This is going to be a painful night to sit through.

We will have to sit through 20 or so minutes of Liz Warren giving her standard lashing of business and Republicans, playing the holier than thou card.  There are few prominent politicians less deserving of such a role.  Some late entries on Warren:

As for Bubba, I voted “9” in the poll as to how strongly he will support Obama. I may have been overly cautious. I expect Obama to join him on stage and raise their hands together in unity.

As soon as Clinton is done I’ll post the same poll again, again assessing how strongly Clinton supported Obama.

Update — Warren’s speech was flat, didn’t come across well on television, she wasn’t on her game.   Kept talking about people rigging system.  No rock star status tonight.

Update No. 2 — Here is the Reader Poll. I changed the wording slightly since it’s after the fact, and there is no doubt Clinton strongly supported Obama. I was right, Obama joined Clinton on stage.

The Question now is how effective Clinton was in supporting Obama. Poll open until 2 p.m. Eastern on Thursday.