for splitting the vote between Eric Hovde and Mark Neumann, allowing Thompson to win the primary with under 40% of the vote.

I have a bad feeling about this, via Althouse:

Thompson was up 9 points in the polls a month ago, and now he’s down 9 points. It’s useless to fret about whether the Marquette poll is accurate: How inaccurate can it be? How did it happen? Tammy Baldwin ran negative ads against the once presumptively popular Tommy Thompson, and they obviously worked….

Tommy must have been thinking that he could cruise to victory, but the old man is getting kicked around.

Remember, this was a race which most commentators considered a likely Republican pick up, and the foundation of regaining control of the Senate.

A different poll has the race tied, but really.  Someone needs to light a fire here.

But it doesn’t seem likely, as Thompson is blaming Romney for Thompson’s sinking numbers:

“The presidential thing is bound to have an impact on every election,” Thompson told Madison television station WKOW on Wednesday. “You know, whether you’re a Democrat or Republican. If you’re a standard-bearer for the presidency is not doing well, it’s going to reflect on the down ballot.”

Scott Walker, I know you don’t run Thompson’s Senate campaign, but please pull him aside and talk some sense into his campaign operation.  Put your own people in there.  Do something.

I think I’m going to scream and kick something.