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Brown-Warren Debate LIVE

Brown-Warren Debate LIVE

This is the second debate, being held at U. Mass. Lowell, starting at 7 p.m. Eastern.  There should be live feeds on,, and CBS 3 in Springfield . It may also be on CSPAN.

David Gregory is the moderator – ugh.  Let me guess how that will go.  It should be interesting if Gregory tries to keep the debate away from Warren’s personal problems.

We’ll have a live embed in conjunction with Red Mass Group, again, and I’ll have analysis after it’s over.


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@GlobePolitical: RT @mlevenson: Minutes before #masendebate, Warren releases list of her legal clients sought by Brown, calls on him to do same. 4 minutes ago
From the Boston Globe, tweets. She knows what could happen here.

U.Mass Lowell’s former team mascot: The Chiefs.

No, I’m not kidding. It really was.

Henry Hawkins | October 1, 2012 at 7:40 pm

I could take so much of this debate and quit watching. For the thirty minutes I did see, I’d give Senator Brown a slight edge over his opponent, David Gregory.

    1. I don’t expect Brown to think of this under the circumstances, but:

    It’s customary to shake hands with your opponent after the debate. Wouldn’t it be great if Brown walked over to Gregory?

    (Ignoring Warren would take it too far. I’m suggesting he shake with Gregory first, that’s all.)

    2. Maybe it’s a tactic to keep in mind for future debates, especially the last one.

    3. An allusion to the NFL replacement refs might work well.

    4. The foregoing could be done by a lot of GOP candidates other than Brown.

I don’t think Warren knows who Bobby Valentine is.

If Mass picks Lizzie, they will get what they deserve. Another liar, like a Kennedy.