Bruce Springsteen is all in for Obama again:

If any doubt remained about how central the state of Ohio is to President Obama’s reelection campaign, the sight of Bruce Springsteen and former President Clinton on stage at Cuyahoga Community College on Thursday made it clear….

Springsteen, who sang solo and played acoustic guitar and harmonica, took a more poetic approach than Clinton, calling Romney “our honorable opponent” even as he skewered him as a man who would favor the wealthy.

From long-time reader and photographer Thomas, in New York City:

One of my vivid memories when I immigrated here in 1984 was spotting the just released cover of ‘Born in the USA’ at a storefront.

I knew nothing of American politics then except that my family had risked everything to come to a country that would respect their individual freedom, hardwork and success.

There was something about ‘Born in the USA’ that felt like a declaratory and celebratory reminder that we had finally escaped the Proletariat Tyrants that destroyed so much in our lives in the old country.

Here’s to you Bruce Springsteen. Thanks for all the BS.