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DNC pocket platform

DNC pocket platform

We have ours.

They have theirs.

Spotted, of all places, in Ithaca:


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Odysseus’s blogs, LI and CI, are restoring the order of things in Ithaca.

If this car can survive unscathed in the people’s republic there might be hope for national redemption.


DNC should be D&C?


This week in Charlotte, pigs will fly
And nature’s laws will be unwound
Obama’s minions glibly lie
And “truth to power” won’t be found
This week in Charlotte

This week in Charlotte, pachyderms
Renowned for flawless memory
Will not recall one thing they’ve learned
Of fraud within BO’s presidency
This week in Charlotte

This week in Charlotte, history
Will hide her flaming face in shame
As Media Whores spread false stories
Of how and why our crises came
This week in Charlotte

This week in Charlotte, “talking heads”
Will reassure us “all is well”
So we’ll sleep safely in our beds
Until that day we wake in hell
This week in Charlotte.

NO RIGHTS RESERVED: Weep for our nation, this week in Charlotte.

You know… I wouldn’t be at all surprised that some large and generally always liberal state might go for Romney.

There’s a lot of outrage out there…