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Mia Love faced Matheson in a Thursday night debate

Mia Love faced Matheson in a Thursday night debate

Candidates for the 4th congressional district seat in Utah, Saratoga Springs Mayor Mia Love and Rep. Jim Matheson,  met last night in a debate. The race for this seat has been in the national spotlight, especially after Love’s well received speech at the RNC. Love, if elected, would be the first African-American Republican woman in Congress.

The candidates debated the presidential race, student loans, and Obamacare (on which Matheson has a wishy-washy record). In defense of Romney, Love said, “I support Mitt Romney, I believe Mitt Romney is going to help get our economy back on its feet.”

Then, in response to a question posed by a local nonprofit on college tuition, Matheson said, “This is how you afford college. You afford college by getting student aid, whether it’s loans, grants, work study.”

In response Love said, “My opponent is going out an encouraging students to encourage more debt.”

The Utah Democratic Party has received some strong criticism for its apparent darkening of a flyer they sent out about Love, especially troubling given other racist attacks the Mayor has received during the election.

Love and Matheson will face each other in two more debates, the first on October 2. You can donate to Love here.


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Democrats love debt (“It’s ‘free’ money, doncha know?”); more accurately Democrats/statists love YOUR being in debt. An indebted person is not a free citizen, but a subject.

The college scam, presently amusingly,

Obama, if he was willing, could learn quite a bit from Mia Love. For example: not every sentence requires the pronoun “I”. She understands “we” in a realistic, working sense. Spending what you don’t have is not a good idea. She conveys the quality of being “authentic” because she’s not trying to hide who she is. She loves America. This seems to be about it for starters. Wouldn’t want to get him overloaded (cough, cough).

Raquel Pinkbullet | September 28, 2012 at 12:35 pm

What was taught to me- and I imagine most kids who attended college in the last 20 years- can be summed up by the following:

1. All white people are by definition racist because their history of oppressing minorities.
2. Black people are incapable off racism, because they are the oppressed victims.
3. All problems within the black community are the result of racism.
4. Since racism is exclusively a white problem, only whites can solve the problems within the black community.

It’s absurd, and these attitudes have (as intended) resulted in a semi-permanent black underclass. After all, why even try to get ahead in life? It’s not your fault if you’re not successful, it’s the fault of white racism, and whites owe it you (obviously I don’t mean you personally) to solve your problems for you with no effort or changes required by you.

The race hustlers and elites who need a government-dependent class of voters NEED racism (or more accurately the perception of racism) for the plan to work. So, they find it.

It’s the same tactic that dictators have used for eons to distract their subjects- create an enemy (real or imagined), then blame said enemy for any and all problems. It remains effective because human nature is such that it’s very attractive and easy to blame The Other rather than one’s self.

    Raquel Pinkbullet in reply to Raquel Pinkbullet. | September 28, 2012 at 12:40 pm

    As a Cuban American immigrant, especially with my community being among the most loyal GOP constituency. I really think the GOP should reach out to other minorities, such as Asians who voted overwhelmingly for Bush Sr. and are a natural GOP constituency, and among the fastest growing, and I really think with candidates like Mia Love, Allen West, Ted Cruz Marco Rubio and other charismatic minorities to diversify the GOP the future looks bright for conservatism.

      I agree with you totally Raquel.

      1. …with candidates like Mia Love, Allen West, Ted Cruz Marco Rubio and other charismatic minorities to diversify the GOP the future looks bright for conservatism.

      Remember this from early August?—

      Florida Sen. Marco Rubio introduced a bill Wednesday that would make the medals and prize money awarded to U.S. athletes at the London games – they get thousands of dollars in addition to the medals – exempt from taxes.

      A principled, small-government conservative, is Marco. Just like the Bush family. Read my lips.

      2. No need to get angry or excited. This is what Republican politicians do. This is the norm.

      3. Afaic Ted Cruz is the person on that list whose résumé stands out. Unfortunately he may not have the thrill-up-the-leg factor.

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Professor, I was wondering if you knew where I could watch the debate from yesterday?

Unfortunately youtube didn’t have it.