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Republicans mount attack against election fraud within Chicago

Republicans mount attack against election fraud within Chicago

A group of Cook County Republicans have had it with the election fraud and Democratic machine politics of Chicago. They’re mounting an effort to fight back in one seemingly small, but in actual fact quite powerful, way.

An effort led by suburban mom Sharon Meroni to fill every empty Republican election judge position in Chicago and Cook County (there are separate election authorities) would thwart politics-as-usual, in which Democrats typically fill the empty Republican positions. The deadline to apply is Thursday, September 27. Rebel Pundit reports at Breitbart:

This marks the first time ever, or that anyone can at least remember, that every polling place in one of the country’s most corrupt counties will be manned with a “real Republican.” Typically in the past, the deadline for judges to apply passes and the remaining spots are filled with more Democrat judges, leaving one party in control of hundreds of poling places without any check and balance against irregularities and fraud.

The position, which pays $170 for the day, is open to anyone who lives in the county; you can apply via the Cook County GOP website here.


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I lived in Chicago, 2002-06. A pity I didn’t know about this! For the 2004 elections, I saw lots of fraud/misconduct.

Scary-looking Democrat thugs were constantly stuffing my mailbox with campaign material.

I got to the polls before they opened. A bunch of scary-looking Democrat goons were running in and out of the polling place. My spontaneous first thought on seeing these creeps: “They must have left their baseball bats at home.”

When the polls opened, the goons blocked the entrance, forcing everyone to take Democrat voting guides.

In the polls, a little old lady had a “voting assistant,” a big, scary-looking thug. Three times he screamed at her, “STOP THAT! You mark JOHN KERRY for President. JOHN KERRY, DO YOU HEAR ME?” The “election officials” just sat there, staring off into space.

It’s all true. The longer ago it is, the more fantastic it seems. But it actually happened.

P.S. Voter fraud isn’t limited to Chicago. In Democrat-run Bexar County, TX, the registration of every Republican military absentee was cancelled on January 22, 2001. I learned of this when trying to get a ballot for the 2002 election; the County Clerk laughed about it. “It’s about the 2000 elections,” she said candidly. I only got an absentee ballot (spoiled and defaced) after threatening a lawsuit.

This is a champion idea! Good grassroots push-back!


C’mon, Chicagoans, we can do this!

If possible, go to the polls in groups. Vote early if your state offers this. Arm yourselves with cell phones or cameras. Record infractions, get clear of the site, report to elections board, LI, news sources, police (especially if violence seems a possibility). Do not be intimidated or deterred.

Hey Rahm, I’m sure you and the locals Black, White, Red, Yellow, Purple with Chartreuse Strips, Whateveh’ remember these days huh?

Sorry ’bout da’ boys actin’ up, but these days is comin’ again. Yeah Yeah, wit da’ murder rate, but it ain’t happenin’ with Big BIG Shots, it just may, dis’ time around.

“you never want a serious………”

Do you have to show a government ID to apply?

Since we are talking Cook County, is it alright for Kane, Lake and DuPage County residents to help out by filling some of those positions?

When I lived in ChiTown, they had to blow the dust off of the Republican voter logs when they opened them.

I hope those Repub judges can see dead people – who ALWAYS come out strong in chicago to vote for d-cRAT socialists. (After magically getting JFK elected president, the dead are a major force in d-cRAT voting everywhere.)

Here is somewhat more favorable news out of Chicago:

The Chicago Sun-Times reported yesterday that, according to the Chicago Election Board, since 2008 the number of registered voters in the city had dropped from 1,495,000 to 1,270,000, about a 15% decrease. Further, the Board stated that in suburban Cook County, the number of registered voters has dropped from 1,440,000 in November, 2008 to 1,360,000 as of Monday, about a 6% decrease. That’s over 300,000 fewer voters in Obama’s home territory. In suburban Cook County, among 18-to-34-year-olds, there are about 50,000 fewer registered voters than four years ago. But for those 55 and older, there are 40,000 more registered voters than in 2008. I don’t think these slick pollsters are taking these major facts into account in their polling. There are only two weeks left to register.

Can you picture what it must be like in cities such as Detroit, Cleveland and Baltimore, to mention just a few? And these bozos keep using a 2008 model for polling.

Why are so many conservative pundits continually harping on Romney being behind in “The Polls”, instead of spreading this very pertinent information around, thereby further debunking all of these rigged polls?

That thumbs down should be thumbs up. Damn tablets!