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Boston Talk Radio talking Elizabeth Warren

Boston Talk Radio talking Elizabeth Warren

Boston talk radio continues to be the main vehicle for getting the word out to Massachusetts voters about Elizabeth Warren’s attorney licensing issue.

In addition to my appearances on the Michael Graham and Howie Carr (with substitute host) shows on Monday, I also did appearances with Howie Carr himself today:

And on the Feinburg and McPhee show (audio also here) yesterday:


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Great interviews. As Howie Carr said, it’s disappointing that the Boston Herald has not done anything on this.

from your lips to the voters’ ears.

BannedbytheGuardian | September 27, 2012 at 7:16 pm

Plus all this is surely adding up to a massive google problem. I have just spent a fun 30 minutes googling all sorts of word combinations warren = Ma + cook book = law + recipes + cherokee = fake.

The finds are fantastic. . There is a New Jersey resident lawyer who writes about foraging wild food for flash NY restuarants as a second career.

Whilst she is not native American she IS native Asian so at least a minority. Plus she is a legal consultant getting projects through her former Merrill contacts in securities law.

My guess is she is still registered as a lawyer in NY but who really knows? Further I find her to have been interviewed on NPR.

This is only on e page one of search!

Just returning from Ace’s place where I see that you, sir, have been awarded the coveted Flaming Skull with Indian Head Dress. My goodness. I think that’s quite an accomplishment.

The quote there that has Bombay Sapphire gin streaming down the monitor of my Macintosh is this (with apologies to all that are offended by such language – we are in a fight for our nation and a bit of the gutter is of the essence here):

But now Legal Insurrection, which just won’t give up on skull-f***ing Elizabeth Warren (are those cheekbones hard to maneuver around?), has dug up a case where she seems to be representing a Massachusetts client in a case about Massachusetts state law.

That, sir, is known as persistence, as tenacity, and as verve!

Hopefully, you still have some arrows in your quiver. This is getting awfully good!

Murrow, Bradlee, Buckley, Hentoff, Mencken, Woodward, Bernstein, Jacobson……….

Mark Steyn was on the same program this week.

Prof. is choppin’ in some talllll cotton…!!!

You da bomb, Professor! Keep on telling the TRUTH about that marxist moron, Warren.

John Nolte wants you to be awarded the Pulitzer for investigative journalism, Professor.

Well done, and I sure hope you have hired a security detail!

I heard you today Professor.
Great job.
Once again a blogger is running circles around a palace guard media that has refused to do their job.

    Anchovy in reply to NeoKong. | September 27, 2012 at 11:42 pm

    I am going to assume the Professor (even at Cornell) does not wear pajamas to work but you are correct. He beat the neatly pressed slacks off the classically trained unbiased professional journalists with the highest ethical standards and layers and layers of fact checkers.

I am not a fan of Ms. Warren. In fact, I actively dislike and distrust her and her manner. As for issues, she is totally out of line.

But wasn’t she sitting Second Chair or supporting counsel to other admitted lawyers who were actually THE attorneys for the clients (like Neeson)? You don’t need to be admitted to give legal advice to the client’s actual attorney, or to do legal work for and under the supervision of a licensed attorney. A paralegal or law librarian can do that. If you have a law degree, you are a “lawyer.” But if you don’t have a client, you are not an “attorney.”

She’s listing herself as “Of Counsel,” which seems to me sufficient disclaimer–when others on the brief are admitted–to avoid UPL.

    You have absolutely not idea what you are talking about. None. Zero. Zip. Nada.

    And may you get all your legal advice from paralegals.

    Mercyneal in reply to oldfox. | September 28, 2012 at 6:44 am

    Hmm, seems like I’ve seen these kinds of comments over and over again at the Boston Herald and Globe. The poster starts off with “I am not a fan of Warren and I’m not voting for her but…. and then proceeds to knock down arguments that what she has done is wrong. Not buying you are not a supporter of Warren.

      William A. Jacobson in reply to Mercyneal. | September 28, 2012 at 7:12 am

      Concern trolling became an art form in 2008 — “I’m a life long Republican, but ….”

      I’ve never been here before, Mercymeal. I don’t support the woman. She is a phony, leftist, admirer of who, Lenin, an Obamacare inventor? Just because I don’t accept one of your criticisms doesn’t make me a supporter. I was a law librarian in a big firm (the one that cracked your problematic Pedophile Priests ring up there) and gave legal advise to lawyers all the time, but never to a client.

      She was “of counsel” to the attorneys it seems. I don’t know. Did she address the Court?

How soon can criminal charges be filed and in what venue?

I really miss Michael Graham. The morning show in DC ROTS and the “conservative” station has become the “voice of jihad” over the past few years. CAIR has had them fire several hosts because of alleged controversial comments.

I can’t even listen to the morning show since they got rid of Mary Katharine Ham earlier this year. The other “chick” on their station, “Brandy Nuisance” has all the charm of nails on a blackboard and I simply couldn’t stand listening to the mindless drone any longer.

The only good news is I just found out “Brandy Nuisance” is leaving the local station for a gig in B’more. Good riddance!!!

Did anyone hear about this: the Obamas spent $1.4 billion — BILLION! – on THEMSELVES in ONE YEAR — of OUR money!

You are awesome Professor Jacobson. Just awesome.

We have a spy in the midst. (Dig all those “dislikes.” Could it possibly be from someone who gets legal advice from paralegals and probably their news from MSNBC?

legacyrepublican | September 28, 2012 at 2:58 am

Here is an interesting question for the excellent Prof. Jacobson that I would love answered since I am not a lawyer or know little of procedures, etc.

Without a license or in the absence of an active one, does there exist a lawyer/client privilege? Could that be why she took down her NJ status?

The reason Warren resigned her NJ license should be clear: since the state has no “inactive” status, anyone who failed to pay their bar dues was listed as “ineligible” unless they resigned (which means they would have to re-qualify from scratch to practice there in the future). Being listed as “ineligible” is what she wished to avoid, the fact that resigning made the history of her activity unavailable was just unforeseen gravy.

Both these major ethical lapses serve to clarify the leftist mindset. They really do believe themselves morally superior to the rest of us due solely to their ideology, and therefore assume the rules which apply to us are no more than passive guidance to them.

Bravo, for a job well done!! This is what the best of the alternate media can do!!

Even Mass. voters will care about this. Teachers, plumber, hairdressers and many other have to maintain licenses to practice. Prof. Warren can’t be bothered to maintain an office in Mass., pass the bar, earn continuing education credits…etc. She thinks the rules do not apply to her. We don’t need another one like that in Washington.

If I was a college prof. who wanted to make some money on the side, I would definately want to do things the right way. Warren has not.

Well done Prof. Jacobson.

Are records of who took the MA Bar exam available to the public? If so, has anyone checked to see if Warren took the Bar exam and failed?

Is it too much to ask that Massachusetts voters be rational?

How about making a public record request for a document showing her licensure status prior to the most recent change? In Louisiana this is a public record and would require a timely response with severe penalties for non responsiveness or non disclosure