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SEIU and Independent Socialist Mayor all in for Elizabeth Warren

SEIU and Independent Socialist Mayor all in for Elizabeth Warren

In response to Warren ad praising China, Brown runs ad with Medal of Honor recipient

Red Mass Group is an excellent place to keep track of what’s going on in the Scott Brown-Elizabeth Warren race which doesn’t get reported in the national or even Boston media.  (added)  You can sign up for the daily newsletter, which I have, here.

There are two important posts recently showing what Brown is up against:

1.  SEIU funding massive community organizing GOTV push in Massachusetts

The largest SEIU PAC in Massachusetts has just filed it’s pre-primary report.  They have spent over $134,000 on Massachusetts elections and organizing this year and have over $400,000 cash on hand.  In addition to donating to progressive candidates and the Massachusetts Democratic Party, they have also donated $55,000 to two community organizing groups.

On May 10, 2012 the SEIU 1199 PAC donated $20,000 to the “Coalition for Social Justice” of Fall River.  The Coalition for Social Justice, according to the corporate database at the Secretary of State’s Office is a 501(c)4 social welfare organization.  According to the Secretary of State they were issued an “involuntary revocation” of their status in June of 2012 (RMG will contact the Secretary of State to see what that means on Monday).

Regardless of their legal status the Coalition for Social Justice is working towards knocking on 36,000 doors in the urban areas of the South Coast….

In addition to the donation to the Coalition above the SEIU 1199 has donated $35,000 to Neighbor to Neighbor.  You may remember Neighbor to Neighbor from the 2010 election.  They were accused of electioneering inside polling locations in Worcester..l

When Scott Brown talks about the machine.  This is what he means.  There is a progressive infrastructure lined up against us. Are you making phone calls this weekend?  Knocking on doors?

2. Warren and her endorsement by the “independent” socialist Mayor of Lowell

When Scott Brown touts his independent credentials he is usually getting the support of life-long Democrats who are impressed with his ability to build bridges.  When Elizabeth Warren tries to counter, she gets the endorsement of someone who isn’t a Democrat because he feels the Democratic Party isn’t leftist enough.  Enter Lowell’s ceremonial* Mayor Patrick Murphy. [*Lowell has a Plan E form of Government and Mr. Murphy is a ceremonial mayor with no real power, save that of chairing the School Committee and running City Council meetings.]

In 2007 Murphy Ran for Congress in the Fifth District Special election which saw Niki Tsongas narrowly defeat Jim Ogonowski.  Thanks to the Internet Archive we can see the platform that Patrick Murphy ran on….

Like Elizabeth Warren, Patrick Murphy supports a single payer healthcare system….

Patrick Murphy believes in the takeover of Primary and Secondary Education by the Federal Government….

Patrick Murphy’s plan to save Social Security is to reduce the Payroll Tax and replace it with a carbon tax.  His solution for unemployment is more government employment. He also believes that the government should match your retirement savings….

Don’t be fooled by Patrick Murphy’s “independent” label.  He’s not a moderate. He’s as close to a full blown socialist as has run for Congress in Massachusetts.  He’s not a member of the Democratic Party because he believes that they are too conservative. He’s just another Soros type progressive endorsing Elizabeth Warren.

Brown’s answer is to keep playing the regular guy and bipartisanship themes.  While Warren is running ads praising China, Brown is running ads like this one, with a Medal of Honor winner:


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to the full extent allowed by law.


“The Coalition for Social Justice”

One of those lil’ ACORNs that did not fall far from the tree.

This is GOOD. It gives the people of Mass. a nice, stark choice.

Flaming Collectivist liar or middle-right regular guy.

    counsel4pay in reply to Ragspierre. | August 27, 2012 at 7:45 pm

    Good form again Rags!

    Here’s a tune our Vets may remember.

    S.E.I.U.’s Obama’s HOs, parlez-vous,
    S.E.I.U.’s Obama’s HOs, parlez-vous.
    S.E.I.U.’s Obama’s Hos,
    They drink his Kool-Aid, through their nose,
    Inky Dinkey parley-vous.

    The Unions plan to “count the vote” parlez-vous.
    The Unions plan to “skew the vote” parlez-vous.
    The Unions plan to “buy the vote”,
    Obama hopes to laugh and gloat,
    Inky Dinkey parley-vous.

    The “right to work” is what we need, parlez-vous.
    The “right to work” is what we need, parlez-vous.
    The “right to work” is what we need,
    ‘Cause then we’ll stop the bosses greed,
    Inky Dinkey parley-vous.

NC Mountain Girl | August 27, 2012 at 10:51 am

Sunlight is the best weapon against the cockroaches in the SEIU. The more the public learns about their tactics and how their contracts run up costs the less power they have.

Why are there so many ultra-leftist kooks in MA? Why do the sheeple keep voting them in? Is it the water, like that Erin Brockovich thing? Maybe we need another federal study … I mean, this is WAY more important than the sex habits of darter fish …

SEIU in the same headline as Independent Socialist?


I’m shocked.

Remember, the progressive movement is like an iceberg: there are the parts you see, and much more you don’t. The SEIU and its funding of a couple groups is the former. What money has SEIU given to other groups that we have yet to hear about? And what are they doing to help Prof. Warren?

Scott Brown is one of the biggest assets the GOP has. Some “smart” elements would throw it away because he isnt pure enough.

    Scott Brown is one of the biggest assets the GOP has.

    I wouldn’t go that far but you have a point. If Brown wins, his campaign will be studied by both parties as a way of establishing a beachhead on the other side’s home ground.

      The Loony Liberals already know what they have to do to establish a beach head in the Republican’s home turf: promote Conservative ideals. We saw this in the 2008 election cycle with the “Blue Dog Democrats” who were elected.

      Now, they decided to throw it away by voting for Obamacare and the rest of the Loony Left agenda, which is why they were thrown out on their ear in the 2010 Midterms.

      But the Leftists know how to get a foothold. They just need to lie to their constituents about EVERYTHING they believe.

      bawatkins in reply to gs. | August 27, 2012 at 12:30 pm

      A big part of Scott Brown’s appeal is that he is Massachusetts through and through. Everything he says and does reflects this fact, (as the campaign says “he’s one of us”). Granny Warren is from Harvard, she plays well to other academics, but has nothing in common with ordinary MA people, and it shows. Brown has also been in politics (state level) for a lot longer than Warren, and is very canny, he knows what moves to make and when to make them. How much of this can be translated to other races, I don’t know, but the far left’s fondness for academics (Howard Dean, Obama, Warren) is not going to appeal to a wide audience, hence the class warfare rhetoric. Remember, Warren is the Nutroots pick for President in 2016. Hopefully Brown ends her would be political career on Nov 6.

        1. IMO Warren is no longer credible as a national candidate because of what our host and others have exposed, but I’d rather not take the chance. Stop her right here, right now.

        2. One reason MA is so blue is all the universities: Harvard, MIT, Boston U, Boston College, Wellesley, Smith, Mt. Holyoke, the UMass campuses, etc.

        3. Good point about Brown being native MA. His campaign slogan is He’s for us.

        4. In a sense the Brown-Warren race is a town-gown conflict.

DINORightMarie | August 27, 2012 at 11:59 am

Scott Brown for MA is the best choice.

I don’t like his voting record – nearly always along the Democrat line.

However, Warren is a Socialist, a liar, a deceiver, and is apparently incompetent and/or outright delusional – about who she is and why anyone would question her background and motives for doing what she’s done throughout her career.

Scott Brown is the BEST choice for MA! And, Lord willing, he will vote WITH Republicans this time around.

I don’t like his voting record – nearly always along the Democrat line.

Please give some details about your assessment, which is inconsistent with Brown’s ACU rating. It looks to me like Brown votes the ACU’s way about half the time: not what one would wish, but also not “nearly always along the Democrat line”.

[…] Business As Usual Posted on August 27, 2012 9:30 am by Bill Quick » SEIU and Independent Socialist Mayor all in for Elizabeth Warren – Le·gal In&mi… […]

    NC Mountain Girl in reply to Ragspierre. | August 27, 2012 at 12:58 pm

    Because roughing up a cameraman worked so well for Martha Coakley.

    Lizard in reply to Ragspierre. | August 27, 2012 at 1:11 pm

    But when you call them “union thugs” it is wrong. Well to me someone who does this and uses the threat “your messing with the wrong people” there is no other way to decribe it.

    The sad thing is that after the last year and a half in WI I am used to this garbage.