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Elizabeth Warren supporters should spare the sanctimony considering they covered for her ethnic fraud

Elizabeth Warren supporters should spare the sanctimony considering they covered for her ethnic fraud

A handful of Scott Brown supporters including a couple of staffers mocked Elizabeth Warren’s phony claim to be Native American, a claim she maintains in the face of all evidence, based on grossly exaggerated (at best) supposed family lore.

Warren keeps saying that kids don’t ask their parents for proof. But she didn’t check the box when she was a kid. She waited until she was in her late 30s and climbing the law professor ladder, and then only did it in a strategic manner to put herself on the advantageous list of “Minority Law Teachers” and “Women of Color in Legal Academia.” Other than checking the box, she did nothing to associate with real Native Americans.

Warren also very likely made false representations on Harvard forms used for federal reporting, which would have had on them definitions of Native American which could not possibly be satisfied based on family lore. That is why Warren will not release her personnel records.

Brown has been scoring points on Warren’s ethnic fraud. Unfortunately, those handful of supporters have allowed Warren to change the discussion because of this video in which there was about 10-15 seconds of a “tomahawk chop” made famous by Ted Turner at Atlanta Braves games (pictured here with Jimmy Carter and Jane Fonda doing the chop) and an Indian-sounding chant:

I don’t support the Tomahawk chop or Indian-like sounds. Those 10-15 seconds of stupidity, however, hardly match Warren’s 10-15 years of falsely claiming an ethnicity she did not have in order to put herself in a position to gain an employment advantage, or her 10-15 weeks of false and misleading excuses in the campaign.

Rob Eno of Red Mass Group did a good job defending this and other issues.

Warren supporters should spare us all the sanctimony, since they were silent in the face of Warren walking all over the Cherokee people and using historical tragedies of a people in which she has no claim for her advantage.


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This is a problem? Does anyone seriously think the libs would spare the sarcasam or bile in attacking anyone not like them? I keep hearing “We don’t stoop to their level” but I see them winning just the same.

    Mary Sue in reply to ironghost. | September 26, 2012 at 2:40 am

    You make a really good point. I am not advocating providing the left nonsense like this to throw in our faces. But where we lose is allowing the nonsense to become the issue.

    Brown handled this perfectly, we should put it in a campaign primer. Acknowledge and denounce distractions and then turn it right back to the issue at hand.

    The montage video at the end bearing the Legal Insurrection name is very well done.

Really, this is no big deal. Are there rules now about acceptable methods of mocking an ethnic fraud?

    They are not mocking Native Americans, they are mocking a white woman (whose ancestor helped round up the Cherokee for the Trail of Tears) for pretending to be Native American. There is a difference. Elizabeth Warren is a make believe Indian.

    Jack The Ripper in reply to Norris. | September 26, 2012 at 2:37 am

    Sorry, Norris.
    There are rules about mocking an ethnic fraud, which is something that callous jerks like you will soon learn, in most severe fashion, after you are sent, along with Professor Jacobson to the Administration’s State-Sanctioned Re-education Camp. [Apologies for coerced speech, imposed by me, to Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge for implying that they might have given a damn about Native Americans or any other ethnic minority.].
    Norris, please learn Morse Code and know that while I do not have unlimited resources, I will do what I can to get you sprung from Re-education Camp and off of Elizabeth Warren’s and President Obama’s “Enemies List.”
    I would claim that I tried to help Daniel Shorr off of Nixon’s Enemies List, but, really, I was still in preschool when he made the enemies list and my only contact with him was seeing him speak at Cornell. I was a liberal then, but, I have to say that while Daniel Shorr was interesting, he was not as interesting as Louis Farrakhan’s bodyguards fanned out on stage with menacing glares or G. Gordon Liddy’s tales of annoying federal prison wardens.
    But, none of that really matters.
    What really matters is the fact that you are tearing into the Pride and Joy of Native America, to wit, Elizabeth Warren.
    No matter that any discriminations she suffered were at the hands of her own bigoted clan. Apparently, someone did not want someone else to marry some Cherokee squaw or Delaware squaw or Native American male something or other that is the male counterpart of squaw.
    In their entirety, the Native Americans were wronged. Of that, there cannot be much doubt. But, I did not wrong Native Americans. Scott Brown did not wrong Native Americans. And, the most important fact is that Elizabeth Warren was not wronged. In fact, if anything, she appears to have disingenuously claimed to have been wronged and profited mightily by the same.
    But, who did Elizabeth Warren, a.k.a. Chief Teaching Bull, cheat out of the position that she secured?
    If she did not cheat or elbow out anyone, why did Harvard Law School and she tout her status as minority person of color on the faculty? Could not they have touted her extremely brilliant addition to and expansion of the “art” of bankruptcy law (“art” here being the body of knowledge, as in science and art, and not the more colloquial “art” as in Hopi and Navajo cave drawings of the person she screwed out of the “teaching” position at Harvard Law School chasing large mammals with spears to feed his or her family after losing out on the post and being foreclosed upon in an economic crash in the aftermath of a debt-fueled housing bubble instigated by James Earl Carter’s Community Reinvestment Act that was updated by William Jefferson Clinton and then spiked by global liquidity, multiplied by low interest rates that followed a terrorist attack on 9/11, that probably would not happened had the aforementioned Clinton not treated the “Blind Sheik’s” World Trade Center 1993 extravaganza as a law enforcement matter.
    But, that is all ancient history. None of it should be brought up. It was more than ten years ago, for the love of God.
    It is wrong to dwell in that past.
    What is important is the here and now, which includes Chief Teaching Bull (I mean, Professor Elizabeth Warren) running for Senate, on the basis of her prominence in the financial meltdown’s cure, regardless of any role she may have had in its cause, along with “Bitch Tits” Barney Frank. See, Warren, Elizabeth, and FDIC, and Inclusion.
    You cannot dwell on things like that. They are five or ten years old, whereas, the grievous injury that Chief Teaching Bull experienced at the hands or mouths of her bigoted family are only 40 years old, assuming there was any at all that she experienced, as opposed to some family lore about some bigotry from within the family a generation or two before her.
    Norris, you are scum and deserve to die, unless you are pro-choice, Muslim, Native American, or a Harvard Law hire. Actually, that is too crabbed and cramped, and I hereby apologize. Make, that, any Harvard hire, not just a Harvard Law hire. I feel shame. Please forgive me.

This situation potentially has some things in common with the Todd Akin fiasco. If they are dispensable, the filmed staffers should resign.

In fact, if they really want to help their boss, they should privately ask Brown to fire them immediately, and then apologize to Brown and to the voters. That course of events might well redound to Brown’s advantage.

    In fact, if they really want to help their boss, they should privately ask Brown to fire them immediately, and then apologize to Brown and to the voters. That course of events might well redound to Brown’s advantage.

    The flip side of this is that if Brown dithers before firing the staffers, he could be better off not firing them at all. He should respond decisively to the video; if he won’t act decisively, at minimum he shouldn’t show weakness under pressure.

If we play their game, we lose. Ignore their ‘outrage,’ and act by on our own outrage. Our way of life is at stake.

Other than that, be sensitive, you brutes.

Nice video prof but you had better watch out… Them thar’ democrats don’t look favorably on anyone who pursues the truth.

If she somehow does win the senatorial election, MA is indeed populated by idiots…

I know this is the wrong answer – the politically incorrect answer – but I found the mocking humorous and within acceptable limits.

Similarly, I am OK with people mocking Ted “The Swimmer” as a drunken fool, and mocking Clinton as an oversexed womanizer.

‘Tis unfortunate. Recall the old idiom “Give’m an inch and they’ll take a mile.” With libs, progressives it’s Give’m an inch and they’ll take in proportion to the degree that they do not want to engage the discussion you do.

The Indian “chops” have given Warren & crew the opportunity to deflect away from her situation. Suppose those so involved in the “Choppy Incident” stepped forward and apologized, admitting it was the wrong thing to do. End of the issue. Right? Wrong! Though Warren & crew couldn’t get that much out of it, they’d play it for as long as they could.

Just be thankful the Brown supporters didn’t show up in Indian garb, war paint, and start doing some Indian war dance. Warren & crew would have had even more ammo to run with, all the while other matters would have been pushed aside. The pros at this, of which Obama is one, can make you forget, if you allow them, what the original issue or question was.

    walls in reply to ALman. | September 26, 2012 at 12:39 am

    Warren wants the Cherokee flap to go away – never wants to discuss it. So look at it this way – if she uses an occasion like this to issue an angry response, it just serves to remind the electorate of the ethnicity fraud all anew. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

I had a long response rolling around in my head, then the lightbulb went off:
Professor Jacobson “Breitbarted” Elizabeth Warren. The LI video is masterful, and Andrew would be proud.

“Warren Pretender-of the Cheating Tribe”

There once was a “middling*” attorney–
Had to distance herself from the “herd”
Of so many hopefuls, with credentials so boastful
She knew she would never be heard.

So she traded her license to practice,
For a “poetic license” of sorts.
She became “part Cherokee”, and then Harvard could see,
She’d appear in “Minority Reports”.

Just this year, though, her “license” was *cancelled*,
By true Cherokee’s who had LOTS of proof,
That her “massive white lie”, just could not justify,
Her false claims—it was all just a “spoof”!

But her training in law had prepared her,
To ignore even truth’s mighty power.
“Doubled down” on her lies, she kept up her disguise,
Trusting she was BO’s “star” of the Hour”.

Well our story’s not ended so quickly,
For the people of MASS must now choose.
Do they elect “the Pretender”, or do they send her,
Back to law school to learn ethics rules!

* Middling = mediocre, second-rate.
COPY FREELY – no rights reserved.

Does anyone else remember this Elizabeth Warren moron advocating the US to be more like Communist China?

Another moron — the King of All Morons, Barack Obama — also advocated such:

Somewhere Iron Eyes Cody is shedding a tear over this shameful display.

She might not have a license, but she certainly has a “lie sense.” Her first impulse throughout her life has been to lie. Kudos to Professor Jacobsen for pulling a major scoop and doing the job that the MSM has refused to do.

In that third video about the 1:04 mark, is Joe Scarborough doing the tomahawk chop. He is, he is doing the tomahawk chop. Joe, you sly dog.

Professor Jacobson:

Have you had any luck in finding out when Warren’s Texas and New Jersey licenses lapsed?

This is the standard leftist disinformation ploy(paraphrasing VDH) of trying to make our sporadic misdemeanors morally equivalent to their serial felonies.

It does not matter that Warren’s behavior is materially different and orders of magnitude worse, in that she engaged in her fraud directly, to these reprobates. They will burn any straw man they have to to distract from the pure vileness of their candidates and their plans.

If she wants invoke the standard of guilt by association she better be prepared to answer for every untoward her allies engage in. But then again there is so much grist for the mill coming out of her own vile and dishonest personage that may not even be necessary.

Didn’t Ted Turner and Hanoi Jane keep doing the tomahawk chop? But in hyper-PC world, it may be a battle that can wait till after the election. (and I want Chief Illiniwek back on the field)

The Powerline article seems to tamp down some of the Warren defenses on this subject.

“The fact that the Warren campaign tries to confuse this issue, relying on the ignorance of the average reader, is an admission that Warren has no valid argument in her own defense.”

But you can’t practice under pro hac rules in the state where you reside, and no one claims that this exception applies to Elizabeth Warren’s practice in Massachusetts. So the question is, what “federal law or other law of this jurisdiction” would allow Warren to practice law in Massachusetts, even though she doesn’t have a Massachusetts law license? Neither she nor her supporters have suggested any such law that might apply.”

Massachusetts voters cannot get angry and punish Brown for this Alinsky-like mocking of Warren’s bogus Cherokee claims by his staff without understanding the larger context, that it is in response to Warren’s bogus minority claims. To hurt Brown, Massachusetts voters would then have to consider the mocking by Brown staff members to be the greater crime over Warren’s lies about being Cherokee. I do not see reasonable voters making that calculation.

If a sufficient number of Massachusetts voters weigh this mocking to be heavier than Warren’s cavalcade of crap and put her in office over Brown, Massachusetts will have earned precisely what it deserves.

Maybe Warren doesn’t want to release her personnel records because there are other issues, like warnings for spending too much time practicing law instead of being a law professor, or shoddy research, or other work issues such as bad performance reviews (especially since she claims that she was hired because she is such a good “teacher”), or maybe the records will show she has other issues, e.g. mental health absences.

[…] to Legal Insurrection for posting this video, also available on the Red Mass Group page, of Rob Eno of Red Mass Group and John Walsh of the […]

I believe the “tomahawk chop” is a reference to the phoniness of warren’s indian claims. It’s a cartoon gesture for a cartoon “Lieawatha.” It is actually a most appropriate gesture under the circumstances, just not wise.

Obviously these people know about the opportunism of political correctness, which looks for any excuse to claim victimization and demand redress, and they know that the media will give full credibility to these demands. So obviously this is going to backfire in the media. Dumb, but in no other way wrong.

I guess a more pertinent question would be to ask legal faculty members about the quality of her work. Does the corpus of her published writings measure up to the level of a Harvard Law Professor? If not, then one would conclude the only reason she is there in the first place is due to that little box she checked on the application.

The “tomahawk chop” was not made famous by Ted Turner and Jane Fonda. It originated at Florida State football games as the school’s mascot is the Seminole Indian, which has been endorsed by the Seminole Indian Tribe of Florida.

FSU fans have been doing the tomahawk chop for a long time and did it while Deon Sanders, one of the most famous FSU football and baseball alums, played at FSU from 1985 to 1988. When Sanders was traded to the Braves in the early 1990’s he, the Brave fans adopted the tomahawk chop from FSU.

Please make the correction to the story as I cannot stand this beloved football tradition being described as “made famous” by a traitor and her nutty ex-husband.

Before checking the box, warren could have easily gone to the cherokee tribe and requested a genialogical search to formally verify her ancestry, and get herself officially on the tribal rolls. She came from OK, and everybody I know here knows that is the way to do it legidimately. Since she did not take that relatively easy step to prove her ancestry, I would assume she knew her cherokee ancestry was suspect, and thought the answer might be no. But she fraudalently checked it anyway, to obtain the advantages associated with the claim.