Candidates for the 4th congressional district seat in Utah, Saratoga Springs Mayor Mia Love and Rep. Jim Matheson,  met last night in a debate. The race for this seat has been in the national spotlight, especially after Love’s well received speech at the RNC. Love, if elected, would be the first African-American Republican woman in Congress.

The candidates debated the presidential race, student loans, and Obamacare (on which Matheson has a wishy-washy record). In defense of Romney, Love said, “I support Mitt Romney, I believe Mitt Romney is going to help get our economy back on its feet.”

Then, in response to a question posed by a local nonprofit on college tuition, Matheson said, “This is how you afford college. You afford college by getting student aid, whether it’s loans, grants, work study.”

In response Love said, “My opponent is going out an encouraging students to encourage more debt.”

The Utah Democratic Party has received some strong criticism for its apparent darkening of a flyer they sent out about Love, especially troubling given other racist attacks the Mayor has received during the election.

Love and Matheson will face each other in two more debates, the first on October 2. You can donate to Love here.