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Obama speech in one bumper sticker

Obama speech in one bumper sticker

Any speech on domestic policy.

It’s a one size fits all condensed version.  All the other stuff is just fluff.

Found on yet another car in Ithaca not too far from my house with multiple anti-Obama stickers. This vehicle was on the same street as the vehicle with the Pocket Platform, so must be a from the same family. I probably should knock on the door.


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Since the DNC openly believes “WE all belong to the US govt”, all our money belongs to the US govt according to the dems, so of course they believe they can spent OUR money better than WE can.

I’m embarassed at what my former party has mutated into.

Charles Curran | September 5, 2012 at 8:14 am

The thing that gets me crazy about this is that the Dems took over the House and Senate in ‘2007’, and were writing the checks the last two years of Bush. Then they controlled everything for two years more years. That’s four years in total controll of the ‘Checkbook’. I have not heard one word of this from our side?

The underlying implication is it’ll all be done better than you: what food to eat, clothes to wear, vehicle to drive, etc. And, of course, my favorite (sacr) being even if we’re wrong you’ll do it anyway because we can make you.

DNC Michelle Obama: “Barry knows the value of the American dream. He’s hocked it to pay for four more years of hope and change.”

(Oh the venality!)

Judging from last night’s attempted ridicule of Romney by Mayor Castro of San Antonio, the Democrats DO believe that Americans need to change the Payor Name on America’s Checkbook from “America” to “Obama and the Democrats” and it’s up to the Democrats to decide who the Payees of all the checks are, without regard to whether there’s any money in the bank account in the first place.

ShakesheadOften | September 5, 2012 at 8:49 am

I liked Michelle O’s comment that how hard you work matters more than how much money you make. Two thoughts:

1. Yes, our country will go very far if all we care about is how “hard” people work vs. how smart they work (and the latter is generally much better paid). Under that philosophy, the untrained ditch digger provides as much value to society as the software developer who improves the efficiency and profitability of businesses, resulting in more jobs. That ditch digger should clearly be paid as much as the software developer.

2. Of course Dems think that. You work hard, and the government keeps your income.

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The follow up to that bumper sticker: “Give me four more years of your money”

From a scene in “The West Wing” episode “Mr. Willis of Ohio,” in which Donna Moss and Josh Lyman are discussing a projected budget surplus and what should be done with it.


Donna Moss: What’s wrong with me getting my money back?

Josh Lyman: You won’t spend it right.

Donna Moss: What do you mean?

Josh Lyman: Let’s say your cut of the surplus is $700. I want to take your money, combine it with everybody else’s money and use it to pay down the debt and further endow Social Security. What do you want to do with it?

Donna Moss: Buy a DVD player.

Josh Lyman: See?

Donna Moss: But my $700 is helping employ the people who manufacture and sell DVD players, not to mention the people who manufacture and sell DVDs. It’s the natural evolution of a market economy.

Josh Lyman: The problem is the DVD player you buy might be made in Japan.

Donna Moss: I’ll buy an American one.

Josh Lyman: We don’t trust you.

Donna Moss: Why not?

Josh Lyman: We’re Democrats.

Donna Moss: I want my money back.

Josh Lyman: You shouldn’t have voted for us.


In the end, Donna gets her revenge when Josh sends her out for a sandwich and she keeps the change, arguing that she’ll spend it better than he will.

    ShakesheadOften in reply to dagwud. | September 5, 2012 at 10:47 am

    I’m no Democrat, but I respectfully disagree. The debt has to be paid down at some point. A “surplus” isn’t a surplus if we’re not paying down the principal on the debt.

    Like any household, the government needs to consider a debt repayment plan as part of our obligations. $16 Trillion of debt is obscene.

    (I know that’s not your point, but I wanted to point out the fallacy of saying there’s a “surplus” when the debt is not being paid off…making interest payments alone doesn’t count).

      I agree. If you’re still carrying credit card debt, the fact that gasoline prices drop significantly doesn’t mean that you’ve suddenly got more money to spend. It means you’ve got more money for paying off your debt.

      The key point of the scene, in the context of this discussion, isn’t about debt and surplus. It’s Josh’s comment, “We don’t trust you.”

That does summarize a LOT …

BUT, they aren’t just spending our money, but ran up our grandchildren’s credit cards. Part of the domestic fluff is the iron fist that will seize assets and crush resistance. Perhaps the angry faced Obama should be included on the other side of the sticker… sorta a hammer and sickle thing, with the hammer used to crush capitalist heads. While Obama buys votes with idle promises, our children are being sold into slavery to China.

ALSO, the US debt to China and other “enemies” weakens us. Providing for the common defense should include defending our currency. But even Geithner has promoted the idea of a global currency. The smiling fascist government always has a sinister side.

Obama has certainly spent my money (and the money of my nephews and nieces – I’m childless) faster than I ever could (or ever have).

Now I’m led by experts who’d “guarantee”
My “right” to get by irresponsibly
Get drunk get stoned get high on crack
And jump with anyone into the sack
And then go see the doc for “free”
Cure that hangover and STD
Pick up my check and go back to bed
All they ask is my ri–ii–ight …
To get ahead

Ever heard the term “odious debt”? According to this theory, if some Maximum Leader borrows $100 billion to lavish on his cronies and build an enormous monument to his glory, the debt is his alone. The people of his nation owe nothing, because they did not choose to borrow this money and did not benefit from it.

Odious debts, including our $16 trillion, should and will be defaulted or hyperinflated away. Yes, this will hurt creditors, but it will also teach them not to lend their hard-earned wealth to socialist politicians.

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