% Reporting – 92
Thompson – 34.3
Hovde – 30.7
Neumann – 22.8
Fitzgerald – 12.2

11:30 Eastern – AP Calls race for former Governor Tommy Thompson — the more conservative/Tea Party vote was split between Hovde and Neumann, with Fitzgerald pulling in just over 10%, allowing Thompson to win with just over one-third of the vote.

This apparently is a real tweet from Emily’s List, calling the moderate Thompson an extremist:

We are all extremists now (but you knew that).

Polls close at 9 p.m. Eastern. I’ll update at meaningful times, but will not follow it minute-by-minute.

Results at Politico.  Keep up on Twitter with @SykesCharlie, @kevinbinversie and #wisen hashtag.

Polling has shown a tight race among Tommy Thompson, Eric Hovde and Mark Neumann, with state Senate Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald way back.

The winner faces Rep. Tammy Baldwin.