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Julia reacts to Mitt’s tape

Julia reacts to Mitt’s tape

You remember Julia, the Obama campaign-issued woman who turned to government for help at various life stages. 

Those stages aptly were summarized in Iowahawk’s Julia’s Circle of Life.

Julia has come to symbolize the dependency state.  So I wondered what Julia must be thinking about Mitt Romney’s secret video about people taking responsibility for their lives.

Here’s my best estimates of what Julia would have been thinking as the day wore on today:


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“I don’t often play Julia, but when I do, I smack her upside the twitter with my keyboard,” said the least interesting man in the world on his way to the Obama fundraiser he’s hosting.

Not A Member of Any Organized Political | September 18, 2012 at 5:04 pm

If Juila were real and on Federal Government Health Care she’ld be dead from that same Federal Government Health Care ALREADY by Now!

That was just g–o–o–d, Prof…!

Remember this? At least Romney doesn’t feel the need to intentionally hide his comments.

Obama Campaign Bans Cell Phones at New York Fundraiser

Tweeting is like Golf… you have to do it to appreciate it.

FORE! Look out Julia!

MaggotAtBroadAndWall | September 18, 2012 at 5:17 pm

Julia bummed that if Romney is elected president taxpayers won’t pay for her gender reassignment surgery.

Julia realizes cats are less hassle, demands government replace Zachary.

Brilliant piece.

Remember, ladies, you don’t need a man. Except for Barack Obama, whom you need more than oxygen. (Oxygen the gas, not the TV network)

    Sanddog in reply to Jingo. | September 18, 2012 at 6:21 pm

    They need them to work their butts off any pay taxes so the Julia’s of the world can spend all their time denigrating them and demanding more money.

I feel unworthy. Classic mocking. It does not get better than this. Thank you.

Julia saw CNBC Poll re-Mitt truth. Girl now inconsolable.

Barry probably forgot to mention it, but I’m 1/32 Cherokee..

I get your tweets, so I love the running list! Keeps me sane reading such tweets (@iowahawkblog is great, for cerebral comic relief, as well!).

You know, I do think this “super-secret” release is a GIFT to Romney and the campaign.

The MSM keeps playing it, and playing it, questioning him on nearly every network. And he is ROCKING the interviews!

Free publicity – which Obama gets pracically 24/7….Romney, not so much.

Keep giving him free publicity, spreading what he REALLY thinks and stands for vs. what you SAY he does in-the-tank MSM!! Please!!

Invaluable, great, great gift – hope he continues to maximize on it!

Obama publicly admitted he is Communist.

“Julia upset with Mitt, asks “Which office do I go to get my self-esteem back?” My favorite. My response.

The only way to get back your self respect is to earn it every day, ever hour, every second. Almost impossible to do if you’ve lost it once. Not impossible but really hard work which in another tweet you expressed apprehension about. Not a good sign in your quest to regain your self respect. Good luck.

There’s GOTTA BE a Julia – Sandra Fluke connection somewhere. How ’bout Julia and Sandra Fluke contemplate joining a nunnery as Mitt contemplates no free contraceptives?

Julie is thankful the Government is there to provide financial assistance to the grandson of a former living President. Who else could help him?

I mean seriously, how sorry do you have to be to not be able to use those connections to your advantage and find some type of a job?

With regards to her moving to France, I can send my contribution for her ticket to?

Wasn’t it Julia that turned Winston Smith in to the Thought Police?

OK, showing my age here (and including a Hollywood “yes, that’s his real name” Trivial Pursuit reference):

Archibald Leach seen woefully shaking his head and heard muttering to himself:

Julia, Julia, Julia…

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