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Support David Rouzer for Congress (NC-7)

Support David Rouzer for Congress (NC-7)

I’ve written before about the race for North Carolina’s 7th Congressional District between Democrat incumbent, Mike McIntyre, and Republican challenger, State Senator David Rouzer (donate).

This tight race in the swing state of North Carolina has been added to the Operation Counterweight final list and in response, Senator Rouzer was kind enough to shoot a video for the Legal Insurrection readers:

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Senator Rouzer on a range of issues.

We touched on the decision of the Romney campaign to select Paul Ryan for the Vice Presidential slot on the ticket.

I think our country is at a real crossroads, and so I am just ecstatic that Romney has tapped Paul Ryan to be his Vice Presidential choice because it helps frame the debate about big issues. I’m a believer that in a campaign, you need to have a stark contrast and it needs to be centered around the issues of the day. Certainly, the fiscal issues we’re dealing with today, the ever increasing debt that we’re piling up on our children and future generations, that needs to be the central focus of this campaign and Paul Ryan brings that to the table.

Because the race for the 7th district is in a statistical tie, it might not be readily apparent that Rouzer’s opponent is currently enjoying a fairly substantial fundraising advantage. This advantage isn’t coming from the citizens of North Carolina, but from Democratic PACs. At the last count, more than half of McIntyre’s $1.4 million in contributions come from PACs.

I think its very clear that the vast majority of his money comes from special interest groups and labor unions. If you take a look at our finance report, the vast majority of my donations are from individuals and from folks who live within the 7th Congressional District. Since I entered the race in September of a year ago, we’ve out-raised McIntyre among individual donors by well over $100,000.

The same poll that shows the two candidates neck and neck also shows a large block (15%) of voters still undecided. I asked Rouzer how he plans to win those crucial votes.

There’s no real silver bullet. If I articulate well as a candidate that I believe in the free-enterprise system. That I believe in a much more limited government. That I believe in tackling our problems head on and being truthful with the American people and the people of the 7th Congressional district on what our problems are, and help lay forward a Road map so that we can move forward and get our country back on track, which is what Paul Ryan has done, and is continuing to articulate, then I think the votes are going to come our way.

Rouzer said that complete repeal of the Affordable Care Act is among his top legislative priorities.

Obamacare is such a wet blanket on any spark of economic recovery. I think it is a top priority and it is something I’m going to push for very hard.

In that vein of legislative priorities, Rouzer also mentioned the importance of continuing the Bush tax cuts, as well as doing everything possible to curtail spending, and working to repeal the so much of the federal government red tape that is hindering American businesses.

The race between Rouzer and McIntyre is a tight one, but Rouzer has been steadily building momentum and support despite a number of advantages held by McIntyre.

Spread the word about Rouzer. His campaign offers a very real opportunity to replace an incumbent Democrat with a true conservative. It’s time to turn the tide of big federal government, and big federal spending.

A Congressman David Rouzer will help make that goal much more achievable.

Connect with David Rouzer on Facebook here. On Twitter here. You can make a contribution to his campaign here.


WAJ adds – I’m donating this morning, I hope you will too.  (Update – done)


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Henry Hawkins | August 27, 2012 at 10:42 am

Thanks for this, Brian. I’m in the Rorschach blotch NC-1, not in NC-7, but I’ve sent money to Rouzer.

I’m in NC-7. McIntyre is a Blue Dog and I do not think he has endorsed Obama. McIntyre has held that office for WAY to long and needs to go. The control the Dems have had over this state has damn near ruined it. We need to support Rouzer.