Well, that didn’t work out so well.

We cast aside Hosni Mubarak on a moment’s notice without taking steps to give non-Islamist parties a timetable to organize an effective transition; we overthrew Muammar Gaddafi, teaching tyrants the lesson that giving up nuclear ambitions is a deadly mistake, and then promptly departed leaving chaos; and we have isolated Israel among a sea of Islamist radicals as it seeks to stop the Iranian’s march towards nuclear weapon capability.

And all the while, our own government places blame on some previously unknown guy for making some previously unknown film which might be real or not, which people who hated us before the film take as an insult to Islam.

We’ve even sent out federal law enforcement to locate and report on someone who committed no crime.

Yes, our government even issued apologies over and sympathies for the hurt feelings of those burning our embassies and killing our Ambassador, while condemning the resulting violence.  We are, once again, hostage to the hurt feelings of those with perpetually hurt feelings, and we will sympathize with them so long as they don’t go that last step and actually pull the trigger.

Life with a hurt feelings gun to our head begging that the trigger not be pulled is the change we apparently were waiting for.

Talk about perverse ironies.  This all comes from an administration and political party backed by people who regularly denigrate Christianity, and who are running a campaign focused on forcing American Catholics to abandon their religious principles and to cast aside their hurt feelings on issues of life.

This all is a result of Barack Obama’s delusional approach to the Middle East, one in which we are the perpetual villain, and in which we had to supplicate ourselves and our allies by heaping praise on people who do not ever return the favor.

Outreach to Muslims in the Middle East who return the respect is one thing, and should be encouraged; prostrating ourselves either physically or intellectually to Islamists is quite another thing.

Watch this video clip from Obama’s Cairo speech in June 2009:

Then look at the news.

Obama’s Great Islamist Delusion has come home to roost.

Update:  Via Common Cents:


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