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Can Mike McIntyre (NC-7) really claim to be “blue dog?”

Can Mike McIntyre (NC-7) really claim to be “blue dog?”

A recently released Associated Press article on the Operation Counterweight race between David Rouzer (R) and Mike McIntyre (D) has echoed a common assertion regarding Mike McIntyre’s political status.

A member of his party’s conservative Blue Dog caucus, McIntyre casually quotes Scripture, rails against illegal immigrants, touts his votes against “Obamacare” and says he’s never met a tax cut he didn’t like.

It’s interesting to see what qualifies as Blue Dog. Sure, he voted against Obamacare, but is that the threshold we should be forced to measure political competence at? McIntyre knows that voting for something like Obamacare would not pass in his district, even before it was redrawn, and it would effectively end any hopes of his reelection.

Looking at McIntyre’s voting record when Democrats were enjoying popularity reveals a very different picture than he would like his constituents to believe. As David Rouzer, points out, when McIntyre’s feet weren’t being held to the fire by angry voters, his so-called political independence fell in lock step with the Democratic party leaders.

From 2007-2010, McIntyre voted with then House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, 90% of the time. Here’s the Rouzer campaign’s ad on McIntyre’s ties to Pelosi when she was Speaker of the House.

Even with that record, McIntyre still fancies himself Blue Dog Democrat. But the facts would seem to indicate that McIntyre only drifts toward the middle when its politically necessary for him to do so.

Moreover, in a situation reminiscent to the one Lee Anderson is facing in Georgia’s 12th district, David Rouzer’s opponent is reluctant to reveal who he’ll be voting for in the Presidential election.

In the end, however, it could be the presidential race that most influences whether McIntyre returns to Washington. Asked if he plans to vote to re-elect Obama, who polls say is unpopular in his district, the Democratic congressman refused to answer.

“I’m not making any comments on that,” McIntyre said. “I’m running my own race.”

The “I’m not telling” excuse has become a tired refrain.

Just as it’s time for a change in the highest office in the land, it’s also time for a change in many of these Congressional districts where entrenched incumbents have become willing to do what’s right by the people only when their jobs are on the line. It is clear that NC-7 is one of those districts.

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Blue Dog Democrats are quickly becoming an extinct breed. Obamacare as the sole litmus test is a frightening proposition given the fact that there are thousands of other issues Democrats have totally botched.What about the budget, unemployment,defense spending,foreign policy, currency manipulation,debt ceiling, the housing market/lending practices…

Article on the future of the Blue Dog

Snorkdoodle Whizbang | October 13, 2012 at 4:31 pm

Well, this is my district and from what I can see around here is a sea of Rouzer signs and nary a peep out of Mikey McIntyre. Rouzer also has a very effective local radio ad that has been playing very, very well down here.

I think that given the big lead the Republican gubernatorial candidate has over his democratic opponent (its double digit… he’s going to clean his clock and we’ll have our first Republican Governor in twenty years down here) and allowing for a Romney surge, there is going to be a very positive down ticket boost for the Republicans in N.C. this election.

Its really interesting… four years ago I could easily spot Obama yard signs pretty much anywhere I went. This time around I have yet to see a single one. Heck… I’ve seen more Gary Johnson signs than Obama signs!!

This is no time to get cocky, of course. But lets just say there is a very different feeling in the air down here this election cycle. Not nearly the Obama ground game presence that there was last time around.

    It’s funny that you say that about Johnson, now that I think about it you are correct, in Wilmington (the highest population part of the 7th) there are way more Johnson signs than obama signs, probably like 5 to 1.

    The Wilmington part of the 7th went overwhelmingly to McCain last time but McIntyre made up for those votes by having his hometown in the district, it has since been lopped off and the part it was replaced with is Rouzers home base. McIntyre really has a hill to climb here now. Although his office had been responsive when I called and he actually calls back, I still will not be sorry to see him go.

    I’m in NC7 as well. I supported Rouzer’s opponent in the primary, but will vote for him. He hasn’t inspired a lot of folks and his campaign hasn’t been well-run because the powers that be in Raleigh thought that throwing in Johnston County would make D7 a race that a “can of orange juice” could win as long as it had an R behind it.

    Why will I place this unenthusiastic vote for Rouzer?

    Because McIntyre is a fraud. If you look at his voting record from a Constitutional perspective instead of just a partisan one, McIntyre votes with the Constitution only 38% of the time.

It really doesn’t matter. Regardless of how conservative an individual democratic congressman might be, every one who gets elected is one more seat towards another Speaker Pelosi. Sorry Mr. McIntyre, you could agree with me on every single political issue, but I’d still vote against you if I had the chance. Come talk to me when you’ve developed some responsible leadership in your party.

    scooby509 in reply to AndyN. | October 13, 2012 at 7:22 pm

    A “blue dog” dem is typically slightly left of our moderate Republicans. I have no problem with moderates, when voters elect moderates they typically are getting what they asked for.

    But they’re not conservative, and we shouldn’t pretend otherwise.

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