A handful of Scott Brown supporters including a couple of staffers mocked Elizabeth Warren’s phony claim to be Native American, a claim she maintains in the face of all evidence, based on grossly exaggerated (at best) supposed family lore.

Warren keeps saying that kids don’t ask their parents for proof. But she didn’t check the box when she was a kid. She waited until she was in her late 30s and climbing the law professor ladder, and then only did it in a strategic manner to put herself on the advantageous list of “Minority Law Teachers” and “Women of Color in Legal Academia.” Other than checking the box, she did nothing to associate with real Native Americans.

Warren also very likely made false representations on Harvard forms used for federal reporting, which would have had on them definitions of Native American which could not possibly be satisfied based on family lore. That is why Warren will not release her personnel records.

Brown has been scoring points on Warren’s ethnic fraud. Unfortunately, those handful of supporters have allowed Warren to change the discussion because of this video in which there was about 10-15 seconds of a “tomahawk chop” made famous by Ted Turner at Atlanta Braves games (pictured here with Jimmy Carter and Jane Fonda doing the chop) and an Indian-sounding chant:

I don’t support the Tomahawk chop or Indian-like sounds. Those 10-15 seconds of stupidity, however, hardly match Warren’s 10-15 years of falsely claiming an ethnicity she did not have in order to put herself in a position to gain an employment advantage, or her 10-15 weeks of false and misleading excuses in the campaign.

Rob Eno of Red Mass Group did a good job defending this and other issues.

Warren supporters should spare us all the sanctimony, since they were silent in the face of Warren walking all over the Cherokee people and using historical tragedies of a people in which she has no claim for her advantage.

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