A reader writes:

Good morning! Any guesses as to what this referencing????


The tweets for the website (private to protect their sources) say the campaign knows about it and is scared. “It has the potential to change the election into a landslide.” This will come out right before the last debate on Monday and I would guess if it is truly something, it will shake the guilty one to the core (fingers crossed it is Obama).

I can’t see anti-Obama voters suddenly voting for him en masse after we have documented his illegal moves for the last 4 yrs (they would stay home if anything) but I could see some Obama voters seeing the light. Some, alas, will NEVER see the light even if he killed Hillary on the White House lawn in broad daylight by chewing off her head high on bath salts, as long as they get their freebies.

The link is to An October Suprise, which promises a game changing document release on October 22,  just before the final debate:

One of your presidential candidates isn’t being honest with you. Stay tuned to find out which one it is.

The webite even has a countdown clock:

The game changer is being teased on Twitter with tweets like these:

Update 10-19-2012: In the An October Surprise hoax there was a truth.