I noted the other day that Obama’s “My First Time” video appeared to be a rip off of a similar ad for Vladimir Putin.

The Aussies, however, are claiming that one of their candidates was the first to have a first time experience.

From The Catallaxy Files:

It is disappointing that the Americans insist on giving credit for the conception behind the “Your First Time” ads directed at young women voters to the Russian President none other than Vladimir Putin when the credit really should go to Sarah Hanson-Young from our very own Australian Green Party. This is from the 2010 Australian election and it is the same idea right down to putting it under the heading, “Your First Time”, the exact same name used in the American Democrat ad….

The deep left always targets the shallow and uninformed who are clueless about the implications of voting for such people. Since the media is itself part of the deep left it does not so much get targeted as does the targeting. But here we have a series of ads directed at the shallow and uninformed – in this case women young enough to be voting for the first time….

But never mind all that. What I am raising here is a matter for national pride. These are ads that have had their origin right here in Australia. We have been able to influence such giants in the world as Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama.


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