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A reader’s special tribute to Bruce Springsteen

A reader’s special tribute to Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen is all in for Obama again:

If any doubt remained about how central the state of Ohio is to President Obama’s reelection campaign, the sight of Bruce Springsteen and former President Clinton on stage at Cuyahoga Community College on Thursday made it clear….

Springsteen, who sang solo and played acoustic guitar and harmonica, took a more poetic approach than Clinton, calling Romney “our honorable opponent” even as he skewered him as a man who would favor the wealthy.

From long-time reader and photographer Thomas, in New York City:

One of my vivid memories when I immigrated here in 1984 was spotting the just released cover of ‘Born in the USA’ at a storefront.

I knew nothing of American politics then except that my family had risked everything to come to a country that would respect their individual freedom, hardwork and success.

There was something about ‘Born in the USA’ that felt like a declaratory and celebratory reminder that we had finally escaped the Proletariat Tyrants that destroyed so much in our lives in the old country.

Here’s to you Bruce Springsteen. Thanks for all the BS.


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I Love It 🙂

I think “The Boss” is going to lose a lot of fans over this.

Hopefully, it doesn’t turn the tide with the uninformed.

    Anchovy in reply to CalMark. | October 19, 2012 at 12:07 am

    I think it is more about getting invited to the right parties and getting laid by the beautiful, but politically naive starlets and wannabe starlets, than any deep philosophical thinking.

    I just hope he wakes up some morning with a 10+ hangover and rolls over and finds Candy Crowley with morning breath.

Has any free society at any time in history had its freedom so misunderstood and at times even betrayed by its elite artistic class – the very people who should be guarding it and reaffirming it through their art. What greater purpose is there for art than the cause and integrity of freedom. For any artist to support Obama requires a kind of moral violation that would seem unbearable to the senses. This is a president whose FIRST impulse after a terrorist attack by theocratic totalitarians (who hate women, gays, science, education and would cut the throat of any average American pop star or liberal just as soon as talk to him) was to blame, indirectly, our freedom of speech. Springsteen is desperately lost; but so are virtually all American performers, stars, actors. Progressivism has worn a groove in their vanities and psyches too deep for objective reality to reach. Obama has degraded the lives of the very people Springsteen claims to champion in every measurable category.

    Midwest Rhino in reply to raven. | October 19, 2012 at 6:00 am

    …freedom so misunderstood and at times even betrayed by its elite artistic class – the very people who should be guarding it and reaffirming it through their art.

    So many of the prophets of the sixties, the gurus that wrote such “heavy” lyrics, were just idealistic young “punks”. They pushed sex, drugs and rock and roll, then spewed garbage in rhyme in various musical styles. These old “hippies” are still surfing their capitalist route to fortune, while claiming to be some guiding light to the divine nature of Marxism.

    Much of culture has revolved around this music, and conservatives largely reformulate it internally and ignore the actual thrust of the “Marxist Minstrel” movement.

    But voters are confronted with whether they want a groovy childlike Marxist that could never be burdened with the heavy disciplines a free republic imposes on its leaders. Or a successful adult that has worked his way through the advanced processes of executive decision making. Romney worked with a Democrat majority in MA, but Obama finds illegal ways around Congress.

    When President Romney gets that 3AM call that our ambassador is under siege, he will be up and marshaling all forces in the area. It seems even as the attack was in progress, aid may have been denied, “let’s not draw attention to this bump in the road”. As facts roll in, I think we’ll find Obama was actually running FROM responsibility, going to his happy place to hang with adoring celebrities.

quiksilverz24 | October 18, 2012 at 9:42 pm

Well that was dumb. Two minutes of my life that I’ll never get back.

Kind of like the last four years when it comes to my professional and financial life…

DINORightMarie | October 18, 2012 at 9:44 pm

When I was in high school, The Boss was very big. And when “Born in the USA” came out, I loved it. Because of the beat, the sound, not the lyrics.

Now, I read them and see the very anti-American, oikophobic self-loathing permeates the album. Even the song, “I’m on Fire,” when you think about the lyrics, sounds like a child abuser or sex-crazed pervert. Just go back and listen….and read the lyrics. Chilling.

This man Thomas has it right. The Boss is a leftist tool – worth mega-millions, by the way. But his money is “good” and everyone else’s, like Romney’s, is “bad.” Reminds me of Animal Farm, somehow.

I wonder how much of his my money he has contributed to the radical’s statist cause?

Mingling with the Hollywood crowd when the country is in deep doo-doo won’t win you a lot of friends AND will diminish the popularity of those who participate openly in controversial political campaigns.

And that goes for “Da Boss” as well…

Why do I keep thinking of Bruce’s song “Glory Days”
(Bruce, they are the past for you, my boy. And if Obama somehow wins a second term, for the rest of us as well.)

Or “My Hometown”
(Bruce, you grew up in Asbury Park a Democrat stronghold. And what you sing about has happened in every single city controlled by Democrats and yet you still toe the line for the Dems?)

To these peoples, politics is simply fashion. They root for the Democrat candidate as if they were rooting for a sports team or buying an iPhone 5.

It’s one thing for them to live in blissful ignorance, but it is another for them to push their truly stupid and ignorant choices.

They deserve the push-back worthy of their contribution to the destruction of our society and our liberties.

If the likes of Springsteen are ruined to save our country, so be it. We have an endless supply of guitar players and singers and song writers. But we only have one nation. Springsteen is low on the list of our priorities.

Remind me to delete my collection of Springsteen tunes from my iTunes library.

To Thomas, I say thank you for being there to point out the Truth, when so many of our young people, having never experienced the oppression of the “Egalitariat” support it naively. They are the “Useful idiots” that Lenin spoke of fondly.

To the “Boss”, I say you are living off the fruits of people who sacrificed their lives so you could spout your communist class warfare crap. As an entertainer, I’d expect you to entertain, and not delve into politics. But apparently you are a politician, because your entertainment is beginning to stink.

DINORightMarie | October 18, 2012 at 10:52 pm

I just watched this, to cleanse me from the Springsteen nightmare:

Very, VERY funny!! Great delivery – like Bob Hope and Ronald Reagan, combined. And the zingers – quite sharp, and oh! so true of “The Letter O.” (Watch, you’ll see what I mean.) 😉

    Quite humorous and something we ought to have seen more of these past months. The ending gives us a glimpse of the gentleman and diplomat. We needed this man four years ago. But, that’s water over the dam. Let’s be thinking four years from now how glad we are that he became the 45th President of the U.S.A.

    Sorry Bruce, but I wouldn’t follow your picks at the track either.

    I think we’ll be catching Obama’s remarks at the Alfred E. Neuman dinner.

Hey! Of course Springsteen hates the wealthy! He’s just a simple farmer!

That’s right: Springsteen sucks on the government teat to collect farm subsidies.

Oh, the irony.

His state is going to vote against Obama.

Just sit back and rock on.

Bruce is a Clown! I have to turn off the radio every time I hear this hypocrite come on! How much money, above his tax obligation, has he donated the Federal Government? (putting his money where his mouth is) NONE, he is a morally corrupt, ethically challenged, hypocritical, two faced liar!

In my yute I enjoyed both Springsteen and Mellencamp. Then, as in I Corinthians 13:11, I became a man, and I put my childish ways behind me.

The only thing Springsteen can count on now is declining sales with his “back in the U.S.S.R.” promotion.

Any fool can sing the praises of Obama. It’s a free country for now.

Bruce is the quintessential useful idiot. He, like so many other liberals, acutally believe they are on the side of freedom and all that is warm and squishy.

It will be interesting to see how they react if (and hopefully when) they lose come November.

he should have just played “The River”

Personally I always thought Springsteen was overrated. And not by just a little bit, but WAY overrated. It was when Springsteen was on the cover of BOTH Time and Newsweek in the same week in 1976 before he was known and famous, both articles declaring he’d be the next big rock star. I said to myself then, how does that even happen, for a no-name nobody to be on the cover of both magazines the same week? I knew then the butcher’s thumb was on the scale. The record companies with, publicists’ and agents’ help, had engineered this fame and success, and it’s all about coveting the filthy lucre.

Then in 1984 I had the misfortune of catching Springsteen perform Born in the USA live. I immediately tuned into the lyrics, not the beat. As a Vietnam veteran I was supremely offended by this never serving non-server singing about the Vietnam veteran experience, pretending to be one, presuming himself qualified to sing about it as if he knew about it and had some kind of insight into it. Utter bull$hit.

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