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Lugar announces will not campaign for Mourdock — Donate to Mourdock NOW

Lugar announces will not campaign for Mourdock — Donate to Mourdock NOW

I’ve noted before that Dick Lugar has been less than dignified in his loss to Richard Mourdock.  We supported Mourdock early in the primaries and he is on the Operation Counterweight Final List.

Mourdock has gone out of his way not to bad mouth Lugar’s sore losing.

In an interview today (audio here) with Indiana Barrister, Lugar announced that he would not campaign with Mourdock.

As tempting as it would be to lash out at Lugar, that’s not productive. Mourdock needs every vote possible, including Lugar supporters. The race is a statistical dead heat (here and here), although most people think Mourdock has the advantage because Indiana will go heavily for Romney.

Don’t get mad.  Dick Lugar would love nothing more than for Mourdock to lose so that Lugar could say “I told you so.”

Don’t let that happen.

Donate to Mourdock, NOW.


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What a freaking punk Lugar is! Hasn’t held a damn real job in decades! Maybe he thinks he owns that seat. I’m so tired of these so called “public servants” acting like they’re kings and entitled to that seat.

I’m not that much of a fan of Murdock, but after seeing what’s happened in MO, I want repubs in control of the Senate, I do not want to see that idiot Hairy Reed in control of the senate.

Done. I’m making a donation to Murdock.

Why not lash out at Lugar? His refusal to support the Conservative Mourdock is very typical of RINO’s, aka Progrerssive Reepublicans, aka “Severely Conservative” Republicans.

I’m fed up of these RINO’s. They always want us to get behind them for the sake of party unity. PUMA!!! When they lose, they screw us over, so party unity is a one way street. Bugger ’em!

    The reason why you don’t lash out at Lugar is first of all because the candidate, Richard Mourdock, is specifically working to act as a gentleman to the senior Senator from Indiana. Don’t step on Mourdock’s storyline if you want him to win.

    But beyond that, Lugar has benefitted for decades from a reputation as a nice guy, a good man. Nothing Mourdock, you, or I could do to him could match what the man is doing to himself. It’s something of a shame that he’s going out on such a sour note regarding his legacy of service as a Republican. But that is not anybody’s to fix but Dick Lugar and anything somebody else did would give cover and excuse for boorish behavior. We’ve got enough of that already. You can’t hurt him worse and nobody can fix things but himself, that’s the long and the short of it.

      Juba Doobai! in reply to TMLutas. | September 18, 2012 at 8:25 am

      Not stepping on the story line. I’ve seen from Mike Castle that when the loser doesn’t support the Conservative candidate, neither do his supporters. They all take their ball and go home. That’s how the RINO,s play.

    …and how many campaigns have you run, and won?

    Didn’t think so. :-/

Dick is aptly named.

As Crist made the dem convention , I wonder why Lugar wasn’t there.


I saw the link at Insty, then donated. We’ve got to win this one!

It’s sad, but it’s what one would expect from “Obama’s favorite Republican.”

It’s a shame we can’t abolish both parties. Then send the Establishment (John Boehner, call your office)to some desert island.

I recently saw a media roundtable discussion lamenting the loss of Lugar on Al Jazeera. I’ve read enough about Lugar to know why the left likes him but was a little surprised to hear them going on about him at this late date. To me it means Lugar was even worse than I thought.

Donated Saturday. Will donate again next payday.

I gave him 100 bucks via Club For Growth yesterday (the only way I give). Lugar’s a pig.

A Dick Lugar…. Barney Frank probably thinks that is some kind of German gun.

In a move, seemingly made to disrupt the American elections, the ultra-liberal, philanthopic Carnegie Corporation in conjunction with its Carnegie Endowment for International Peace displayed strange timing in publicly awarding prizes to Senators Dick Lugar and Sam Nunn for their 1991 bill that financed the necessary cleanup and control of WMDs of the old Soviet Union from way-back-when.

Dick Lugar then attempted to suck oxygen from the election by announcing his acceptance of the prize for which he could describe no personal involvement. Lugar called the programme “a triumph measured in more than the hundreds of missiles, thousands of warheads, tons of chemical weapons, and scores of biological pathogens now under lock and key or destroyed. It has been the basis upon which the United States has found constructive means to engage former adversaries and new partners, united by a common vision and desire to detect and defeat new threats.”

In other words, you Hoosiers screwed up by not sending me back to the Senate.

Lugar. May one backfire on him.

But. But. It’s the Dick Lugar Seat.


Don’t be a dick, Dick.

Another RINO Squashed!!!

What a sore Lugar.

Does he not care about his country?

Mourdock should point this out. He’ll get even more votes.

I can’t comprehend this bullshit about not taking it to little weasels like Lugar.

Donated (again). Thanks for the reminder.

(A Hoosier.)

The real “dick” comes out for all to see.