They mean voting, of course, yeah right, no sexual imagery in this ad from the Obama campaign.

The Obama campaign has lost whatever mind it had left, it has sunk to lows never seen before.  (Video h/t RightScoop)

How respectful of women to suggest that they should be motivated by sex, oh, I mean, policy.

It’s a good thing CNN pulled that article about how young single women vote for Obama based on sexual attractiveness:

On Wednesday, CNN set itself up for a steep fall when it published a story suggesting that hormonal changes influence the way women vote. The article — headlined “Do hormones drive women’s votes?” — was based on unpublished data from researchers at the University of Texas, San Antonio. Looking at the political tendencies of 275 women at various stages of their menstrual cycles, researchers concluded that when women are ovulating and estrogen levels are high, single women are more likely to vote for Obama, while women in a relationship are more likely to vote for Romney. Kristina Durante, one of the study’s authors, somehow concluded that “when women are ovulating, they ‘feel sexier,’ and therefore lean more toward liberal attitudes on abortion and marriage equality.”

Perhaps Obama’s new campaign slogan should be “Screw Obama.”

Update:  H/t to a reader, did the Obama campaign copy a similar ad from Vladimir Putin?  Via Jane Doe Politics in February 2012, Putin Campaign Ad Likens Virginity To Voting :

Sex sells, so are you surprised that a sexually charged ad about pseudo-stud Vladimir Putinwould grab the world’s attention?

In an attempt to appeal to a younger demographic, Vladimir Putin’s supporters have released a series of risque ads for the prime minister’s upcoming presidential campaign. One of the clips features a young woman (Taylor Swift’s Russian doppelganger) paying a visit to a psychic. The young lady wants to know who she is destined for and says, “I wish it to be for love — It is my first time.” She is not, however, talking about being a sexual virgin, but a virgin to voting. The psychic flips a tarot card and reveals Putin, inspiring the braided blondie to flash an expression of amusement and cast her vote for him….

Whether you speak Russian or not, the clip will definitely get a shudder out of you, so watch if you dare:

Here’s the Putin video referenced, no translation:


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