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When they remake Elizabeth Warren, will she still be Cherokee?

When they remake Elizabeth Warren, will she still be Cherokee?

I just want to know how to plan out the next few weeks.

Via Boston Globe:

Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren — amid growing unrest from party activists and leaders — is facing pressure to make a major shift in her television advertising with a new series of commercials that seek to soften her image, while focusing more directly on her GOP rival, Senator Scott Brown.

According to top Democratic leaders in Massachusetts, Warren campaign advisers are considering a new strategy that will be aimed at toning down what those leaders call the preachy tone that has dominated her ads until now. Instead, some of the spots would rely more on the voices of voters from all walks of life describing what Warren’s supporters say is the warm personality of a popular university professor. They would also zero in on Brown, acknowledging that while he is a likable public figure, he is not the moderate Republican that he makes himself out to be.

We’re under 60 days from the election, and Elizabeth Warren still doesn’t know who she is?

And as to the threat to go negative?  I bet the Brown camapaign can’t wait for her to open that door.

The material is already there, just waiting for TV:


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RE-tooling Lyin’ Lizzy!

She wasn’t enough of a tool already…???

Scott Brown has low cheekbones.
Scott Brown has to depend on merit alone.
Scott Brown probably built that himself.

I am nutty and I approve this message.

She’s a harpy is what she is.

Do they have an ad of her speaking at the Nutroots Convention? Personally, I think a “makeover” mid-stream of any candidate is asking for trouble.

It’s a sign of desperation. The fact that this ‘retool’ is being openly publicized strikes me as some sort of signal sent to the larger Dem Party. I mean, if you need to retool with only 56 days to go, isn’t that a sign that things aren’t going well, and wouldn’t the need to retool be something you wouldn’t want publicized?

Something not quite right in Harpy Nation.

    It’s a sign of desperation.

    Hail Mary passes are called that because the odds are so bad that a prayer is all the offense has left.

    Still, they occasionally succeed; vigorous defense is essential.

I do believe it’s kind of late, she’s already branded herself as someone who loathes the mainstream.

TrooperJohnSmith | September 13, 2012 at 7:11 am

It all hinges on how willing the Massachusetts electorate is to be spoon-fed a rehabilitated Liz Warren.

We are a marketing oriented reality TV world. So it isn’t hard to believe that ads with people and not actors (?) telling other people a story or whatever can be effective. The real question here is what else Warren could possibly talk about. To date I have seen a number of TV ads, and the impression left is only from a dull incessant chant about evil Wall Street and the famous “rigged system.” It will be interesting to see if attacking Brown personally actually helps. I doubt it, but I’m often surprised in MA, especially if some voters are motivated on Nov. 6 to scramble and salvage the Obama image. Those would be the ones who would vote along partisan lines for Warren, perhaps, even though so many are unenrolled in MA (independent).

Warren’s schtick is the age-old liberal method of creating a boogie man for voters to fear or become angry over, and then presenting yourself as the voters’ champion aganst that boogie man. Standard straw man fallacy. ‘Retooling’ Warren to conduct this cheap schtick in a warmer, more personal setting – all visuals that change nothing of her substance (such as it is) – is an insult to voter intelligence. This is why I wonder why they purposefully publicize that they are doing the retooling.

I’m thinking Warren is in deep dutch with the greater DNC and must telegraph certain improvements to keep their support (read $$$) in a cycle where the DNC cannot finance everybody. Having said that, could that not have been done on the quiet?

Perhaps it is simply gross incompetency of her campaign staff and advisors.