Who said that?

The same person who says — in agreement with a position I took long ago — Could Elizabeth Warren Cost Obama The Election?

Obama’s riff on “you didn’t build that” remains, in my view, the most serious mistake of his campaign so far. There’s a reason the Romneyites have seized on it and will use it – dishonestly, of course – again and again. It works. Here’s a post from Steve Lombardo that tracks Romney’s slow but steady rise in the polls – and sees Obama’s gaffe as the turning point in the campaign before the conventions….

Now there’s a lot of noise in all that. But you can see Romney struggling before that dread quote, and gaining thereafter. It may end up a blip. But it still stings. Mr President, please don’t listen to pious Massachusetts liberals as a guide to your election rhetoric. Warren will probably lose in Massachusetts she is so gratingly smug. You don’t need to go down with her.

I certainly don’t predict that Warren will lose, or that she will drag Obama down with her.

I do say that there is a significant possibility those results will happen, and they are not tied together.

I could envision a scenario where Warren ekes out a win simply because there are too many Obama voters in Massachusetts who will vote party line, yet her brand of collectivist rhetoric damages national Democrats as it already has.

Elizabeth Warren’s politically toxic rhetoric, coming from someone exposed at the DNC as an ethnic fraud who will not even meet with the great grandson of Geronimo to explain her claim to be Cherokee, has great potential to be a disaster for national Democrats.

Lie down with fake Indians, get up with ….