plenty of others.

Now, Just because the twitter account linked to the Buzzfeed image doesn’t mean the two are associated. And just because the person that posted the image at buzzfeed linked to the occupy website doesn’t mean they are related either. So the connections are tenuous and may not mean anything, but that’s all there was to go on.

Whatever it is — even if it is some monumental revelation about Romney — Obama won’t get the “biggest electoral landslide since 1984” out of it.

That year Ronald Reagan absolutely destroyed Walter Mondale carrying 49 of the 50 states in his RE-election. That is an impossible feat for Barack Obama to accomplish already in this election.

Oh well — for all we know this thing will be greatly blown out of proportion and the whole country will be sitting around their computers anticipating the reveal like the whole country sat around their TV’s when Geraldo Rivera took a giant steaming dump on the boob-toob over Al Capone’s ‘vault’ — and it could just as easily be the same result.

I — for one — won’t be waiting with bated breath to find out, either. I’m not a puppet on a string. Besides — if it is so colossally mind bending — it will be in the news everywhere.

    Oops. I have to correct myself…

    Whatever it is — even if it is some monumental revelation about Romney — Obama won’t get the “biggest electoral landslide since 1984″ out of it.

    That year Ronald Reagan absolutely destroyed Walter Mondale carrying 49 of the 50 states in his RE-election. That is an impossible feat for Barack Obama to accomplish already in this election.

    …UNLESS — these are documents proving beyond the shadow of a doubt that Mitt Romney is somehow INELIGIBLE to run for and become POTUS. And that will be the one and only way that Ronald Reagan’s 1984 can be outdone by Obama — by technicality.

      JackRussellTerrierist in reply to FlatFoot. | October 17, 2012 at 2:42 pm

      Well, removing his opponent through ineligibility is hallmark obastard style. I’m not saying I think that’s what it is or that there’s even something “there”, just pointing out o’s methods.

      AngelaE8654 in reply to FlatFoot. | October 17, 2012 at 3:50 pm

      Can’t remember where I saw it (maybe Breitbart) but supposedly it came from someone who “recently left the administration”. I also think it’s linkbait but it’s supposedly about Obama.

[…] A reader points this out to Professor Jacobson […]

It’s phony-baloney. There’s no app for it, ergo it doesn’t exist.

I think we all know that it’s going to be something about Romney. Anything on Obama would just have been released by who found it – registering a website and hyping things isn’t really the right’s style.

Coupling that with the fact that one of the documents is tax-related, I’m thinking something to do with Bain. Romney still officially works with them, maybe?

Either way, I can’t see it causing a landslide either way. Something that proves Romney has been dishonest and/or hypocritical MIGHT be enough to turn undecideds back to Obama, but speaking for myself there is nothing that could be revealed that would make me (or most of the commenters here, I reckon) vote for O.

The big surprise will happen in November when Obama becomes a “Lame Duck” and starts to issue all kinds of Executive Orders on all of his most favorite Socialist agenda items. Plus Obama will also pardon a whole slew of people, including I suspect the Gitmo prisoners just to show his Islamic friends that he’s really a great fellow; won’t that be a kick. So, good friends, wait for Obama’s November, December, and January 19th surprises.

Realize that a president’s pardon power is absolute and cannot be overturned and I suspect SCOTUS would absolutely apply it to the Gitmo prisoners. There was great discussion way back then regarding the pardon power and its supporters overcame its detractors.

How about a poll, Professor Jacobson?
Who’s behind the surprise?
( ) The Dems
( ) The GOP
( ) Breitbart
( ) Ann Barnhardt
( ) The North Koreans
( ) Other

I’m about worn and nothing much would surprise me. Obama is a cross-dresser? Nope. Michelle has a fetish for chocolate? Nope. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi (oh, I cringe at the thought) have been having an affair for years? Nope.

Obama and Biden resign. Hillary assumes the presidency, takes Obama’s place on the ballot, and wins. According to prior agreement, she appoints Obama as ambassador to the U.N. (hey, why try to transform one country when you get the opportunity to work on the world) and Biden gets assigned to the International Space Station (heck, he almost lives in space anyway). Surprise me? Nope. Might raise an eyebrow, even both. Yet, little that could surprise me. Perhaps I’ve become sated with cynicism.

Henry Hawkins | October 17, 2012 at 3:03 pm

Possible October Surprise revelations:

Chick-fil-A uses gay poultry.

Bears actually shit in meadows.

Jimmy Hoffa last seen in 1975 with notorious 27 yr old Detroit street tough Willard ‘Mitt’ Romney.

Candy Crowley not a Republican.

First Family Obama receives food stamps and free cell phones.

US states 51-57 revealed.

MSNBC on-air personnel have USB ports in back of necks for quicker downloading of Democrat talking points.

This scares the heck out of me.

Remember the Bush 2000 DWI?

This could dwarf it.

I do SO wish these hateful, vicious people would just go away. Move to some Socialist Paradise, instead of trying to turn the USA into one.

I’m still curious about what that crazy Vegas odds maker, Wayne Allen Root, had to say. He said, “I received a call from Charles Johnson of Breitbart telling me that he was looking at proof that Barack Obama had become an Indonesian citizen. That was a couple months ago.

I Aim to Misbehave | October 17, 2012 at 5:00 pm

I don’t like to be the grammar police, but I did notice that the “source” isn’t too sharp when it comes to correct word usage. According to that tweet, the unknown information has the preference or inclination (i.e., propensity) to turn a nail-biter into a landslide. That doesn’t make sense.

Raquel Pinkbullet | October 17, 2012 at 5:28 pm

I looked at the “6 pages on buzzfeed” one of the pages looks like it could be a tax form but Tax forms wouldn’t have omitted lines save personal information like SS#, tax id, ETC…

That is clearly an official document by some kind of government be it local, state, or federal that has been severely censored for FOIA release.

I would say it could be anything.

I think it is tax return related information. The three biggest possibilities are (1) a contradiction of Romney’s claims about income tax amounts/rates paid; (2) a tax return showing that Romney took advantage of an amnesty for offshore accounts; or (3) documents purporting to show that Romney had some active management at Bain. #2 and #3 have been popular leftist/nutroots claims for a long time.

It is interesting to note that some have speculated that the 47% video was leaked so early in the race, so that Romney had time to deal with it and respond to it, because the Obama people have something worse to throw at Romney later. I don’t hold to this belief, but it’s an interesting theory.

Guess there isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell they’ve got the tape the LA Times is hiding.

[…] Surprise? Posted on October 17, 2012 3:30 pm by Bill Quick » Okay, sure, I’ll fall for it and link to An October Surprise website – Le&middot… The link is to An October Suprise, which promises a game changing document release on October […]

I’ve ben wondering when and how Obama’s people are going to be publishing Romney’s tax returns to ramp up their class warfare strategy.

At first I posted a link here that said I thought it smelled like Romney tax stuff and questioned what happened to the extortion threat from several weeks ago. But then I actually looked at the documents that are watermarked/blacked out. I’m starting to think now that it’s related to Obama and that it’s one of three things: 1. his student loan applications/repayments; 2. his condominium/mortgage application (remember Breitbart mentioned the fairly pricey Chicago condo the Obamas bought years ago after Michelle’s violin-replete speech at the DNC?); or 3. stuff related to his original $125,000 Poseidon/Simon & Schuster literary contract in NYC that got cancelled for failure to deliver the manuscript.

Twitter users say the site is hosted by a Chicago web design firm whose owner works with Discovery Channel. Animal Planet is running a “pet election” promotion, so this is likely a viral marketing campaign.

Okay, a reverse lookup of their IP ( shows that they are co-hosted with, which appears to be a chicago-based website design. Looks like the server is in scottsdale, AZ., then plug in the IP. A whois for shows it’s registered by Mr. Maro (?)

[…] William Jacobson reported on this story, earlier today: The tweets for the website (private to protect their sources) say the campaign knows about it and is scared. “It has the potential to change the election into a landslide.” This will come out right before the last debate on Monday and I would guess if it is truly something, it will shake the guilty one to the core (fingers crossed it is Obama). […]

Malkiel_kol_hakavod_la_el | October 18, 2012 at 12:05 am

Well hidden site owner that’s for sure…. All that is listed is Domains by Proxy they hide domain owners….

My guess is, this will be the political equivalent of the mysterious hype surrounding the introduction of the….wait for it!…..can’t you feel the tension and excitement building!……….Segway.

Malkiel_kol_hakavod_la_el | October 18, 2012 at 12:29 am

We have some damn good geeks on here…. I am amazed… I am not kidding…. Bravo people…. And they say the major geeks are on the left…..

The guys who created this “October Surprise” site are two hoaxters.

“Registered by Jeffrey Hopwood. Reverse IP search of the October Surprise site leads to run by his friend Anthony Maro. A Google search shows that this pair was responsible for some kind of hoax back in 2007.”

These guys are scrubbing as I write (I think Jeff just deleted his facebook profile):

The cache:

I almost feel sorry for the poor Obama supporters who thought this might be their “Hail Mary”.

Also, if it is originating from Chicago, could it could be the conservative Hillbuzz gang (gay community)outing Obama?

Just a thought, if Romney is certain this potential October Surprise is about his tax records – maybe even other financial records – he should get his lawyers and accountants together and prepared to do one of two things:

(1) a court order to release them or quash them (if they would truly work – I doubt it); or

(2) put a package together that would be a competing narrative about his taxes records and financial history, and do a Friday night document dump.

I highly doubt the legal route would work in scenario 1 in either case. Scenario 2 is the better option. There are probably other scenarios that I can’t come up with.

Maybe Romney and his advisers already have a “prepackaged” document release strategy for his taxes and such in case this was going to happen. If advisers and staff are worth their salt, they would have researched what Obama and Co. are capable. A Friday night document dump spoils the timeline and narrative Axelrod and Obama want in the final stretch of the campaign if this was their “ace in the hole”.

The debate next week is about foreign policy, but in an instance of news of this magnitude, they would let both Romney and Obama address this. Then spend the rest of the night hammering Obama’s foreign policy disasters.

I have been researching this for a couple of hours. It appears many of the other posters have indeed “made” the guy who is behind this because he is furiously trying to delete stuff off of multiple web sites so as not to be outed. This of course only confirms it IS him because anyone *not* involved wouldn’t even know this was going on.

If it is related to Mitt and the blurred images represent official documents of some kind, I can’t imagine it having much impact. Anything related to draft deferments or tax records isn’t going to change the outcome of the election that dramatically. The people who hate him already assume he dodged the draft and cheated on his taxes.

Some people who are supporting him are actually doing so for selfish reasons. They may not like him much, but they figure he can turn the economy around so they are voting for him. Revelations of the kind I mentioned wouldn’t faze them much. People like me who DO like Mitt won’t vote for Obama under any circumstances.

Any other stuff related to Bain or offshore dealings is baked in the cake and won’t have much impact. As for Obama, there is a helluva lot more to speculate about. Student loan applications, documents related to his citizenship, proof of associations with bad actors, could be anything.

I do agree one of the forms appears to be tax related. Romney’s tax returns are enormous so I don’t know if six pages of material would even reveal enough to harm him. The guy behind this seems to be relating the material to something that was discussed or supposed to be discussed at the debate. I am not sure where that leads.

The Twitter feed may indicate the guy who was mentioned on this thread was merely the web developer, not one of the major players in this. Of course birds of a feather on that one. If the developer is a lefty OWS type, the main man probably would be too. I am leaning toward believing this is either pure BS or a guy who believes he has something big that in reality isn’t much.

From the OctSurprise Twitter feed:

First Hint: It will directly, explicitly and irrefutably contradict public statements.

“Public statements” sounds more like something the administration (or Obama) has been putting out. Mitt has made “public statements” of a sort but not so much of the kind that documentary evidence would refute.

He just hasn’t been specific enough on matters relating to his personal life, tenure as governor or head of Bain to really burn him this way. Perhaps something related to him being involved in Bain beyond when he said he was but hell, he has already been accused of that anyway. Same thing with his taxes and the draft.

Obama on the other hand has made many definitive public statements regarding a whole host of matters. Seems that it would be easier to dig up something on him.

Another statement from the Twitter feed:

“This has the propensity to turn this election from a nail-biter into the biggest electoral landslide since 1984 – our source”

Why 1984? Reagan won by a landslide in 84 so does that tip it toward being about Obama? Of course Reagan was the incumbent in that election too so that might indicate it is related to Mitt.

@Octsurprise just dropped 3d fact: “mentioned in both VP debate and second presidential debate.” Libya/Benghazi was mentioned in both first and second debates. I’m now wondering if it IS Benghazi/Libya documents that will devastate Obama. Perhaps a document leak by Hilary who’s doing who knows what in Lima, Peru (filming the Bridge Over San Luis Rey?)

I have gazed into my crystal ball and see that the Intel community has had their fill of being called inept, stupid, lying, bumblers and are going to release some very damning info on Libya attack etc.

At this point, I’m thinking it’s related to Bain. If that’s the case, all it takes is *one* disgruntled employee and Axelrod’s Chicago strategy to collude in nasty subterfuge.

The latest “hint” states it relates to something mentioned at both the VP and second debate. I am concerned it will be something negative pertaining to Mitt’s wealth/financial background, too. One of the Twitter followers was a co-worker, ardent Obama supporter; can’t imagine anything from Chicago being positive for Romney.

    KRoyalll in reply to AtAnyTime. | October 18, 2012 at 1:54 pm

    If it has anything to do with Romney not paying taxes in one year or another, it won’t alter the race one bit. That is baked into the cake. The people that care about that are already against him. 6 pages of documents wouldn’t be enough to even cover the scope of Mitt’s returns, they probably run into the 100’s of pages every year.

    Not to mention they would have to be obtained through illegal means and the 2 guys who we already know are involved would be subjecting themselves to some serious legal problems. I don’t think they have the balls for that.

    I am leaning toward it being a hoax at this point given they did one before. If they do work for Discovery, at some point their employer is going to frown on this sort of thing. Finally, I just don’t believe that anyone who had a major smoking gun that would truly alter the election outcome would come to these dorks to put it out. There are so many other outlets that would could be used that would have a far greater impact. They are trying to generate attention to themselves and are having a good laugh at the same time.

I had sent a video as a joke back in 2007 about Obama, and was put on an email list from as a result. I received this email recently, read about the printer. Wonder if this has anything to do with this. (I’m in the chgo area)
Subject: Joe-mentum

With the presidential race neck-and-neck, we need a stellar voter turnout boost to get progressives to the polls. Well, guess what! We’ve got a method so effective we can’t even give all the details away—and we’ve got an unexpected, one-day opportunity to ramp it up. Can you chip in?

Chip in $5

Dear MoveOn member,

Phew! Last night, Joe Biden kicked butt and may have put the brakes on Mitt Romney’s rise. That would be very good, because Romney is ahead right now in most national polls,1 even as President Obama has kept a narrowing lead in swing states.2

With the race so close, a huge progressive get-out-the-vote effort is the best way to make sure it goes our way.

With that in mind, yesterday we figured out a way to target 3 million more potential voters with the secret weapon we told you about 2 weeks ago—our new technique that tested 3.7 times more powerful, dollar-for-dollar, than conventional voter turnout methods.

This is big news! I thought we were limited to targeting 8 million people. But yesterday, after looking at the polling numbers, we called the printer (yep, there’s a printer involved) and begged. He found more paper and press time—enough to target millions more potential progressive voters in Florida, Wisconsin, and Ohio! That’s crucial because if President Obama can hold two of these states, Romney’s path to victory is basically impossible.

It’ll cost $475,000, and we can commit if we raise a good chunk of that today.

And here’s more good news—when we figured out we could go bigger, we called a close ally, who agreed to match the first $125,000 donated with their own efforts. So your money could go twice as far.

Can you chip in $5 to help us double down on this powerful new way to get out the progressive vote?

Please chip in whatever you can right now—we have to commit today. Together with the thousands of MoveOn members who will be out knocking on doors and hitting the phones over the next four weeks, I believe this strategy will be enough to tip the balance.

This race is too close to leave to chance! Please chip in now.

Yes, I can contribute $5.

Thanks for all you do.

–Anna, Ilya, Laura, Wes, and the rest of the team


1. “Romney ahead in four new national polls,” The Hill, October 11, 2012

2. “Swing state polls echo national trend: Mitt Romney on the rise,” The Christian Science Monitor, October 11, 2012

Here’s the original email where we described this amazing breakthrough:

We’ve invented a breakthrough new technique for turning out HUGE numbers of progressive voters. It’s been tested with 170,000 voters—and we got the most exciting results in MoveOn’s history! We want to roll it out nationwide to save the Senate, win back the House, and hold on to the White House.

WOW! At 5 PM on Friday, a major partner offered to match every dollar donated, up to $500,000. So you’ll now get twice the bang for your buck! Can you chip in?

Chip in $5

Dear MoveOn member,

I think we may have just discovered the silver bullet that could help us win the whole election.

Two weeks ago, we ran a secret test of a new voter turnout method in a state primary election. There were 170,000 voters in the study. We just got back the results, and our new method was 3.7 times more effective, dollar for dollar, than the best techniques used by campaigns today. Take a look at this simple chart:

Making phone calls |==

Sending mail |=====

Going door-to-door |=======

OUR NEW METHOD |=========================

Let me put that in perspective: Normally, we’re delighted if we figure out something that gives us a 10% improvement. This test showed a 370% improvement.

This alone could be enough to tip the balance in the Senate, help Democrats win the House—and maybe even flip two or three swing states.

The challenge: We had no idea we’d get such great results, and to have everything ready in time, we need to commit by Monday!! Which means we have to raise a good portion of the entire $3 million budget by then. Arrgh!

But things are suddenly looking up, because at 5 PM on Friday, I got a call from a major partner who’s as excited about this project as we are. They’re offering to match every dollar donated, up to $500,000, with their own efforts! That means you’ll get twice the bang for your buck.

So, whatever you’re doing right now, can you take three minutes to make a contribution so that we can use this incredibly powerful new voter turnout method across the country? This is the moment to open up your wallet for this election. Seriously. CODE RED. Please help!

Yes, I will contribute $5 to help us deploy our new voter turnout method in every close race this year!
I don’t want to look back on Nov. 7—the day after the election—and think, “If only we had a bit more money in late September, we could’ve won those two crucial Senate races! Or (God forbid) we could’ve run up the margin enough to keep Republicans from stealing the election!” And I KNOW you don’t want to be thinking, “If only I and a few other people had chipped in the price of a pizza, we’d be celebrating right now!”

So I’m trying to make this as clear as I can. This is the most promising set of test results we’ve EVER seen at MoveOn.

I can’t give all the details of what we figured out, because we don’t want the other side to know. So this has to be somewhat vague. But basically, we took groundbreaking research from social psychology, and for the first time, applied it to voting. And, wow, it really worked!

The question is whether we can raise enough money in the next few days to roll it out nationally. If just 30,000 of us chip in, we can change the outcome of this election. Can you chip in?

Yes, I want to make a donation.

Thanks for all you do.

–Anna, Ilya, Laura, Wes, and the rest of the team

Want to support our work? MoveOn Civic Action is entirely funded by our 7 million members—no corporate contributions, no big checks from CEOs. And our tiny staff ensures that small contributions go a long way. Chip in here.


by the way, I’m from chgo and very pro Romney, along with everyone I know

I Aim to Misbehave | October 18, 2012 at 3:47 pm

The Daily Caller has a piece on this today, suggesting that users of Fark have uncovered the owners of the site and that it was planned as a giant “Rickroll”.

#1. If they had some information that would turn the election and are using lists, why would or soros not pay for the whole shebang? This sounds like a con. I wonder if these guys were kicked out of Nigeria? Maybe for not ponying up enough bribes or their fair share to officials? BTW, didn’t we read a week or so ago that these scams would crop up supposedly supporting both sides.

Having been outed by internet sleuths at FARK, the pranksters detonated the RickRoll last night: . [Safe.]

Their comments: “Sorry folks. Did NOT expect this level of interest. Apologies! Jokes! Vote! Sorry for the most predictable rick roll ever.”