A startling video released today by Jeremy Segal (“Rebel Pundit”) of Breitbart.com shows inner-city Black Chicagoans expressing outrage against President Obama, union racism, and the Democratic Machine, whom they say no longer represent their agenda.

Further, when money is directed at their community, it is funneled through so-called community-based organizations and nonprofits or unions, and never touches the residents themselves.

Community resident Paul McKinley says, “Everything in Chicago is controlled by the Democratic party. Everything in my community is controlled by Black Democrats. There is no Tea Party in my community. There is no Republicans. So they can’t blame the Tea Party.” Later, he says, “I tell you that the liberal agenda is not the black agenda, it is not the family agenda, and it is not the American agenda.”

Another woman interviewed, Jean Ray, said, “They feel they can just take us for granted, and we’re just going to vote Democratic anyways. But if there was a Republican out here doing what I felt they should be doing, I would vote for them.”

It goes beyond party politics. One woman, who describes how any money put into the community simply goes to (non-Black) union contractors, says, “As far as the community outreach, once again, these community organizations that’s taking money and shuffling paperwork, but not really reaching out to the community…The union won’t let us in, as a whole. They will not let us in. They will figure out any way to close the doors to us…I’m going to say it right out, they’re prejudiced against us”:

In an interview with LI, Segal, who conducted the investigation, said that members of the community came to him to look into the rising violence and murder rate in Chicago’s poor black communities. From his post “Exodus: Inner City Blacks Fleeing Obama, Democrats“:

In the course of an ongoing investigation into the root causes of the rising tide of violence and horrifying murder rate this year in Chicago’s most destitute neighborhoods, several video interviews I conducted with black American voters from the community-organized south and west side, reveal a community that is fed up with the status quo–the status quo that keeps these communities ridden with poverty, homelessness, unemployment, dismantled families, and, of course, skyrocketing murder rates. And residents say, “it is the black Democratic leadership implementing a liberal agenda” that is to blame for the ongoing plight in their community.

Already, Segal has received feedback from the community, including this email:

Thank for you exposure to this issue. I live on the southside in Englewood and do not support democratic agendas at all. I live in the heart of urban blight and would never support Obama or his policies. They are TOXIC to neighborhoods like mine. Contrary to popular belief, there IS an informed, conservative presence of working class people in Englewood, Chicago.

Segal said, “‘compassionate’ liberals who see this video and still vote for Obama are guilty of the ultimate hypocrisy. Clearly, the residents of this community can see how harmful continuing to reelect Democrats is to their community.”

The start of a revolution?


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