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Aussies claim credit for “My First Time”

Aussies claim credit for “My First Time”

I noted the other day that Obama’s “My First Time” video appeared to be a rip off of a similar ad for Vladimir Putin.

The Aussies, however, are claiming that one of their candidates was the first to have a first time experience.

From The Catallaxy Files:

It is disappointing that the Americans insist on giving credit for the conception behind the “Your First Time” ads directed at young women voters to the Russian President none other than Vladimir Putin when the credit really should go to Sarah Hanson-Young from our very own Australian Green Party. This is from the 2010 Australian election and it is the same idea right down to putting it under the heading, “Your First Time”, the exact same name used in the American Democrat ad….

The deep left always targets the shallow and uninformed who are clueless about the implications of voting for such people. Since the media is itself part of the deep left it does not so much get targeted as does the targeting. But here we have a series of ads directed at the shallow and uninformed – in this case women young enough to be voting for the first time….

But never mind all that. What I am raising here is a matter for national pride. These are ads that have had their origin right here in Australia. We have been able to influence such giants in the world as Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama.


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all we got from Obama was a cheap (in every possible sense) knock-off?

What’s that golf term…par for the course…???

I don’t think I’d be claiming credit for that ad if I were an Aussie…wait, I am an Aussie, at least by birth!

But at least they’re honest about the targeted group – the low information voter. God save us.

Heck, we didn’t even get “sloppy seconds” on this ad…

I can the Aussies now, looking through their national album:

Ah, there’s the vid about her “first time.” Why, we were so very proud. She’s our national treasure. And, the other nations were so envious they even copied what she did. Bless her. She’s a dear one; that she is!

With all due respect, I have a hard time putting “giants in the world” and “Obama” in the same sentence.

Not to be too crass, but of the three political “virgins”, the only one that “swayed” me was Vlad’s! 😉 Heck, even the gypsy woman beat Øbama’s and the Aussie woman!

I heard someone cain that Ronald Reagan ran such an ad. That seems out of character, to me.

Do the Aussies now plan to MONITOR OUR POLLING STATIONS TOO?

I respectfully suggest they mind their own business, which seems to focus upon: a) drinking beer–“Australia’s problem with alcohol must be faced” article from
b) gambling–“Many Australians enjoy an occasional flutter. However for some, gambling can be highly destructive – ruining lives and destroying families. The biggest cause? The Pokies.” article from

Ovomit DID make a “BIG VISIT” to Australia a year ago to do his typical “promise making” and “gift giving” schtick, BUT WHAT HE SAID ABOUT DEMOCRACY WAS ILLUMINATING:

“Obama said that other forms of government had been tried and all had failed because “they ignore the ultimate source of power and legitimacy – the will of the people”.

Read more:


ROMNEY & RYAN WIN BIG…just ten days!

    BannedbytheGuardian in reply to counsel4pay. | October 27, 2012 at 5:44 pm


    Americans are very welcome to visit Australia including The President. American Consulates & embassies have not been bombed & sacked nor would the host authorities allow Al Quaeda flags to fly over US property. I suggest you reserve your disdain or those that do.

    No Australians are planning to monitor voting stations in any official category. There is considerable interest in voting methods in the USA as they are very different from Australia even though both are versions of democracy, The Australians borrowed your Senate system of equal state representations for example.

    Australia began as a penal colony of underclass shipped out from the prisons of Britain & never lost that wild edge of booze gambling but unlike the slaves of contemporary America they could earn their freedoms,

    But the real reason Obama came was the need to sign the official papers for a USMC base in :
    Darwin that Australia has offered to host.

    Counsel – You doing a lot of angst over a Youtube vid .

    Who knows perhaps they will go & arrest her in the middle of the night. Not that there’d be anything wrong with that for her. Lots of bulldykes to keep her company in there. but I just don’t think it would be her first time .

    spottedreptile in reply to counsel4pay. | October 27, 2012 at 7:58 pm

    Gee, stereotype much? I’m an Aussie and I resent your rather crass Obama-like response.

    Sarah Hanson-Young has been consigned to the dustbin of history, so Australians can’t be that bad and we are about to add the current Socialist government to the same dustbin. In the meantime, lighten up. This was a lighthearted post why do you feel the need to bash people who are on your side?

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The sidebar provides a link to the blog “small dead animals”. Check out the post “Afternoon Smile”.

I’m pretty sure they studied Putin’s entire campaign.

Huh. That fact that women aren’t repulsed and creeped out by the Obama admin for this ad is quite an insult to the gender.

Also- as a marketing guy I have to say it flat out says- if you vote for Obama, you are getting EFFED. It’s really second string in terms of originality and I’m guessing the messaging didn’t come from Wyden and Kennedy (ie the ones who did Nike stuff in the 90s)

Amazing that they’re willing to publically admit to being associated with such drivel.

BannedbytheGuardian | October 27, 2012 at 7:58 pm

Whether it is the USA or the Anglosphere , the tone of the election overage is bleak..

Are there ads with sylph like Russian nymphs washing cars for Putin ?

Why are all the beautiful girls Russian ?

It is not fair.

Guys, before you get too carried away, Catallaxy is a right-wing Australian blog. Their “national pride” in a Greens ad inspiring the Obama ad is completely sarcastic. They can’t stand the Greens…. or Obama.

Just a heads up, before you all go over there and make fools of yourselves.

LOL. Catallaxy is a libertarian site – the “pride” comment was meant as sarcasm. If you think the ad itself is bad, the woman in our ad is a Greens Party senator! I kid you not (even worse, we have a minority left government, and the Greens hold balance of power)

When you guys elect Romney, can you please invade us?

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