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A vote for Jim Matheson is a vote for Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi

A vote for Jim Matheson is a vote for Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi

One of the biggest electoral scams in the country is being run by Jim Matheson in Utah-04 against Mia B. Love.

As detailed here before, Matheson plays a Democratic moderate on TV, and strategically votes against his party on high profile votes when his vote doesn’t matter either because (as under Speaker Pelosi) Democrats had enough votes to win without Matheson’s help, or (under Speaker Boehner) Republicans had enough votes to win so Democrats joining Republicans didn’t matter.

But make no mistake, Matheson is a part of the attempt to keep Obama in the presidency and to return Nancy Pelosi to the Speakership.

Matheson still has a big money advantage despite Love’s successful Money Bomb, and in some old polling was far ahead.

Finally Love has the money to take to the airwaves, and quite smartly is trying to make the Utah-04 election about Romney v. Obama. In a heavily Republican district, it’s important that voters understand that the TV actor Matheson supports Obama:

The NRCC also is running ads pointing out the truth that Matheson mostly has been a loyal Obama supporter:

You can donate to Mia Love here.


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Any vote for anyone with a D on their identity is a vote for the ruination of this country.

(See the period?)

Since the Clinton era…at least…supporting a Deemocrat is a way of saying “values just don’t matter”.

Both partys run this scam you describe. The dems are particularly shameless. The “high minded” voter who preens before all saying “I vote for the person , not the party” should be reqired , by law , to have ‘I am stupid’ tatood on their forehead. Exceptions are of course allowed for the rare politicion who shows integrity.

I sent in some additional California dollars just now. I have also begun contributing to Josh Mandel, the Republican candidate for senate running against the flamer Sherrod Brown in Ohio. Mandel seems to be within striking distance, unless I am missing something.


Just a slip of a girl, with a 1,000 watt smile,
But her name’s now on everyone’s lips.
Though her speech was quite short, she showed grace, she showed style,
When she spoke “truth to power” that night.

She had come to Convention, to learn and to speak,
Most there never had heard her before.
Others thought her “provincial”; still others “too weak”,
But her presence they’ll no longer ignore.

She’s now Mayor of a town, but she runs for the House,
From a state oft’ maligned and despised.
But the patriots of Utah supported her courage,
To refute Captive Media’s lies.

So we bid you assist this young “slip of a girl”,
With the heart of a champion within,
And contribute your time, funds, and prayers
To her cause; to assist her to garner the win.

Then, next year, if successful, you’ll be part of her team,
And you’ll know that you helped us stay free.
By electing the one some have nicknamed “Our Love”,
A clear voice in the new House to be.

8-29-12 No Rights Reserved.
“We love you Mia”. We support you. We will pray for you.

[…] Legal Insurrection has been following this race and supporting Mia Love and thank goodness for that.  Of course, the good professor and company can only do so much and I feel like I need to speak out more in support of Love and against Matheson – especially since I have the proximity and the history to talk about this campaign.  I also have the perspective on Utah Democrats and why they do what they do (I don’t have all the answers.  Like I’ve said before – I probably will never fully understand them).  Most of the ones I know are good people.  They just have really screwed-up politics.  And that’s not even entirely accurate – many of them (if pressed hard enough) will admit to have voted for Ronald Reagan.  There are a few loose nuts that got lost on the way to San Francisco, but by and large, they tend to be pretty moderate.  I don’t even know how they can stand to associate with the modern Democrat Party, but they do and they are. […]

Professor, I just want to thank you and all the LI team for following the UT-4 race so closely! I’m from Utah and Jim Matheson has been a pain in the neck for years. I’m tired of all the “Old Guard” Utah Democrats ignoring how insane their party has become and voting Matheson in just so they can be different and contrary to the rest of the state (it’s some strange badge of pride for these people to say that they’re from Utah and they voted Democrat. I will never understand them). I’m also glad that we have such a great candidate in Mia Love – she’s been the only person in a long time that’s been able to give Matheson a run for his money. I will say that it’s a lot of fun being able to support Mia Love instead of just running against Jim Matheson. Thank you for all you do and thanks to all the LI readers who’ve donated to Mia Love (I’m not with her campaign in any way – I just want someone to finally beat Jim Matheson!)