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Gloria Allred’s Worst Nightmare — Transcript released but her client’s still gagged

Gloria Allred’s Worst Nightmare — Transcript released but her client’s still gagged

There will be a circus, but Allred will not be the ringmaster

Reports from inside the courtroom in Boston at which The Boston Globe is seeking access to Mitt Romney’s testimony in the divorce case of the founder of Staples indicate that the Judge will authorize the release of the transcript to The Globe, but will not lift the gag order on the parties to the divorce, including Gloria Allred’s Mormon-hating client, Maureen Sullivan.

Presumably that means that the Mormon-hating client’s representative also cannot speak on behalf of her Mormon-hating client to put the “context” on it.

It will be up to The Globe and other media to spin the transcript against Romney, which they certaily will do, but Allred will not be at the center of that circus.

Here’s the TMZ live feed:

7:10 AM PT — The judge has agreed to release Mitt’s transcripts to the Boston Globe — but Gloria’s client is not allowed to talk about the case.

7:02 AM PT — Gloria is grasping at straws … but it’s clear, the judge is not gonna cut her a break. Gloria vows to return to court after she files a motion.

6:55 AM PT — It looks like Gloria is getting shut down because she never made the motion to ungag her client. The judge said the matter is not before the court.

6:53 AM PT — We’ve made up our minds — the judge is, in fact, hot.

6:51 AM PT — The judge seems to be saying that Gloria didn’t make the proper motion to ungag her client.

6:38 AM PT — It seems they have AGREED to release the transcripts.

6:37 AM PT –Romney’s lawyer says the Gov. has no problem having his testimony made public.

It appears that the Judge didn’t lift the gag order because Allred had not actually filed a motion to lift the gag order. The only motion was by The Globe for access to the transcript.

So maybe Allred isn’t one of the best lawyers in America. But this never was about the law, it was about Allred seeking publicity, and The Globe doing Obama’s dirty work.

The Globe, of course, has not gone to court seeking access to Harvard’s federal filings, including documents signed by Elizabeth Warren, which might bring down Warren.


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Malignant Gloria: A Black Hole of Emotional NEED.

What was Allred’s comeback? “But, but, I’m Glorida Allred and this is for the King!”?

theduchessofkitty | October 25, 2012 at 10:37 am

And yet, Romney’s lawyer said, “Go ahead. We don’t care.”

Once again, Gloria, honey, do whatever you want. The Romney Badger don’t give a $#!%.

    This is what transparency looks like…


    Apparently Romney and his atty had plenty of reason to say go ahead, we don’t care. The Ace of Spades website has content up from the transcript and they characterize it as devastating — to Allred. I characterize it as zzzzzzzzzzzz. Sorry I don’t have the cite.

After the Sharon Bialik fiasco, surprised Gloria still gets any news coverage. I think Allred should do a little more research on her latest “client.” Maureen Sullivan Stemberg is a “writer and blogger” and has had NO problem over the years spewing her invective on public blogs. Bottom line: in Webster ‘s Dictionary, Sullivan Stemberg’s photo appears in definition of “UNHINGED”

    Observer in reply to Lambchop. | October 25, 2012 at 1:09 pm

    Yesterday I read one of the ex-wife’s rants in which she claimed that Romney testified falsely about the value of the Staples stock, all the while he was secretly plotting with his buddy Stemberg and Goldman Sachs to take the company public. This morning CNBC had an article on Romney’s testimony in the Stemberg divorce case; according to the article, Staples had gone public two years before Romney testified.

    The stock price rose significantly in the year after Romney’s testimony, but the fact that Romney didn’t accurately predict the stock price a year into the future doesn’t mean that Romney “cheated” the wife. If the failure to accurately predict a stock’s price a year into the future were a legal cause of action, I’d be suing my broker every day!

      Estragon in reply to Observer. | October 26, 2012 at 2:40 am

      Key part of Romney’s testimony is he & Bain partners did NOT exercise all the options to which they were entitled because they were unsure if Staples would be a big winner, push, or loser. He had already voted with his own money.

      The wife dumped half her stock before the IPO, AFTER her settlement & without husband’s influence or Romney’s, and most of the rest too soon after.

      Divorce settlement 1989, Romney testimony 1991, Staples big explosion 1998.

      Allred lost nothing. She got three more days of national advertising for free, so every freak with a potentially newsworthy case will call her now.

Oh my, this certainly is an unexpected, yet welcome, development. Poor Gloria – it’s almost as though the ACME dynamite just exploded in her face.

Have you heard the latest liberal joke that’s been going around? The punchline is Gloria Allred.


1. Is there still time before the election for Allred to file a motion to ungag, or does the legal system move too slowly for that?

2. Whoever is paying Allred will not be pleased with her foul-up. This will affect her future cash flow.

3. The Globe, of course, has not gone to court seeking access to Harvard’s federal filings, including documents signed by Elizabeth Warren, which might bring down Warren.

Why hasn’t someone else: the Herald, the Brown campaign, the RNC or superPACs, business organizations, etc?

    ThomasD in reply to gs. | October 25, 2012 at 12:26 pm

    The legal system can move might fast when it wants to.

    Rest assured that somewhere a -competent- attorney is drafting that motion for Allred to put her name atop.

Today the Globe has a front page story on Warren. I’d call it a puff piece, but they have taken it to another lower level.

We should restrain all the mirth. How would you like it if you were mocked in front of the whole world just because you turned out to be incompetent at a crucial moment? It could happen to anybody! Gloria Allred, Joe Biden, Barry Obama… anybody!

Okay. Maybe not. Resume mocking please.

    DemNoMore in reply to irv. | October 25, 2012 at 11:38 am

    I couldn’t restrain my mirth if I tried. I don’t know which makes me happier, this post or one over on the Moonbattery site in which a pollster says Obama’s ads are pissing off Republican voters to the max and causing them to go vote in ever increasing numbers, but are not inspiring Democrats to do the same. This day is starting off great.

Ouch, I”m sure Ms. Allred had that pang of angst in her stomach when she realized she had not filed a motion to ungag her client. The judge correctly ruled that he could not consider ungaging Ms. Allred and her client.

There’s nothing worse than a divorcee (male or female) who wants to talk about their divorce and how they were screwed. People never get over it and the extreme anger and emotion usually makes them totally unreasonable.

They are usually tedious to listen to for any amount of time. One finds oneself trying to walk away from this type of person as fast as one can, but the aggrieved will fight to keep their diatribe going to try and prove how unjust the whole thing was. With Gloria Allred, it will be worse. The advantage though is it is easier to change the channel than to disentangle oneself from a personal conversation.

If this is the best the Obama campaign has, Romney has nothing to fear– the real story is not how Romney testified, but how Obama has resorted to grasping at straws.

The “demonize Romney” meme unraveled in the first debate but Obama just can’t let it go and it is probably increasing the likelihood he will lose.

    Valerie in reply to steer. | October 25, 2012 at 11:26 am

    Ehhh.. where there’s smoke, there is very often fire, and it’s frequently due to a failure of somebody to pass a test of decency, followed a failure to tender an apology.

    So often a few kind words could change these things.

      DemNoMore in reply to Valerie. | October 25, 2012 at 3:36 pm

      And so often a few kind words just encourages the nutcase. (I did not give you a thumbs down. I think Gloria Allred is on here.)

    JackRussellTerrierist in reply to steer. | October 25, 2012 at 12:23 pm

    The MA bar hasn’t seen fit to do anything about Warren. If Allred steps out of line and she and her “client” start mouthing off without a gag order release, who’s going to stop them?

Jack The Ripper | October 25, 2012 at 11:17 am

Neal Boortz dealt with Gloria Allred at something called the National Association of Radio Talk Show Hosts (NARTSH).

They were both on the Board.

Check out this post by Neal Boortz:

Professor Reynolds is right. The Globe are professional liberals with bylines

“I know Gloria Allred. She’s a terrible lawyer, third rate stricty. And, frankly, anything she’s involved with doesn’t usually work out well.
~ Donald Trump, 10/23/12

Hahahaaaaa!! Score one for The Donald.

Hmmmm…I must investigate this “judge is hot” report further.

All in all, an interesting morning: someone is presently flirting with contempt (could it be Gloria?!), what with “Mitt lied under oath” leaks suddenly appearing all over the place, and Allred herself is left to thrash around on TV unable to exploit her careful groundwork with a trademark “blockbuster interview”.

First the proverbial “They” silenced Sandra Fluke in that Reno parking lot, and now this.

Like that Scott Walker recall supporter cried, “Democracy died today!!”

It’s even worse than reported; turns out that Stemberg offered to agree to release the Romney testimony if the Globe dropped request to lift gag order. It seems that “One of the Best Attorneys in the Country” wasn’t really even involved in the filing. Her plan was to stand there like Christ come to cleanse the temple as The Globe got the goods, grab a copy, knock down anyone or anything that stood between her and the nearest TV camera and commence to bloviating, lying and preening. Unfortunately, The Globe cut the deal without consulting her and she has no standing whatever to object.

Why not sue for OBama’s Harvard transcripts? Even a list of courses taken, with their syllabi, would be instructive. Since everyone gets an “A” there anyway, just eave the grades off.

“The Globe, of course, has not gone to court seeking access to Harvard’s federal filings, including documents signed by Elizabeth Warren, which might bring down Warren.”

Subscribers to the Globe should point this out to them. After all, they know how to find their way to the courthouse.

I love it when the dynamite progressives play with explodes in unexpected ways. Perhaps Allred should have asked Elizabeth Warren to co-counsel with her. Between the two of them they might have equaled one competent lawyer–but not one honest one.

Just caught a couple of minutes of her post-hearing press conference. She’s such a monumental hypocrite. Publicly begging other news organizations to file a motion to lift the gag order but only with respect to Governor Romney. Because, fairness. Because all information should be available, especially in a Presidential election. But she’s not there because she’s a Democrat or for political reasons.

Now that she mentions it, I do recall her dozens of appearances back in 2008 demanding Obama’s birth certificate and college records be released. Because, fairness.

What’s the point of having something sealed if someone can come along later and ask [successfully] that it be unsealed? Was there some type of “compelling interest”? Interest by whom…the State?

Do I have a compelling interest to unseal literally everything that has ever been sealed?

And what’s the point of a gag order if the transcript is released? Is the point of a gag order to keep people from talking about the proceedings? Ie, from telling people what’s in them. If so, it makes no sense to say you can read about it but two specific people can’t verbalize about it.

These decisions are screwy, IMO.

I’m no lawyer, so if one is in the house can you please explain to me what a “gag order” entails.

Here is David Corn of Mother Jones quoting a fellow who says Maureen Stemberg told him “all about” Romney’s place in her decade-long litigation with her ex-husband. Is this a “gag order” violation?

“Dragon-Lion Media, a movie production company based outside of Los Angeles, announced it was making a documentary about her [Maureen Sullivan Stemberg], with her cooperation. It issued a press release noting that this “first-time tell all tale of the interweaving relationships and strange bedfellow[s]” in her life would feature Romney, without specifying what role he would play. But Edmund Druilhet, the founder and CEO of Dragon-Lion Media, tells Mother Jones that Stemberg had discussed with him her belief that Romney had testified falsely to help Tom Stemberg during the trial. “She told me all about that,” he says.”

    steer in reply to MTF. | October 25, 2012 at 1:00 pm

    A gag order is what it sounds like, it prevents parties from discussing what happened including testimony of parties/witnesses in a case. If a participant violates the order, they are considered to be in contempt of court which can result in fines and/or imprisonment.

    I practice in Virginia and don’t know the specifics of Mass. law, but gag orders are often entered where children are involved in divorce cases.

    A lawyer pleads facts in a complaint, for example, in a manner to put his client in the best light while alleging the other party is in the wrong. As a practical matter, divorces often involve very nasty allegations which are described as facts to be proven in court. Nasty and unprovable allegations are often made to gain an advantage in a custody battle or for equitable distribution of the marital assets. It is not uncommon that facts alleged are not later proven but mere public knowlege of the allegation would be damaging.

    This reminds me of how Obama won his senate seat. He was running against Jack Ryan, who was well ahead in polls (20%+) and expected to win. Obama’s supporters got the pleadings and transcripts of Ryan’s divorce, including some records on the custody battle over the objections of Ryan and his ex-wife, released from a gag order. Ryan’s wife made alegations that he wanted her to participate in group sex in sex clubs and other deviant sexual practices. I do not beleve the allegations were proven but the release caused Ryan to drop out of the race. You may recall Alan Keyes was added as a last minute and ultimately unsuccessful challenger to Obama.

    It seems Obama is hoping for a little “back to the future” magic.

The psychotic elite in desperation.

I don’t want Romney just to win. I want to see the psychotic elite gobsmacked by the results. I want the Boston Globe and the NY Times and all the rest to have their worlds upended. I want this to be worse and more shocking for them than the 2010 midterms.

[…] All The News That Fits Our Agenda Posted on October 25, 2012 9:09 am by Bill Quick » Gloria Allred’s Worst Nightmare — Transcript released but her client’s still gagged –… […]

7:02 AM PT — Gloria is grasping at straws … but it’s clear, the judge is not gonna cut her a break. Gloria vows to return to court after she files a motion.

Reminds me of the section of Clany’s “Executive Orders”, where the sleazy ex-VP, Ed Kealty, who is also trying to become President, sues Jack Ryan over plague travel restrictions and in the process ends up with a court order, calling out “President Ryan”.

“Ed, you never were a very good lawyer”…

Reminds me of the Three Stooges (which in this case is very appropriate) where one opens a door for someone, then slams it in their face. This “acme blow up” (thanks, Mary Sue) couldn’t happen to a nicer jerk-ette.

Gloria Allred is to lawyers is what Hillary Clinton is to Secretaries of State. The only difference being Allred had a one trick.

It’s a relief that Gloria has been spiked…for the moment.

Let’s not spike the football yet, though.

The leftist spinmeisters at the Globe still get the transcript for to work on. And Gloria could be — will be — back. What happens then remains to be seen.

If Gloria manages to prevail in Round 2, this normally-career-ending “FAIL!” goes down the memory hole as though it hadn’t happened.

That said, it’s nice to see Gloria Whoria (as someone else so wonderfully dubbed her) getting her head handed to her.

This case by Allred just hasn’t gotten the publicity it should.

I’m puzzled. What was the compelling reason for the judge to unseal the transcript? I’ve read through several blogs and many comments and see no one addressing this.
I confused about this. If I’ve testified or been involved in some way with a court ruling that has been sealed to protect the litigants how can I be assured it won’t be ‘unsealed’ by some partisan political hack for some reason? (Not that this could ever happen: who gives a rip about me?)

FYI: the Boston Globe is a leftist Piece of “bill-maher” that is 100% owned by the “all the news that’s fit to fake” New York Times, which is 100% owned by the lunatic-left d-cRAT socialist party.

From the dictionary of real Americans:
“bill-maher”: a sub-adolescent spewing forth vile hatred at everyone who is NOT a blithering idiot socialist extremist using all the expletives, insults and misogynist slurs that were ever invented. The projectile vomit this leftist buffoon throws out as “humor” is something that only another lunatic-left extremist can enjoy. Synonyms for “bill-maher” = a**-hole, excrement, Rev. “God Damn America” wright.

[…] feed of this morning’s judicial proceedings (via Legal Insurrection)… 7:10 AM PT — The judge has agreed to release Mitt’s transcripts to the Boston Globe […]

Blair Hull, Jack Ryan, and now Tom Stemberg have all had their divorce records unsealed by Obama supporters, each for the purpose of smearing the reputation of a man running for public office against Barack Obama.

Please, please. Just one, 30-second spot in a swing state asking whether this is the kind of campaigning we want from our politicians. Let’s put paid to the Axeldrod method.

[…] – Gloria Allred’s Worst Nightmare – via Legal […]

I practiced in the California family law courts for 40 years before retiring. Anybody who does this kind of law knows that Gloria had a snowball’s chance in hell of cracking this case open. First, judges hate to reopen closed cases. They have a big caseload to get thru and don’t have time to deal with already-decided cases. Second, this case has already been litigated to death: appeals, motions to set aside judgments, fraud claims, claims of attorney malpractice, etc. No trial judge want to get embroiled in such a mess. Third, the plaintiff has a reputation as a professional litigant: the worst of the worst in the rogue’s gallery of “parties I don’t want in my court”. Fourth, Gloria has a reputation as a bottom-feeling publicity hound; what judge wants to get caught in that trap? Finally, the judge’s colleagues would give her holy he’ll if she let opened this pandora’s box. Even Democrats would flee in terror from this.
The best part is that the judge didn’t even have to rule on the merits, because Gloria failed to file a motion to unseal the records. What an incompetent hack! What everybody in CA already knows.

She actually said this during the proceeding, referring to her client:

“She is apparently the only person in the United States of America – perhaps the world – who cannot speak about Governor Romney,”…”She needs to be able to speak.”

If I were the judge, I’d have held her in contempt or thrown her out of the courtroom for insulting the intelligence of every other person in the United States of America – perhaps the world.

This woman has been publicly trashmouthing Romney for 25 years already. And she’s perfectly free to continue trashmouthing him all she wants – she just can’t talk about her divorce case. Allred is simply evil incarnate.