Well, 39 minutes and 49 seconds to be precise, once you take out the news breaks and commercials.

I was a guest Tuesday night on Nightside with Dan Rea on WBZ 1030, the Boston superstation that covers all of New England:

A group of concerned Native American Democrats, including the great-grandson of Geronimo, had hoped to meet with Elizabeth Warren today before her convention speech.  But Warren refused the meeting, saying that she is in Charlotte to talk about the issues and how to get America back on track rather than answer questions she’s already answered.  As Warren steps into the national spotlight, do you think she is right that she’s answered the heritage questions already?  Or do you feel that her answers and responses were merely an attempt to duck the issue?  Cornell Professor William Jacobson joins NightSide to weigh in.

The best part? All of it, but particularly the concept of how Warren strategically used the claim of Native American Status in a way that helped her professionally but did not expose her to scrutiny (particulary my exchange with a caller starting at 22:30), and a point which has not been explored by the media (but has been by me), that Warren’s own family has not come forward to back her up. (13:30)

One correction is that when I refer to Warren’s nephew researching the “rumored” Native American ancestry, he is 50 now and would have been 40 when he did the research.

Listen Dan Rea show 9-4-2012