I’ve noted before that Dick Lugar has been less than dignified in his loss to Richard Mourdock.  We supported Mourdock early in the primaries and he is on the Operation Counterweight Final List.

Mourdock has gone out of his way not to bad mouth Lugar’s sore losing.

In an interview today (audio here) with Indiana Barrister, Lugar announced that he would not campaign with Mourdock.

As tempting as it would be to lash out at Lugar, that’s not productive. Mourdock needs every vote possible, including Lugar supporters. The race is a statistical dead heat (here and here), although most people think Mourdock has the advantage because Indiana will go heavily for Romney.

Don’t get mad.  Dick Lugar would love nothing more than for Mourdock to lose so that Lugar could say “I told you so.”

Don’t let that happen.

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