Couple of thoughts before the big Ryan speech.

This always was going to be a multi-stage fight.  The first and highest priority is removing Obama from office and Democrats from control of the Senate.

But after that, and assuming it happens, there will be the Republican establishment to deal with, as was seen when rule changes were sought which would have damaged the ability of grassroots movements to influence the process.

And then there is the media race card feeding frenzy, which is more out of control than anything I have seen in the three years and 10 months this blog has been operating.  Far worse.

The race card playing by the media has become a mental illness that is getting worse over time as they self medicate with necessarily escalating false accusations of racism.

It’s no longer enough for MSNBC to make accusations of racism, it has to do so while expunging non-whites at the RNC from the TV screens.

The statement by the Yahoo Washinton Editor was one manifestation; but remember that if it had not happened on an open mic he would still be a hero to the people in the room who heard him.  Firing him was not the answer, it simply taught others to make sure the microphone is off.

These people are on a race card bender.  We have to make sure they wake up November 7 with a massive and historic hangover.