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Breaking – Dem strategists agree Romney playing race card – developing

Breaking – Dem strategists agree Romney playing race card – developing

I have enjoyed Larry Sabato’s coverage of elections both past and present, and his “Crystal Ball” reports are worth reading.

So I mean no disrespect by this.

It’s just that this tweet from Geoffrey Skelley of the Sabato Crystal Ball report seemed like it deserved an award for its obviousness:

In other news, the Obama campaign staff consensus is that Mitt Romney killed that guy’s wife.


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Pointing out the obvious is Larry Sabato’s specialty. The Joe Garagiola of political analysts.

“Yes” Romney is playing the race card with questionable welfare attack.


1. there is nothing “questionable” about the FACT Obama shifted the welfare paradigm BY FIAT

2. stating a truthful FACT is not an “attack” (in Realityville)

3. welfare is not a “race” thang.

Therefore, you can count on the DNC to try this lie, to see if it sticks.

Since when have issues of non-contributory entitlements been a “racial” issue? I wonder what is the incidental feature disposition and distribution of Americans who are indigent or homeless. How does this compare to residents, legal and illegal?

Cassandra Lite | September 4, 2012 at 1:30 pm

If you were racist enough to think “black” every time you heard the word “welfare”, would you be stupid enough to tell people that that’s what you think by projecting that onto them?

Where’s Joseph Welch for a McCarthy moment: “At long last, Democrats, have you no sense of irony?”

4 our of 5 Democrat analysts agree: anything but effusive praise for that little man is racist.

It reminds me of a Twilight Zone episode starring child actor Billy Mumy as a crazy little kid with the power to send people to ‘cabbage patch’ (killing them) if they showed any negative vibe about him. Before he dispatched them, he’d say, “You’re a bad man! You’re a very bad man!”

So is Geoffrey Skelley the new Billy Mumy — “You’re a bad man, Romney! You’re a very bad man!”

Democrat strategist.

Must be the easiest job in the world.


Whew! Is it break time, yet?

General consensus of Dem strategists: Republicans are RACISTS!!!!!!!!!!

    You’re not a proud member of the flat-Earth society and are skeptical of global warming… I mean, climate change, aren’t you?

    Yeah. I know. Consensus by association.

Some blacks have the “you owe us” attitude so ingrained, that they express the problems of racial preference most clearly, as they get advanced beyond their ability. Using government job strikes as leverage to coerce extraordinary pay and benefits is business as usual. They are entitled.

This teacher says “save the children, give up the bucks”.

Maxine Waters says the government will take over your (oil) companies … and Obama has recently suggested he wants to move in that direction … do for other large companies, what he did “for” GM. Of course nationalization might be better than what Obama does, which is to subordinate the taxpayer to his union buds, or bundling donors. Union boss welfare, donor welfare, government worker welfare … while punishing his enemies … the small business man.

The race card is just one tool in Obama’s massive transfer of wealth bag of tricks. But “minorities” generally get away with these outrageous statements, since they wear a deck of race cards up their sleeves, and media deems them untouchable.

I long for the day when men are not judged by the color of their skin … but Obama thrives on racial hyperbole.

[…] one can say that the Emperor is clueless, because that’s racist. Everything is […]

The more media space they spend discussing easily disprovable “racism” on the part of Republicans, the less media space is spent on the failures and fecklessness of this administration.

The proper response is: “I know you’re trying to waste time on this non-issue, and I am in no mood to be diverted. I am going to talk about something substantive now. You have to say it with a smile, of course.

Nothing new here.

The fact that Romney is even running against Barry makes Romney a racist according to the dims.

nothing new.

Oppose Barry? You’re a racist!

OK, so umm, I’m out for a fine dining experience AND, I order an Absinthe. A distinct taste of licorice to enjoy and some asshat looks over and says: Licorice, is Black, you are a RACIST!

After the EMT’s take him to a hospital, would laughing my ass off, be gauche?