The media have fully deployed their defenses to protect President Obama after his dismal debate performance last night. So far two tactics have been employed, the first is the thinly veiled “fact check” attacks, while the other is calling Romney a bully for his take-charge performance.

It is unsurpising that the same people who oohed and aahed when Obama went on a worldwide apology tour would find it off-putting that Romney exuded strength and a mastery of facts during last night’s debate. The left has a much-adored term for it, one that Ahmadinejad has also picked up, which he used to describe the U.S.: “Bullying.”

The best example of this defense in action comes from a video published today by the DNC:

(Note how the DNC selectively edited Chris Matthews’s epic rant against Obama’s deer-in-the-headlights performance into an attack on Romney.)

In any case, this first line of attack closely mirrors the game-time reaction on twitter by most on the left, that the debate was unfair mainly because of the way Romney took charge from Lehrer:

Even David Gregory chipped in to do his part with the Obama defense:

All in all, not a stretch to find that those who support Obama would react negatively to a leader who exudes strength and principle. As one person tweeted, all that was missing last night was Obama bowing to Romney.

The second line of defense against the Obama fail is to undermine Romney’s comments now, since Obama was unable to muster any attacks during the actual debate.

Enter the “fact-check segment.”

The “fact-check” segment has replaced the unbiased network farce as a way to pull for candidates without seeming to. It’s an attempt to regain the lost respect by cloaking bias by calling it fact. Do a google search for “fact check debate” and you’ll see all the news outlets in line with the same message: Politico, Huffington Post, ABC, Salon…. Quite amazing message pull-through, really.

The Weekly Standard has an excellent piece on “fact-checking the fact checkers.”

So last evening and today we have the theme presented to us that Mitt Romney’s performance needs to be fact-checked (again, where was Obama to do it during the debate?) The “Obama Truth Team,” or Ministry of Propaganda, put together a montage of fact-check segments from their favorite media outlets like CNN, ABC News, and MSNBC. Except that the substance of their fact-checking falls flat; they mainly appear to claim that Romney either was vague, or needs to provide more information. See for yourself.

A key component to the “fact-check” defense is that the media maintain to their public the mask of respectability. So-called “fact-checking” is the latest veil of truth the media would place over themselves, and it is just as biased and subject to spin as anything else they do.

Andrew Breitbart cautioned the war is not with the Left, as everyday Americans don’t support their radical agenda. The war is with the lapdog media, which Sarah Palin warned last night won’t let Obama’s failure be the last word.

And while they may not have retweeted him, media folks like David Gregory proved they have “Obama’s back.”

It’s time we treat the media as we do our elected officials. Next time you write a letter or give a call to your congressman, try calling your local ABC, NBC, or CBS news station. It’s time we treat them like the politicians they are.