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Busted: Washington Post deletes all Hating Breitbart reviews again

Busted: Washington Post deletes all Hating Breitbart reviews again

Once, again, the Washington Post has erased all user reviews of the Andrew Breitbart documentary “Hating Breitbart.” The user reviews had previously been deleted from the site last week, although a negative review from their on-staff reporter remained:

The movie, which had been receiving rave reviews from the public, details Andrew Breitbart’s war with the mainstream media. This makes it doubly troubling that the Washington Post continues to delete positive reviews of the movie from their site.

As of late Saturday evening, the only review posted (all others had been erased) was from someone wondering where all the reviews went:

In addition, Rotton Tomatoes, a movie-rating site, has placed two separate entries for the movie, making it unclear where users should post their reviews.

Meanwhile, after a stellar opening weekend where the movie grossed the second-highest per theater revenues in the country, Hating Breitbart is expanding across the nation (check for your local showtimes here.)

The clearest take on what just might be going on at WaPo and elsewhere is, conveniently, found in the movie itself, which provides the most incisive and entertaining look at the sorry state of our legacy mainstream media. And we see Andrew Breitbart’s thesis playing out before our very eyes.


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Why do Collectivists HATE reporting democratic data?

(It’s a trick question, you know.)

I’ve ‘erased’ the Washington Post.

Why read propaganda when you can elsewhere read the news?

This is not even news unless someone actually still believed the lie that newspaper people favor free speech.

Unbelievable. The miserable bastards. One of those reviews was mine. Now I’ll do another.

The funny thing is, the Washington Post is SO MUCH better than the New York Times!

That’s because the New York Times thinks they can publish any old fantasy as if it were fact.

The Washington Post pretty much limits itself to publishing lots of opinion in its “news” stories but usually distinguishing between fact and opinion, and also spiking stories that reflect poorly on the Democratic Party at the national level.

Well, that and calling me “conservatives” every time I write them to point out some major flaw in their reportage.

As someone who long used to subscribe to the Washington Post, I finally cancelled them a few months ago, and am I glad I did.

While I am now a registered independent, I was a democrat for as long as I could vote, I do lean a bit to left on some issues, right on others.

I used to think Wash. Post was a liberal paper, it isn’t, it is a lefty intolerant. Liberalism in the classical sense means tolerance, more respect for individuals etc, even those you don’t agree with. That is why refuse to call these papers “liberal”, please don’t call them liberal, they are the intolerant left.

And they are idiots as well. Its not like the internet doesn’t exist and people can watch how they silence people they don’t agree with by erasing their posts.

I’m come to the conclusion conservatives are much more tolerant, I probably lean left than most who post here on social issues (not fiscal, limited govt), yet my opinions when I post aren’t erased like they don’t exist like the Post did with those Breitbart movie reviews.

I would say shame on Washington Post, but shame requires some moral scruples, of which the lame Wash Post has none. What a downturn that lame “news”paper has turned into.

    JoAnne in reply to alex. | October 28, 2012 at 2:19 pm

    I think you’ll find most conservatives are willing to discuss differences of opinion without getting mean spirited – That’s why I switched political views in my late thirties. I’ve found leftist women and union bosses to be some of the nastiest critters on earth.

and I was a big supporter of Breitbart, he made me realize I was more conservative than I thought and how the MSM and the lefties lie about what conservatism is. Very honest and blunt man, a true patriot.

    JoAnne in reply to alex. | October 28, 2012 at 2:25 pm

    Yes, Andrew is my hero. My epiphany came when my then boyfriend, now husband, challenged me to listen to Rush for a month after I had badmouthed Rush. He asked if I had ever listened to him. I said NO, I didn’t need to listen to him (see, told you, I was a liberal airhead)! He pointed out the idiocy of that statement and I had to agree with him! So I listened. At first I screamed and ranted at the radio, then I started really listening and found that I really had more in common with Rush than I had with the Democrats! Started doing my homework and – voila – I’m a full fledged conservative!

MEDIA MALPRACTICE – WaPo Scrubs Positive “Hating Breitbart” Reviews From Website
The INTOLERANT lunatic-left simply can’t handle dissent (or THE TRUTH, or THE FACTS or REALITY) from their rigid ideological extremism – just like Adolf’s National Socialists and evry other dictatorial regime. At least two or three time every week, my comments are deleted and my comment accounts closed at the corrupt, biased socialist MSM sites – which I take to mean that my comments are right-on and potentially too effective for these slimebags to allow others to see. But they can’t stop me from getting out my rational, conservative, pro-American, patriotic views.

Along those lines, today I went looking for the video of Congressperson Kaptur (D – Toledo) confusing Ben Bernanke with Hank Paulson (and upon being corrected saying, “Oh, you’re the other one”)at a House Budget Committee meeting. This remarkable gaffe was widely commented upon at the time (Jan 17, 2008) in a wide variety of places. To my surprise, there were no copies of it on Youtube. I went to a couple of blogs that covered it and had embedded the video in their posts. I clicked on the embedded video which produced the message “this video is private”. Really???? A congressional hearing – private?

Fortunately, it is still findable on CSpan, but given the clear political leanings of Google, is Youtube now functioning as the ministry of truth?????

The fish I catch refuse to let me wrap them in this rag!!!

As far as I can determine, even though there is at least one theater showing Hating Breitbart in the DC area, the Washington Compost is listing no showtimes for it. From a corporal in the Army of Breitbarts