I was just on the Silvio Canto Blog Talk Radio Show, and towards the end of our discussion, when I was talking about how Elizabeth Warren has worked on at least 22 court litigations since joining Harvard earning hundreds of thousands of dollars, it dawned on me:

In all of my searches and all of Warren’s disclosures of legal work, there isn’t a single court case in which Warren engaged in pro bono work for indigent clients.

We don’t know how much she got paid in all the litigations, and maybe, for example, she didn’t charge one of these large corporations.  It’s also possible that Warren rendered legal services for free which were not part of a court case, but she has refused to disclose her non-court legal work.

We will, of course, keep searching.  And we invite the Warren campaign to make a full disclosure of the pro bono legal work she has been doing from her Massachusetts office.

But as of now, we have at least 22 court cases for major corporations, including chemical, coal and insurance companies, but not a single court case in which Warren offered her services pro bono for an indigent client, or even for a middle class client who has been hammered.


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