With the world collapsing around us, it’s more important than ever that we not forget about holding the House.  Please check out the House races including on the Operation Counterweight final list and consider a donation today.

This is the last post in our focus on the Upstate New York races.  As mentioned before, Upstate NY is critical to holding the House, as several seats were gained by Republicans in an otherwise blue state in 2010.  There also are good chances to flip one or two seats away from vulnerable Democrats.

As before, these analyses were prepared by a Cornell student who wishes to remain anonynous.


In New York’s new 25th Congressional district (Rochester area), Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks faces 13-term incumbent Democrat Louise Slaughter.

As an incumbent, Slaughter (who recently turned 83) has never faced a challenger who received more than 45% of the vote and Brooks seems to be giving her the first truly competitive race of her career. In light of this, it’s no surprise that Slaughter has decided to go negative against Brooks. A simple Youtube search for “Maggie Brooks” brings up a number of negative videos.

With regard to public debates with Brooks, Slaughter’s campaign has refused most of the debate invitations, whereas Brooks has agreed to all of them. Slaughter seems accustomed to dictating the terms of her elections.

Reliable, updated polling information appears yet to be released.

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