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In which I spend an entire hour talking about Elizabeth Warren

In which I spend an entire hour talking about Elizabeth Warren

Well, 39 minutes and 49 seconds to be precise, once you take out the news breaks and commercials.

I was a guest Tuesday night on Nightside with Dan Rea on WBZ 1030, the Boston superstation that covers all of New England:

A group of concerned Native American Democrats, including the great-grandson of Geronimo, had hoped to meet with Elizabeth Warren today before her convention speech.  But Warren refused the meeting, saying that she is in Charlotte to talk about the issues and how to get America back on track rather than answer questions she’s already answered.  As Warren steps into the national spotlight, do you think she is right that she’s answered the heritage questions already?  Or do you feel that her answers and responses were merely an attempt to duck the issue?  Cornell Professor William Jacobson joins NightSide to weigh in.

The best part? All of it, but particularly the concept of how Warren strategically used the claim of Native American Status in a way that helped her professionally but did not expose her to scrutiny (particulary my exchange with a caller starting at 22:30), and a point which has not been explored by the media (but has been by me), that Warren’s own family has not come forward to back her up. (13:30)

One correction is that when I refer to Warren’s nephew researching the “rumored” Native American ancestry, he is 50 now and would have been 40 when he did the research.

Listen Dan Rea show 9-4-2012



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Lyin’ Lizzie managed to be both strident and whiny last night…which is not a good trick.

Since she only has to appeal to Massive-2-spits voters, her awful speech may not hurt her too badly. Hopefully, though, when stacked against a not-crazy Brown, even those voters will make the right choice.

Surprise! Steelworker Featured at DNC Didn’t Work for Bain. He was actually a union organizer employed by the Steelworkers Union. “So in less than one hour they had a fake Bain employee and a fake Indian.”


Senator Brown owes you a bottle of vintage wine and a dinner at the best restaurant in Boston.

“Warren Pretender-of the Cheating Tribe”

There once was an “middling*” attorney–
Had to distance herself from the “herd”
Of so many hopefuls, with credentials so boastful
She knew she would never be heard.

So she traded her license to practice,
For a “poetic license” of sorts.
She became “part Cherokee”, and then Harvard could see,
She’d appear in “Minority Reports”.

Just this year, though, her “license” was *cancelled*,
By true Cherokee’s who with LOTS of proof,
That her “massive white lie”, just could not justify,
Her false claims—it was all just a “spoof”!

But her training in law had prepared her,
To ignore even truth’s mighty power.
“Doubled down” on her lies, she kept up her disguise,
Trusting she was BO’s “star” of the Hour”.

Well our story’s not ended so quickly,
For the people of MASS must now choose.
Do they elect “the Pretender”, or do they send her,
Back to law school to learn ethics rules!

* Middling = mediocre, second-rate.
COPY FREELY – no rights reserved.

I have been watching this Warren thing from afar, and with a little amusement. After reading about her, I am beginning to think that she is as dangerous or more so than Obama.

Very interesting point you and the host elicited from the woman lawyer who called in who was a real “1/32 Cherokee” and listed herself as white in connection with her own school and career applications. I’m in the same age bracket as Warren and have had many friends with smidgens of this or that in their “heritage”, including things such as a great grandparent who was “black” or Asian, or a French-Canadian grandparent who was maybe 1/4 native American, and so forth.

When my buddy with the French-Canadian grandparent (otherwise all German) was sweating his application to grad school, we joked that maybe he should list himself as Indian. Of course he didn’t. Everyone knew that claiming minority status would give affirmative action advantage, but to do so and ignore the reality of one’s life would require deliberate lying.

Elizabeth Warren is a liar. Harvard did not hire Warren because she was “a good teacher”. That is not the criteria on which law professors are hired. What people need to get is that this isn’t a politician’s puffing about positions and opinions.

So far Warren is taking all the heat in this and Harvard is skating. As soon as Ms. Warren is again a private citizen then we need to go after Harvard and the whole affirmative action ballgame.