One of the biggest electoral scams in the country is being run by Jim Matheson in Utah-04 against Mia B. Love.

As detailed here before, Matheson plays a Democratic moderate on TV, and strategically votes against his party on high profile votes when his vote doesn’t matter either because (as under Speaker Pelosi) Democrats had enough votes to win without Matheson’s help, or (under Speaker Boehner) Republicans had enough votes to win so Democrats joining Republicans didn’t matter.

But make no mistake, Matheson is a part of the attempt to keep Obama in the presidency and to return Nancy Pelosi to the Speakership.

Matheson still has a big money advantage despite Love’s successful Money Bomb, and in some old polling was far ahead.

Finally Love has the money to take to the airwaves, and quite smartly is trying to make the Utah-04 election about Romney v. Obama. In a heavily Republican district, it’s important that voters understand that the TV actor Matheson supports Obama:

The NRCC also is running ads pointing out the truth that Matheson mostly has been a loyal Obama supporter:

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