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Harvard Law Unbound rises from the ashes

Harvard Law Unbound rises from the ashes

as Harvard Law School Is Bogus.

The first blog post is Harvard Law School’s Bogus Journey Into Blog Blacklisting:

We are a small group of dissenting Harvard Law School students whose “Harvard Law Unbound” blog, focused on protesting corruption and conflict of interest at the Law School, was blacklisted last week by the Law School, which pressured our host into deactivating the blog.  (For more background, review our old “About” page, reprinted here; our new “About” page, here; and the archived version of our blog, here, which we’re pleased to see more than 2,000 people have already viewed).

The Law School administration didn’t file a lawsuit regarding our blog, and thus cannot claim to have persuaded a neutral judge that its objections had any merit. Instead, it pressured to blacklist our blog by threatening it with legal action.  It did so notwithstanding our timely and well-documented objection that we had done nothing wrong.  In the face of Harvard Law School’s legal threats, WordPress capitulated and deleted our blog….

Note that we’ve chosen a deliberately provocative, indeed outlandish, title for this new blog — “Harvard Law School is Bogus” — to guarantee as best we can that Harvard Law School will not file yet another bogus DMCA claim seeking to have this blog taken down, based on supposed confusion over whether someone might think this blog is authorized by, and speaks for, Harvard Law School.  We trust that not even Harvard Law School administrators can work up any confusion about this blog.

Come on, there must be a bigger issue here, something with national implications.

This is not the first time that Harvard Law School has been silent in the face of well-documented allegations of wrongdoing, in particular allegations that it filed a claim that was false under the governing federal law.  It is currently facing allegations that it filed multiple false claims in violation of federal law regarding the purported Native American ancestry of Professor Elizabeth Warren, an allegation made by Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown and recently analyzed by Professor Jacobson and by Michael Patrick Leahy.


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Where is the push-back from the alma mater?

It’s all coming to a head. Every issue, divisive and neutral, is being presented and exploited. People are being pushed to the edge. There will be no room for moderation or equivocation, and everyone will choose a firm position. It will be interesting to know the turnout in the upcoming elections.

Perhaps this is for the best. The games too many have played are corrosive and unsustainable.

There is nothing quite like having a few adults in the class to keep the administration in line. Come to think of it, that may be why the Ivy League in general has tried to keep the military students out of its schools — it’s not that they’re military, so much as that they are grown-ups.

the elitist suppressors of free speech getting outsmarted by the, uh… soon-to-be elites. those ivy league scum are my new heroes.

~western college scum.

These kids make me wanna got to Harvard, just so I can hang out with them…

One more poster child for the lawfare tactic. Simply threaten to bring suit, and bob’s your uncle.

Thanks for confirming what the admin is all about, Harvard Law School. Well done!

Perhaps the Constitutional Law professors need to read the Bill of Rights, specifically, the First Amendment. I know, they are not the Congress, but they are acting as a government.
The students can apply for a web address like ” ” or something similar. Harvard can’t shut that down.
And what happened to the “Veritas” part of their slogan?

For a certain mindset law, like education, has left its traditional moorings and become a social policy weapon. When we judge by the old rules and expectations, we are consistently flabbergasted. We still consider something to be a public good when it is being used as a weapon to transform and then reconstruct society.

And the wielders of the weapons have been so busy taking higher ed coursework emphasizing what the social sciences can do, they never learned to appreciate what is was they were putting at risk. That the social pie and economic pie would not stay intact waiting to be divvied up and assigned new roles.

We have many heavily credentialed elites who are not well educated in any genuine meaning of the term.

They very literally Know Not What They Do. And they think no one can stop them.

    FX Phillips in reply to Robin. | June 1, 2012 at 10:00 am

    One of Lenin’s prime directive was to use the law as a weapon.

    Obviously his intellectual epigones have taken that to heart

    creeper in reply to Robin. | June 1, 2012 at 10:10 am

    “We have many heavily credentialed elites who are not well educated in any genuine meaning of the term.”

    This^^^ This, this, this, this, this!

There is an arrogance that the elites (regardless of which side of the aisle) exhibit. The Administration thinks they’re bullet proof and can walk over people.

I guess they’ll find out that it ain’t necessarily so.

Well done!

Hopefully, this will encourage students at other universities to do the same. This is great.

I R A Darth Aggie | June 1, 2012 at 11:22 am

Methinks they will need a lawyer forthwith.

I need to work in a ‘forsooth’ and ‘verily’ into that…

Thanks, I caught the “Harvard Unbound” but only after suspension. Missed this thread until later when I used the LI search.

Will bookmark & save!