During the Friday before a holiday weekend road trip from hell yesterday (8 hours from Ithaca to Rhode Island), I took a half hour detour to talk with Howie Carr about Elizabeth Warren’s crumbling story about her parent’s elopement, and how her defenders have devolved into a bizarre post-modern recial narrative in which she is what she thinks she is, not what she actually is:

“This is a woman who never did anything for the Native American community, who never affiliated in any way shape or manner with the Native American community. The only place she ever claimed to be Native American was in a very strategic manner where it might advance her career…. If you listen to some of the lengthy interviews she gave before she was running for office, she talks about her upbringing, her childhood, never once does she mention anything about being Native American. It’s truly astounding … yet to hear her talk now it’s such a fundamental part of who she is she’s can’t walk away from it, she can’t deny her family.”