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Legal Insurrection 2016

Legal Insurrection 2016

I finally saw 2016: Obama’s America in Ithaca Saturday night.

I can see how our friend judged it an Omg!  Had I not followed Obama so closely since 2008 and instead relied mainly on the mainstream media, almost everything in the film would have come as a shock.

So I can’t myself respond Omg!  Instead my feeling was Depressing!

Dinesh D’Souza found a theory — the anti-colonialist ideology of Obama’s Kenyan absentee father — which explains Obama.  I found the theory interesting, but unnecessary.

There are plenty of left-wing politicians and academics who share the same desire to bring American down several notches, who accept the rise of Islamists as necessary to counter the West and Israel, and who view government as a tool for redistribution of wealth both domestically and internationally … and who did not have an anti-colonial Kenyan father.

Whether Obama is a product of his desire to emulate his father’s anti-colonialism, or just another leftist product of our educational system and a left-wing upbringing, the result is the same.  We have a disaster on our hands.

The film demonstrates how Obama cunningly used race both for his advancement and to deflect scrutiny of his ideology.

I did not need this movie to know that.  Almost four years ago I saw that Obama’s use of race as a political weapon was the defining byproduct of the 2008 campaign

The most depressing aspect of the film was the cover-up by the mainstream media. Obama was the least vetted candidate ever, someone with associations which would have been disqualifying for anyone else.

That too was no surprise.  In October 2008 I started this blog with a post arguing that we were on the verge of electing what was behind the proverbial Door No. 2, an unknown with troubling associations.

I knew of Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers, but until this movie knew almost nothing about Franklin Marshall Davis.  I had seen the name, but had no clue of Obama’s close connection; that’s how complete the media silence has been, that even someone who thought he was aware, actually was not.

With Obama we had a media not of lapdogs, but of guard dogs.

We can’t let that happen again.  But it is, right before our very eyes.

It would be easy to be fatalistic after seeing this movie.  I’m sure that was not D’Souza’s purpose.  Rather consider it a warning, and a call to action.


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One day in hell, the Devil said,
“Come Minions, let us think:
America’s out of sync,
They’re almost at the brink!
But our boy BO and his HO JOE are really getting hit,
Their lies just aren’t worth spit!
And the people are in a snit!
What can we do to keep this nation crumbling?”

A lot of crazy things we’re said,
And pondered on that day—
But devils never pray,
Nor ever go away!
They just get crazy devious,
Their frauds become more tedious,
Their falsehoods more mischievous!
And so it went till Satan stopped them all!

“We’re thinking far too hard right now,”
He exclaimed with a devilish grin,
“If we really want to win,
“We’ll use the Progressives’ sins!
“They’ll always claim that black is white,”
“And swear that “wrong is right”
“That way, we’ll top this fight.”
And the USA will fall to rise no more!

And so it started, once again,
BO’s HOs talked everywhere,
Putting people in a scare,
Claiming truths that “just weren’t there”!
Thus BO the Kenyan and Joe the Clown,
Just turned truth upside down:
“We’re the patriots in this Town!”
Just ask our MEDIA whores—they know it all!


    Your work is quite good. You take a risk to put poetry out there to a crowd , any crowd , that tends to think along similar lines. They are leary about looking aside and forming an impression outside the comfort zone. I find this with alot of my humor posts. They can be offcenter so they often are the stone thrown in the pond that leave no ripple. I find them funny or why post them. If the work feels right to self , that is what is important , it is your expression.

Not only was he mentored by Frank Marshall Davis, he LOOKS like Frank Marshall Davis and I am convinced Davis is his real father. Davis was a porn photographer who took photos of Ann Dunham for an S&M mag. I think it is perfectly plausible he got her pregnant, and her friend Obama Sr declared himself the father and married her as a favor to her, then hightailed it out. It explains a lot, such as why his dad was so totally uninterested in him, and why his grandfather took him to see Davis weekly from about 10 years of age. Look at pics of the three of them. It is stunning. Obama’s face is the perfect melding of Dunham’s and Davis’s face, while he hasn’t the slightest resemblance to he legal father. THAT’s the big secret, not whether he was born in Hawaii.

    nomadic100 in reply to Dakota435. | September 9, 2012 at 10:25 am

    I am in complete agreement! The quid pro quo for Obama, Sr. was that he got to claim an American family on his visa application – and he did that, albeit unsuccessfully, when he was at Harvard. The Immigration authorities knew he had a family in Kenya – and by that time Harvard was tired of him. It would have been awkward for Davis to have had a child by Stanley Ann Dunham as he, too, was married.

    Milwaukee in reply to Dakota435. | September 9, 2012 at 11:52 am

    My understanding is that 0bama read Dreams of My Father himself for the audio version. Somebody else, who desires our thanks, listened and compared it to the print version. The audio version leaves Frank out completely. Let’s review: the print book refers to him only as “Frank”, while the audio book leaves those parts out. Is that transparency?

    One theory is that Ayers only planned on 0bama being Mayor of Chicago, not President, when he wrote 0bama’s autobiography.

Dinesh was on Phyllis Schaffly’s radio show this morning. I tuned in to hear his segment only to learn he would be on for an hour. I had not planned taking an hour out of my Saturday, but he was so enthralling that I listened to the whole thing (I would have listened had he been on for 2 hours, BTW). I too feel like I know everything that “2016” will reveal, but his interview was so compelling, and now with the Professor’s review, I need to see it, and will do so tomorrow.

    I do not want to begrudge D’Souza box office, but I hope this film goes to Netflix and DVD before voting starts (and it is only a couple of weeks away with absentee and voting by mail). Because unfortunately it is not getting out enough to the people who would not shell out $10 to see it.

      Midwest Rhino in reply to EBL. | September 9, 2012 at 7:07 am

      it needs to get to Netflix streaming, or the left will coordinate their minions to check out all the copies, to keep them out of distribution.

        It would be a brilliant marketing strategy for Dinesh D’Souza to make a $1,000,000 offer for Obama’s college records like Larry Flynt is doing for Romney’s tax records (and he probably has that million to offer now given the success of his film). If anything pans out and someone does come forward, beyond impacting the election it could also be his follow up film.

      TrooperJohnSmith in reply to EBL. | September 9, 2012 at 8:04 am

      It will never make it to Comcast, because the owner of that company has his nose so far up Obama’s ass that he can smell the president’s breath.

      huskers-for-palin in reply to EBL. | September 9, 2012 at 9:53 am

      D’Souza on CSPAN last night….DVD in early October

      casualobserver in reply to EBL. | September 9, 2012 at 9:58 am

      You are right that, although it has been successful by relative terms for a documentary, the number of eyeballs that equates to in not that high so far. And most of the viewers were likely already receptive to the information being presented – meaning they were likely already heavily jaded and willing to spend the money/take the time.

      Beyond streaming on Netflix and Amazon, etc., I hope it can make it to at least one or more cable networks if not also a broadcast network. Clearly a majority of the ‘traditional’ networks would never allow it, but since the producers behind it are less Hollywood-like in their motives, I expect it would be easy for any station who wants to broadcast it to get through all of the contract terms, etc. The more outlets, the better.

      As a note – I went to a theater to see it in New England early one weekend afternoon. For that showing, I’d guess the room was about 85% full. I was stunned. It also showed for weeks, so I’m assuming it continued to fill seats enough to not pull it.

    sybilll in reply to sybilll. | September 9, 2012 at 6:33 pm

    Holy cow! I just left the theater, and I am stunned. I did learn a lot that I did not know. And I heard, no re-heard, some of Obama’s in the context that Dinesh laid out, and it took my breath away. Obama has been saying he is anti-colonialism, and I just hadn’t truly heard it. You must see this movie, and this man has to be stopped.

I have not seen D’Souza’s film, but I have followed the Obama issues fairly closely.

My opinions are:

1) Obama is the child of Stanley Ann Dunham and, most probably, Frank Marshall Davis. Compare,if you will, the photos of Davis and Obama and then factor in some white factor. It’s a slam dunk!

2) No one, except, perhaps, Jack Cashill, has really investigated the influence of Bill Ayers and other Communist/Anarchist individuals on Obama’s political philosophy and behavior.

It was truly a chilling experience when I listened to Al Kresta’s radio interview with Dr. Paul Kangor on his latest book “The Communist. Frank Marshall Davis: The Untold Story of Barack Obama’s Mentor”

I find it impossible to ignore that all the traits of Obama can be traced back to Davis, a card carrying member of the Communist Party USA.

Listen to the archived interview of 8/20/12 at and decide for yourself.

1. Since you’re posting so late at night, the film clearly made an impression on you.

2. Dinesh D’Souza found a theory — the anti-colonialist ideology of Obama’s Kenyan absentee father — which explains Obama. I found the theory interesting, but unnecessary.

A couple of months ago, I conjectured:

It’s not the grades that Obama is hiding, it’s the courses. I’m wondering if he had a de facto major in Marxist/Afrocentrist Studies.

The Romney campaign should make Obama’s university transcripts and applications an issue.

    Juba Doobai! in reply to gs. | September 9, 2012 at 2:57 am

    All Romney has to do is say, “I will release my taxes when Obama releases ALL his transcripts.” He won’t.

      I wish Romney would deal with Obama the way he dealt with Gingrich and Santorum. Why the kid gloves now?

        walls in reply to EBL. | September 9, 2012 at 7:12 am

        Why the kid gloves? Because he’s B L A C K!

          casualobserver in reply to walls. | September 9, 2012 at 10:09 am

          Walls – it is not just because he is black, but because most every media ‘personality’ (I think ‘journalist’ or ‘reporter’ are currently misnomers) has overtly shown they willing support (condone?) the racism cry. It’s a fair guess that Romney’s campaign, like the one before him in 2008, has decided people like Sununu and Gingrich are best used as the adept attack dogs they are. It may work in the end, where R&R continue to attack policy while others are more aggressive overall. Let’s hope….

      I hope he holds that card for the debates. If Obama raises tax returns, he should throw that right back at him. In a polite and friendly way, but point out if it is about vetting we should know how Obama managed to get his education paid (with self admittedly mediocre grades from Punahou).

The interview begins at the 5:45 mark.

Listen to the archived interview of 8/20/12 at and decide for yourself.

Have you all seen this? Peter Schiff at the DNC getting moron after moron to agree that corporate profits should be capped or banned. OMG. Can’t we enact an intelligence test before people are allowed to vote? Puleeeeeeeeeze?

Professor, we are in a fight for the soul of this country. The liberal media will fall on their own swords before they give up, give in, or stop what they are doing.

It really is not the rout they had thought it would be, though.

The Tea Party and the new media was something they did not foresee, and our resilience, resolve, numbers and strength grows daily to their horror.

    casualobserver in reply to VotingFemale. | September 9, 2012 at 10:17 am

    Here’s to hoping the Tea Party’s effectiveness stays high. Although the election record isn’t perfect, all of dedication you mentioned has still paid some rewards. At least one more to go……..

    GrumpyOne in reply to VotingFemale. | September 9, 2012 at 10:36 am

    you’re absolutely correct regarding, “..fighting for the soul..,” and this election could well be the tipping point of where this nation goes from here on out.

    Notice that the Tea Party voices concern for the nation rather than special interest groups while the other side whines about not getting enough free stuff.

    I’ll be voting for eviction on November 6, 2012 and hopefully the majority of Americans will do the same…

The media and the left know Obama has to be protected on this issue. They’ve set the play in motion, with Dick Durbin displaying how they will deal with uncomfortable issues. They will get enraged at the racist people at FOX, or any racist, bigot that dares demean their glorious one.

I’m reading Goldberg’s “Slobbering Love Affair”, and found a good point in his talk with Rush. Rush feels that since the start of his talk radio alternative media (talk radio and now FOX and the internet), the MSM is now not so interested in fairness … they are in competition for their ruling liberal position.

The stage is set for anything outside mainstream media to be attacked as radical, “extreme is the word we like to use”, as Schumer said in debating the stimulus.

    Fox News is part of the “MSM.” Describing them as “alternative media” is laughable. They’re the highest rated cable news network.

While the anti-colonial thing makes a lot of sense to me, it is hard to tell if Obama really picked that up in his little visits to Africa. But it does seem he deliberately claimed to be from Kenya when it helped him sell his book or run for Senate.

He was raised by communists and socialists, partly in Indonesia. Then was raised politically in Rev. Wright’s black liberation theology church, which praised Farrakhan. Ayers may have written his autobiographies for him, and molded an African based persona.

The black liberation theology may describe Obama best, though I’m not convinced he is more than a shallow liar, used to race cards and white straw men. But the advantage of going public with this anti-colonial angle is that it is mostly all in Obama’s own words.

So is he lying in his books, or is he lying when he says he never heard Rev. Wright say those things? Or is he lying when he says Ayers was just a guy in the neighborhood? The book he read aloud on tape is the one thing he can’t deny.

And with a communist watched by the FBI, that took nudes of his very young mother, that was his mentor that he seems to have written poems about … he has a lot more ‘splainin’ to do that Romney’s dog on the roof. But don’t expect any Leno jokes on Obama’s radical and racist past.

Whether Obama’s bio father was Barak Senior or Frank Marshall Davis is really lind of beside the point. The real point is that Stanly Ann was a Red Diaper Baby, daughter of a couple of Reds. She then coupled with one or the other, or both and out came Barry. Dragged from pillar to post and then left with his Red g’parents he was abandoned by both his father and mother.

It’s no wonder the man has no idea who he is. I’d feel sorry for him if he was just a drunk on a street corner. Since he’s trying to destroy the future of my grandchildren I flatout hate the man.

I do not need to watch a movie. I already hope his legs grow together.

Donald Douglas | September 9, 2012 at 4:23 am

Outstanding commentary, William. Although I read a good bit about Frank Marshall Davis at the time, since everyone was calling Obama “Marxist trained.” Like you, I wouldn’t be shocked at all by the film, which I haven’t yet seen. Thanks.

Excellent point, Professor: the “anti-neo-colonial” mindset has been trendy in the academic left for decades, usually most fervently among those from the whitest and wealthiest backgrounds as if it were somehow an expunging of cultural guilt. That Obama has actual roots in the ideology is remarkable.

It is not for his parents’ or grandparents’ views that Obama should be called to account, but for his own actions and inaction.

My husband and I saw 2016 and really didn’t learn anything new, mainly because we watched Glenn Beck’s Fox show. Beck covered a lot of that material, including Frank M Davis.

Not only is the MSM covering up for Obama, they’re covering up all the racial violence. Colin Flaherty has written a book on the subject called White Girl Bleed a Lot:

Thomas Sowell: ”Reading Colin Flaherty’s book made painfully clear to me that the magnitude of this problem is greater than I had discovered from my own research. He documents both the race riots and the media and political evasions in dozens of cities.” – National Review.

And so now, Mr. Jacobson, we have the debates coming up. Select members of the Guard Dog Media have been chosen to moderate. I must assume they will labor hard to build up their little Mr. Obama while tearing Mr. Romney’s throat out. Many independents will make their minds up based on those debates. What, if anything, can be done about that?

    TrooperJohnSmith in reply to jakev. | September 9, 2012 at 8:18 am

    The president will get tough, tough questions like, “Mr. President, you’re familiar with the old TV show ‘Bewitched’. So, who did you like better as Samantha’s husband, Dick York or Dick Sargent?”

    The only ‘underhanded’ treatment Obama will get from the media is the manner in which they toss him his softballs.

I could care less if HIS father was Davis, Obama, Mugabe or the fictional Kunta Kinte. He is the scourge of the American way of life and needs, NO, MUST be ousted.

    Midwest Rhino in reply to JP. | September 9, 2012 at 8:44 am

    But the whole issue is not what “we” know, but what can be presented in paid for ads and alternative media that will pierce the news media blockade? Obama’s communist roots is hard hitting and relevant.

    Trump got national attention, but I’m not sure why he focused on WHERE Obama was born. Actually, he would always just say “there is SOMETHING Obama doesn’t want us to see,” but he’d allow himself to be cast as a “birther”, which itself was framed as only about location of birth. He could have spent that time in the spotlight, focusing on the communist connections of his parents and grandparents and mentor.

    Beck covered a lot of this, but he could go off the rails a little with selling his own brand (“pledge our lives and fortunes and honor” … and buy my books and my $7/month subscription, “hey, I’m a capitalist”, you pledge YOUR fortune, I’ll get rich). And he’d go the religious route, which was sorta OK, except it didn’t fit FOX News.

    Trump also brings a little of the reality TV aspect to this, but despite the circus like presentation at times, got to some facts. But he is still portrayed as a clown in Big Media. But as they protect “The Won”, this seems their best defense.

    Sheriff Joe is asking some hard questions, and seems under siege because of it. He seems correct that the big release was of a forged birth certificate. But WND has no credibility to mainstream. The palace guards have been busy “shooting” the messengers, not killing them, but destroying their credibility.

    Probably a third party ad campaign has to coordinate this effort. The Romney camp can focus on their message versus the Obama record in office.

Haven’t seen “2016” so I’ll wait for the DVD. Were Richard Cloward or Frances Piven mentioned in the film?

Check if you’re not familar with them.

TrooperJohnSmith | September 9, 2012 at 8:13 am

Whatever his lineage, we have an actual Manchurian Candidate in the Oval Office. That we’re not further debased and destroyed as a nation is a testament to not only our system of government but to the men and women who labor long and hard for the truth.

The real national tragedy is that the Fourth Estate has so willingly become a complicit Fifth Column to this man’s ideology. Thank God for the independent media; had America been the nation of 30 years ago, with three alphabet networks and no talk radio, we’d be wearing sack cloth and quoting the virtues of Teh Chosen Won from little red green books.

I’m terribly glad you saw the film but YOUR REVIEW is depressing. It’s almost like, unless you didn’t cover it – the movie has no purpose. As you know from your psychographic “ladder” studies, there is a severe number of CONSERVATIVES who still are unwilling to face the severity of a 2016 with Obama, choosing to protest their Ron Paul or Rick Santorum angst(or the Mormon-phobics).

But I don’t feel Dinesh made the film for them. I have had numerous 2008 Obama voters who saw it who could open up their eyes since it didn’t come across as an “anti-Obama” propaganda tool. As Dinesh has done at Stanford and elsewhere in openly debating the other side, the goal isn’t to change hardened liberals but to use that discussion to influence those i the middle.

You are fairly good at covering a lot of the Obama background but YOU still haven’t touched the Sheriff Joe investigation, the Ohio SSN case or even reports of the more serious executive order abuses. Should we also disparage your blog since we heard THOSE issues somewhere else first?

Lighten up Francis. The film does a stellar job of helping to understand that Obama isn’t driven by Islam or Liberalism as he is his anti-colonial collectivism. This is important because truth is important to know HOW to argue against Obama. Many shut down when Obama is called a Muslim, not just because of his own pronouncements but his public eating of pork and previous collegiate drug and alcohol consumption. And since so many (on both sides) smear each other with laughable extreme labels – it’s refreshing that like a good scholar he lays out a thesis and proves it. That’s pretty hard for any honest person to ignore. AND it DOES give greater urgency to realize HOW committed he is to these things. These aren’t just ideas he’ll try and walk away from if they don’t work.

I pray this is’t just academic jealousy on your part.

    creeper in reply to PolitiJim. | September 9, 2012 at 10:47 am

    You make good arguments but the gratuitous whack at our host was unnecessary. I’d have “liked” your comment but for that.

I just saw the movie Friday, and agree that to anyone paying attention outside the MSM their weren’t any new facts in the movie. But I did have a sort of revelation.

D’Souza made it a point that Obama Jr’s worldview was all but identical to Sr’s, and that the only way he could have known that much about his absentee father was from his mother. A mother who exerted profound control over every major influence in his younger years.

And in that time it appears, for al the vaunted ‘liberalism’ of his inculcators, he never once questioned or rebelled against the received wisdom.

Barack Obama may play at being the child of his father, but his scrupulous avoidance of most of his extended family weighs against that.

What he truly is is an unquestioning momma’s boy.

The absence of any loud noise from the press regarding Friday’s unemployment numbers says we are “on plan.”

This continues the Obama “LightWorker” strategy (i.e. Obama will run on the only thing he has, his popularity).

Notice that Obama’s speech on Thursday night didn’t tackle anything difficult (i.e. unemployment nada, entitlement reform nada). His polling indicated that a flat speech was his best plan of attack. He knows that all he has to do is offer the illusion of new programs (then blames Republicans when they don’t get passed) and stay away from the “heavy lifting” (let the Republicans go first). Then merely run on his popularity.

huskers-for-palin | September 9, 2012 at 9:51 am

I heard D’Souza last night on CSPAN. The DVD of his movie will be released in early October.

How do we tie this Davis communist connection around Obama’s neck? FMD is a bigger story than Bush’s WMD’s.

Remember the Obama campaign office that sported the Che flag on the wall? The most obvious connection to me, of Obama’s tie to the socialist/communist radical leftists, is his support of Zelaya in Honduras. Wikileaks is revealing on this. This Wall Street Journal article says Obama was maybe willing to give up Honduras as a “peace offering” (realpolitik) to Chavez, the “big dog” in the region.

But my opinion is that Obama has common ideology with Chavez and Zelaya. (Jarret praised communist Van Jones, who praised Chavez) Obama could form his own alliance with them, against US and Honduran interests. This WSJ article describes Zelaya, using Wikileaks quotes of US ambassador Ford. This eerily seems to be a mirror image of Obama:

Mr. Ford wrote: “Ever the rebellious teenager, Zelaya’s principal goal in office is to enrich himself and his family while leaving a public legacy as a martyr who tried to do good but was thwarted at every turn by powerful, unnamed interests.” The State Department says it does not comment on classified documents.

The image of a champion of the poor crushed by the rich elite is precisely what Mr. Zelaya’s supporters in Washington and Tegucigalpa peddled to the press in the months after he was removed from office. But Mr. Ford had spotted a fraud. “His erratic behavior appears most evident when he deliberately stirs street action in protest against his own government policy— only to resolve the issue (teacher complaints, transportation grievances, etc) at the last moment.”

Though Mr. Zelaya can be “gracious and charming,” wrote Mr. Ford, “there also exists a sinister Zelaya, surrounded by a few close advisors with ties to both Venezuela and Cuba and organized crime.” He eerily observed what Zelaya opponents would repeatedly allege privately in the year to come: “Due to his close association with persons believed to be involved with international organized crime,” the president could not be trusted. “I am unable to brief Zelaya on sensitive law enforcement and counter-narcotics actions due [to] my concern that this would put the lives of U.S. officials in jeopardy.”

Does Israel feel they can brief Obama on sensitive military actions? Hopefully they can trust Romney after an enriched Obama heads off to his island retreat for retirement.

“It’s the economy, stupid.” – James Carville, 1992.

The election is less than two months away. While concerns about Obama’s influences, ideology, and hidden agenda are important, they are a distraction from the main goal of the moment – defeating Obama in November. There is little that can be done on these background issues between now and November 6th. If Romney wins, they become academic, a historical cautionary tale to be remembered the next time a stealth candidate emerges. If Obama wins, then these isses can and should move to the forefront.

Currently we have a weak and foundering economy, the result of an administration that does not know how to address it and institutes policies that exacerbate the problem. This administration is highly and most vulnerable on the economy – jobs, jobs, jobs, and its deficit spending.

The Obama reelection team would love nothing better than for conservative radio, TV, and the blogosphere to turn away from economc issues and focus on FM Davis and/or Obama’s putative anti-colonial origins.

When voters enter the booths November 6th, they will vote, as they always do, with their pocketbooks and wallets. In 2008, the pizzazz of electing the first non-white US president overruled the pocketbook impulse. There is no such specialness in 2012. Americans are deeply concerned about unemployment, taxes, deficit spending, and the economic security of their children’s futures.

This is not to minimize the import of exposing the iceberg that is our collective knowledge of Obama. But to focus too much conservative media attention on it now, seven weeks before the election, is political suicide. It is precisely what the Obama reelection team would hope we would do.

Our priorities ought to be:

Win the White House for all the obvious reasons, but primarily to kill Obamacare and to choose Supreme Court justices.

Win the US Senate majority.

Increase or maintain the US House majority.

Continue the 2010 trend towards conservatives and Republicans among the state houses and governorships.


D’Souza’s 2016 is out there and garnering media attention. That’s good. Other efforts concerning Obama’s personal history, college transcripts, political foundations, etc., are ongoing. That’s good. But it is very important that the frontline of conservative media – radio, TV, and blog – remain focused on beating Obama on nuts and bolts issues like jobs, the economy, deficit spending, tax reform, and federal budgetary problems.

    Yes, it is still “the economy stupid” and it is best if we do not forget it and be sure to mention it to everyone you meet and then hang it around Obama’s neck. It is not a difficult task. Just keep it short and simple.

      ThomasD in reply to OldNuc. | September 9, 2012 at 10:27 am

      Not exactly. There is nothing wrong with leading with ‘it’s the economy’ but we also need to take it one step further and note that when the government looms so enormously large the economy follows from whatever force occupies the government.

      Barack Obama is a malign force for freedom and liberty, it follows that when a committed collectivist sits at the head of leviathan that our economic liberty will suffer.

      If we don’t get past the notion that the problem can be solved by an ever more powerful – but effective! – executive we will forever be falling prey to the charlatans on the left.

      Henry Hawkins in reply to OldNuc. | September 9, 2012 at 10:47 am

      Just so, short and sweet – and directly into the pocketbook wheelhouse:

      Unemployment is high and has been for 3.5 yrs – time for a change in leadership.

      The deficit is immense and growing, not shrinking – time for a change in leadership.

      Taxes are high and killing growth, while the current admin wants to make it even worse – time for a change in leadership.

      The best jobs in the world won’t matter if one third of your paycheck goes to mandated health insurance and another third goes to federal taxes – time for a change in leadership.

      That sort of thing. It’s all short, sweet, to the point, and has the wonderful feature of being true.

      Want to lose the undecided voter’s attention? Start a history lecture on who and what Obama was studying 20 or 30 years ago. It isn’t that that’s not important, it’s that the undecided voter won’t listen, will change the channel or web page.

      Two months does not allow time to research, prove, present, and have accepted by the undecided voters that Obama was mentored by a communist, hates historical American imperialism, etc. Let films like 2016 do that.

      The primary focus needs to be nuts and bolts economic issues of the moment, how they’ve hurt undecideds, and how a Romney admin and GOP congress can fix it.

        Midwest Rhino in reply to Henry Hawkins. | September 9, 2012 at 11:59 am

        Sure that needs to be the primary focus, especially for the top dogs. But while the left will label any revelations of Obama as “swiftboating”, that is really an Orwellian term, used to attack “truthboating”.

        Did Kerry really earn three purple hearts? Did he publicly throw his medals over the White House fence, then have to later claim, “oh, those belonged to someone else”? It was truth [to power] that hurt Kerry, not lies. The media responded by labeling the truth as a lie, but it still penetrated.

        My broadcast market overlaps Iowa, and an ad I’d seen repeatedly called for questioning Obama’s many sealed records. It was not bad, but not great quality. Something like that could be done much better.

        Obama has a real record now, that can be soundly tied to his radical past. Nobody believed he was part of the socialist New Party in 2008, but now he has put communist Van Jones in his cabinet.

        Nobody paid much attention to the real Rev. Wright, but now there is FM Davis, and the fact that Obama sided with Castro and Chavez in Honduras. Black Liberation Theology sided with the Sandinistas. Hard facts can be presented with intellect, not the scary music background. D’Souza does some of this with his ads for his movie, but that is not made as a campaign ad.

        MSM credibility is already strained, more facts continue to weaken them. This is just another front they have to defend (defending Obama’s own words … will media ever ask him who the Frank is, in his book?), while Romney Ryan crash the beaches with the main forces. (or something like that)

        24 hour news needs these things on a regular basis … I’m sure Obama has his list to feed them on Romney and his dog or religion, why not counter that with true and juicy stories about Obama? Drip drip drip …

The movie, 2016, is good because it stays out of what the undecided low attention span voter perceive as either inside political baseball that is beyond their comprehension or material for Coast to Coast. It takes a single thesis and develops a proof. There is no way you could cram everything a knowledgeable highly informed voter should know into a 90 minute film. As this movie is now the #2 highest grossing documentary and my make #1 I would say it is having much more impact than you think. And wider distribution would be great.

I hope many will watch the 90-minute movie produced by Joel Gilbert titled ‘Dreams From My Real Father.’ Gilbert is fed up with the media ignoring the Davis connection, so recently he gave a short speech at a National Press Club event. He said this movie will be distributed FREE to as many households as possible in all swing states. (

I’ve watched the entire movie available on DVD. Both the combination of images comparing the physical characteristics of Obama and Davis, as well as the detailed research done by the director, provide extremely compelling evidence that Obama’s “biography” is largely fiction. Gilbert’s website is

I think there is a delicate balance between meaningful truth finding and over the top personal witch hunts (or so portrayed by the media surrogates). Obama’s biological roots gets awfully close to the witch hunt and could easily be used as a cudgel to prove his opposition is only interested in personal destruction, right or wrong.

But making valid queries about his philosophy based on factors that influence everyone – well, normally influence everyone – is masterful. With every other candidate, we would not only be able to look at the societal/environmental factors of their past, but we would also be able to see their production – meaning all of their academic and post-academy words and writings. Except for a short term voting record, what do we have to make our own final conclusions with Obama? Everything is so transparent with him it is actually hidden (sarcasm).

Expect the media to do everything it can until it clearly passes the line into being ridiculed to portray things like the movie and the questioning as actions of personal destruction. Oh, and also expect to be called the lying liars who consider lying a virtue because you have been lying and fabricating lies for so long, you liars…….or something like that…..

2016 did not really reveal anything new to me with the exception that I now know why the anointed one has all but abandoned his half brother in Kenya. Seems like the brother espouses personal responsibility. The film did assemble the case against O’bammy quite well though.

Re-electing the anointed one will be a disaster for this country which will surely slip into the abyss. Imagine that as a young man in the early 1960’s I witnessed the most powerful nation in the world being on top of its game and within a few decades we are on the doorstep of becoming another Greece.

I never thought that I’d see it in my lifetime…

Insufficiently Sensitive | September 9, 2012 at 10:49 am

The most depressing aspect of the film was the cover-up by the mainstream media. Obama was the least vetted candidate ever, someone with associations which would have been disqualifying for anyone else.

The most depressing aspect of the current state of the US democracy is the corrosively biased mainstream media, which has steadily gone from bad to worse over the last 45 years.

By its influence on a huge majority of public opinion, it has swung voters far beyone the 16-point spread that some pundit asserted in favor of left-liberal ascendency. Keep in mind that the MSM is the ONLY source of information on current events that the majority of the US population receives.

It selective excludes not only the sort of leftist-damaging information noted in the film “2016”, but also an encyclopedia’s worth of information necessary for informed governance by the electorate. As the European press does also, it assumes that there’s no upper limit to deficit spending, and that deficits are the correct solution to any and all lack of material gratification suffered by ‘the people’ – thus blithely steering us all straight for the financial cliff, by back-paging any concerns for the oncoming disaster, and constant use of ‘austerity’ as a pejorative.

The MSM is a cancer, and counteractives are desperately needed.

With 23 million Americans out of the workforce, more than $16 trillion in national debt with $5 trillion added in just the past three years, three fiscal years without a federal budget, we are on the cusp of disaster and it all links to the individual under scrutiny in the movie 2016. Before seeing the movie read Aaron Klein’s The Manchurian President: Barack Obama’s Ties to Communists, Socialists and Other Anti-American Extremists. Especially read the excerpts about Vernon Jarrett and his infamous daughter Valerie Jarrett—she makes Hilary Clinton look like a cupcake. The bomb damage Bill Ayers caused in the 1970s won’t be a noteworthy as the time bomb he has planted in his agent Barack Obama’s presidency set for 2016.

The only hope to avert national chaos is the alleged $400 million that Romney/Ryan has in their war chest. The money statistics cited are not mentioned by many pundits. Obama may have had, or still does have some tactical advantage like the mainstream media working for him. But, $400 million available to buy message time will take its toll on the Democrats if it is used strategically. Especially if the Republicans save enough to counter any Obama gaffes or utopian rants coming out of the debates. If Obama doesn’t have enough air time to defend his debate demagoguery, the independents will turn on him big time. The mainstream media is hungry for revenue and it will take money even from the Republicans to make a profit; it is more capitalistic than it wants to admit.

I saw the film last week.

While the optics and cinematography were very nicely done, I felt the substance of the film was lacking.

The “dots” were loosely connected, some aspects that I felt were very important became a mere footnote in the film.

Nor do I feel D’Souza made a sufficient case as to the dangers of “anti-colonialism”.

I left the theater wondering if a “normal” person might be walking away wondering “what’s really so bad about anti-colonialism?”

I would recommend that an “unnormal” person (well informed political junkie) wait for the DVD.

Prof. Jacobson, if you find the anti-colonial theory unhelpful as a window into Obama’s thinking, you’ll be interested in Charles Kesler’s new book, “I Am the Change: Barack Obama and the Crisis of Liberalism,” recently praised by George Will. Steven Hayward situated the book nicely in a post 3 days ago over at Powerline:

Also, your readers interested in Dr. Paul Kengor’s “The Communist” will want to check out’s multi-part series of interviews of Kengor; latest here (about how Marshall and his fellow communists set out to infiltrate the Democrat party):

I read Kengor’s book a couple weeks ago, and found his detailed analysis of archival material quite impressive in demonstrating Marshall’s deep ties to communism and his connections to the political grandfathers of Axelrod & Jarrett.

Romney should bring up Obama’s transcripts only if Obama jabs with the tax return canard. And then only for Harvard/Columbia to release them, not Obama himself. From the birth certificate fiasco, it is obvious that Obama will do anything necessary to alter records that pass through his hands.

When Dinesh D’Souza blamed social liberalism for “provoking” 9/11 it was forgivable but when a leftist or libertarian argues that bombing other countries makes people mad at us they’re advocating “appeasement” and should be considered traitors.

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