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Video: Unaccountable – Elizabeth Warren and the Cherokee

Video: Unaccountable – Elizabeth Warren and the Cherokee

Wednesday night Elizabeth Warren will introduce Bill Clinton, the keynote speaker at the Democratic National Convention.

Warren has claimed internet fame for her famous “no one got rich on his own” speech which was the foundation for Obama’s “you didn’t build that” speech.  Warren holds herself out as a fraud fighter, and her campaign theme is “Accountability.”

Yet Warren has yet to accept accountability for falsely claiming to be Cherokee during key moments in her career, starting in the mid-1980s when she started listing herself as Native American in order to appear on the “Minority Law Teachers” list in the faculty directory of the Association of American Law Schools.  That directory put the law school community, including recruiters, on notice of Warren’s alleged minority status.

Warren later reported herself as Native American to the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard Law Schools for federal reporting, and on the list of Women of Color in Legal Academia in the Harvard Women’s Law Journal in 1993 when Warren was auditioning for a position at Harvard as a “visiting professor.”

While claiming this status, Warren never did anything to associate with the Cherokee or Native Americans.  Warren never participated in any Native American Bar Association or campus groups or anything else to show she embraced her supposed ancestry.  Warren only used the designation for professional purposes while climbing the law school ladder, and then dropped the AALS listing after receiving tenure at Harvard in the mid-1990s.

Warren is not Cherokee or Native American.  Her genealogy has been traced by a group of Cherokee genealogists, and there is nothing there.  The supposed 1/32 ancestry has been debunked.

Warren claims she never received any benefit from her status.  Yet that is just a dodge, because Warren tried to receive an advantage by listing herself as Native American, minority and a “woman of color,” knowing full well how much those designations meant.

When The Boston Herald broke the story in late April 2012, Warren engaged in a series of misdirections and evasions to avoid accountability.  This video produced by Legal Insurrection is about Elizabeth Warren’s refusal to be held accountable:

Elizabeth Warren has reacted in the past by falsely accusing Cherokee women who wanted to show Warren her genealogy of being agents of the Scott Brown campaign, and has attacked Legal Insurrection.

Yet the controversy persists, despite Warren’s deep campaign pockets.

As reported today in The Boston Herald, even Native American delegates at the DNC want answers.

This issue is not going to go away.

If the voters of Massachusetts have any shame, they will wonder why they should vote for a candidate who, based on all the evidence currently known, committed ethnic fraud and refuses to accept responsibility.

Please help get the word out in time for Warren taking the stage Wednesday night to the cheers of the DNC delegates.  Please share this post and the video via social media.

Update via Boston Herald, Warren at DNC, ignores Native American questions:

Elizabeth Warren, scrambling to shift focus from her ongoing Cherokee scandal, dismissed demands from Native Americans who want her to explain her heritage claims in her first appearance at the Democratic National Convention this morning.

“I’ve answered those questions, what I’m here to talk about (is) what’s happening to America’s working class families,” said Warren, who had just completed brief appearances on the “Today Show” before the prime-time speech tomorrow.

Michael Patrick Leahy has more.

The Boston Globe also chimed in late this afternoon, covering for Warren by attacking one of the Native Americans in the Herald article for not being a DNC delegate (but admitting the others interviewed were), and playing Warren’s line that the Native American DNC “council” has not sought a meeting (of course not, no official Dem group would dare demand the truth from Warren).


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Obama = Empty Chair Day
Warren = Empty Tepee Day

For Democrats, lying is a talent. What do you do when you encounter the talented? You laud them for it. That’s what the LSM does for Democrats. That’s why they will never be eld accountable.

Oh, wow, you just knocked that out of the park! Well, well done, Professor.

Viral, it needs to go viral!

Running Bare must have some social disease-even the mayor of Boston doesn’t want to get too close.

One reason the Democrats hope this will go away is that the assumption was that if she were 1/32 Cherokee that would qualify her as American Indian.

After it was pointed out that she in fact had no Cherokee ancestry she not only said it was family lore but that her mother told her so, so an attack on her claim was an attack on her mother.

“Family lore.” I can see that. I mean, my family as far back as we know is Ashkenazic (probably a little Cossack in there). But our family lore is that we are related to the British royal family.

Ah, yes, many is the seder we’ve sat back and regaled ourselves with stories of how Uncle Hymie used to ride to the hounds with the Prince of Wales, and those days when Great Aunt Sophia and Queen Victoria would get together weekly for mahj and to complain about the kids.

My next trip to England I won’t bother with a hotel. I’ll just call Cousin Liz; she usually has a spare bedroom. “Come on over, Alex,” she’ll say, “and bring the mishpocha.”

Warren is a living breathing walking flashing neon billboard of Dem sense of “entitlement,” truth be damned.

Lizzy is introducing Bill Clinton to endorse Obama? You couldn’t assemble any three people with more lies surrounding them than this trio, even at the DNC!

So … I guess nobody here is buying into the “high cheekbones” argument, or the “elopement” argument? Sure wish her pappaw or mammaw were here to tell all.

Wonderful video at the right time. Stellar speakers at the Idiocrat National Convention include: a fake Indian, the contraception lady, a rapist, a philandering Hispanic mayor, and the Botox Queen. Half the crowd will be screaming, “Feed Us” and the other half will be screaming. “Fetus”.
(I saw the latter comment somewhere yesterday).

Obama claims he never received any benefit from his status. Yet that is just a dodge, because ‘it seems’ Obama tried to receive an advantage by listing himself as a Kenyan, minority and a “woman of color,” knowing full well how much those designations meant.

Daily Caller: Obama wasn’t born in Kenya, except when he claims he was born in Kenya

Oh yeah … the Democrat Liars Convention starts tonight.

Obama is a professional liar, parsing his words just enough to get away with the lie for the masses. Then he can still claim he technically didn’t lie, to the 5% that get around to nailing him on the deception. Warren seems to just run from the truth.

This sleight of hand is not a one-off. Obama does it over and over.

“I had a chance to meet a young man named Robert Baroz,” the President said in October 2007, speaking of a public-school teacher. “In the last few years, he’s received three pink slips….”

A reasonable person would assume (1) Obama met Baroz and (2) Baroz was fired. But Obama never met Baroz – he merely “had a chance to meet” him. Baroz also was never fired — even though he received pink slips, he was able to hang onto his job.

Of course Harvard profited from adding the “Native American on Staff” label to their brand. So they have motive to deny Warren’s hiring was related to that false claim.

    I figure Warren can now be fired by Harvard whenever they feel the need. They can point to their understanding that she was a person of colour and claim fraud on her application.

    Warren is now owned by Harvard.

Forked-tongue pale-face cowers from war bonnets.

Ah…. it depends on the meaning of the word “Cherokee”.

Elizabeth Warren is the poster-child for ending Affirmative Action.

I figure that anybody can now just find an obscure Native American tribe that has no records and claim heritage.

Who could prove you wrong ?

Dem Convention –
“…a contingent of skeptical American Indian delegates — including the great-grandson of Geronimo — are inviting Warren to a meeting tomorrow to explain her ancestry claims.”

She won’t meet with Native American delegates. There will be no “dialogue.”

This is the end of the line — for the Left or for us. They have nothing but the Big Lie and their big guns in the media to propagate it and pound us into submission to it. Did anybody see Newt’s performance on Meet the Press? He confronted the liberal panel on their false narratives and hypocrisy. They had no response. The LAST thing they wanted was a conversation. Tom Brokaw looked stunned. Thomas Friedman even attempted to end the conversation. “Period. End of sentence. End of paragraph.” He actually said this –as if he was acting out his media prerogative to define and delimit communication. This is where the Left stands now — and if they win, it will be a victory for the techniques of tyranny — no exaggeration.

The key step is to act incredibly offended if somebody happens to ask you about it.

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Liar intros defiler liar . . Both on the same stage. –From that stage , a cascade of iies . . .over the next few days. –For these be dems you see . .well practiced in iniquity. –For this is what dems do . . .when to you , they put the screw.

If Pocahontas Warren had done a better job sealing all her records like her mentor, Barry Sotoro, then she also could shamelessly use the race card against ANY and all criticism….Too bad for you Kemosabi…

What I find quite ironic is the number of Dem spox that were saying how the RNC was a convention of lies but they have Elizabeth “I’m a Cherokee” Warren, introducing Pres. Billy “I did not have sex with that woman” Clinton, and of course Presiden Barrack “I was born in Kenya, no wait I wasn’t born in Kenya” Obama.
So who really has the liars convention going on??

[…] Elizabeth Warren’s white ancestry and Barack Obama’s claim he was born in Kenya While it is obvious Elizabeth Warren is no Cherokee, her and Obama may have lied about their past for the same reasons…to help their careers. It is a well known fact that publishers are fastidious about any information they release about their authors, so the only question for Obama is, were you lying about your place of birth then, or are you lying now? […]

[…] Other McCain and Legal Insurrection have also expressed their thoughts on the […]

Great video!

What a sick woman.

Warren is a ‘composite ethnique’, a person who falsely acquires the attributes or standing of other ethnic groups to accrue minority benefits and innoculate against criticism.

Warren won’t be the last politician to steal minority or glory status. Thanks to Professor Jacobson, from here on it will be known as ‘pulling a Warren’.

[…] » Video: Unaccountable – Elizabeth Warren and the Cherokee – Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion […]

FABULOUS VIDEO! Wow, kudos!!!!!

Paleface squaw speak with forked tongue.
Heap bad medicine.

“Warren Pretender-of the Cheating Tribe”

There once was an “middling*” attorney, who
Sought to separate herself from the “herd”.
Of so many hopefuls, with credentials so boastful,
She knew she would never be heard.

So she traded her license to practice,
For a “poetic license” of sorts.
She became “part Cherokee”, and then all could see,
She’d appear in “Minority Reports”.

Well, in due time, her “license” was *cancelled*,
By true descendants who had lots of proof,
That her “little brown lie”, just could not justify,
Her false claims—it was all just a “spoof”!

But her training in law had prepared her,
To withstand even truth’s mighty power.
She doubled down” on lies”, and kept up her disguise,
Trusting she was BO’s “star” of the Hour”.

Well our story’s not ended so quickly,
For the people of MASS must now choose.
Do they elect “the Pretender”, or do they send her,
Back to law school to learn ethics’ rules!

* Middling = mediocre, second-rate.
COPY FREELY – no rights reserved. Yeah, they teach you things like that in law school.

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A liar introducing a rapist who will nominate a murderer for president. Beautiful.

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