Elizabeth Warren’s daughter Amelia Warren Tyagi runs ACORN-successor Demos, which has promoted her mother’s political ambitions for years.

No surprise when Demos filed suit in May against Massachusetts, and then the Democrats who run the state promptly capitulated and agreed to unprecedented efforts to register welfare voters far and beyond what the law required even though the state was on record insisting it both was in compliance with federal law and specifically had addressed the concerns of Demos months earlier.

Yet the Warren campaign is playing hide the daughter, as reported by The Boston Globe (emphasis mine):

As chairman of the board of Demos, a liberal think tank, Tyagi was tied to a lawsuit filed against the state for failing to comply with the National Voter Registration Act. The resulting settlement, reached in July, called for the mailing of voter registration forms to welfare recipients — a move Brown contended was designed to get more Democrats on the rolls before the November election.

Warren’s campaign and Demos staffers say Tyagi was not involved in the lawsuit and that it had nothing to do with her mother’s Senate race. The Warren campaign declined to make Tyagi available for an interview, and provided only selective answers via e-mail to questions from the Globe about her biography.

It was, as I said the other day, a set-up to register a group of voters likely favorable to Warren, beyond what was necessary to comply with federal law.

Massachusetts should release immediately, as demanded by the Brown campaign, all the emails leading up to the settlement and the internal state analyses which supposedly justified the mass mailing.

And some advice for The Boston Globe — you’re supposed to investigate, not just take what the Warren campaign feeds you.

How about you go out and find Ms. Tyagi and interview her yourself?  You don’t need Elizabeth Warren’s permission.

Maybe you can ask Warren’s daughter, among other things, whether she ever claimed Native American status, and whether she considers herself a minority and woman of color.